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  • 14 Aug 2020
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With this plugin you can easily create pseudovariants or main product variants. These products... more

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  • The customer does not notice any difference to normal Shopware variants
  • Very easy administration
  • Advantageous if the ERP/PIM system does not support product variants, but the customer should still be able to switch between similar versions of the product in the Shopware storefront


  • Pseudovariants can be sorted
  • Pseudovariant groups can be named
  • Optional hiding of the variants in the listing or just hiding the sub-variants in common categories with the main variant
  • Optional hiding of the variants in the search
  • Pseudovariants can refer to the main product via Canonical URL. Google sees the Pseudovariants as a single product, without duplicate content.


With this plugin you can easily create pseudovariants or main product variants. These products behave in the Shopware Storefront like normal (one-dimensional) variant products, but consist of different products.

In the storefront, you can use the buttons on the detail page to change to the selected product, without any difference to Shopware variant products.

With the plugin it is also possible to use a different variant name description, which will be used in the variant buttons on the product detail page. This name is adjustable for each product and language, independent of the product name.

If the main products, assigned as pseudovariants, contain Shopware variant options, these can also be selected, as soon as the specific product has been selected. These Shopware variants are not adopted by other pseudovariant product.

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Version 1.1.0

- Fix php-cs-fixer errors

- PseudovariantMappingIndexer reworked

- Use EntityExtension instead of the removed EntityExtensionInterface

- Remove deprecated UninstallContext::keepMigrations() function call

- Change PK property name in the PseudovariantMappingDefinition fixes problem when removing products

Version 1.0.1

- Adjust forein key constraints, which caused sometimes problems when removing pseudovariants

Version 1.0.0

- First release for Shopware 6

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