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Expected release: December 2021
This app is available for Shopware 5
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****** What does the plugin **** We would like to point out that this plugin is also a... more

Product information

****** What does the plugin ****

We would like to point out that this plugin is also a completely new development. Therefore we cannot guarantee that all functionalities of the Shopware 5 plugin are available immediately. 

Basically you can generate special XML sitemaps with the plugin "Google Sitemap", which helps Google and other search engines to index your online shops better. Especially if you rebuild your shop or if it is very extensive, it is recommended to inform the search engines. After all, the success of your shop depends on how well your shop is found by your potential customers.

An XML sitemap is created by default by Shopware. In comparison, the plugin "Google Sitemap" offers the following additional functions:

  • The Sitemap is not only stored on your own domain, but is automatically or manually registered with Google.
  • Not only articles and categories are considered, but also manufacturers and blog articles as well as landing pages.
  • You can set priorities and update frequencies for articles, categories, manufacturers and blog articles.
  • For large shops, the sitemap can be distributed across multiple XML files.
  • Depending on the performance of the server, the number of data records per export step can be influenced or defined.
  • A mobile and image sitemap is also generated.

Sitemap what is it and what is it needed for?

The sitemap file(s) contains a list of links to the subpages of your shop and thus provides the search engines with a bundled source of information with all important pages of your website. The search engines process this file in order to crawl your shop even smarter, easier and faster. (Web crawlers are computer programs that search the world wide web and analyze web pages). In addition to the links, media files such as images and information about the mobile version of your site, the file contains additional information about how often the pages should be visited again by the search engine. Especially for online shops, which usually have many subpages, the provision of the sitmap is especially important to make the work of the search engines easier. Important to know: The provision of the sitemap does not guarantee that all contents are crawled and indexed, it is only a reference and assistance for e.g. google.

If you are missing any function in the plugin or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact me at We will check your suggestion and decide if we can implement it technically. So please don't be angry with us if it is not included in the next update. 

If you are missing any function in the plugin or have suggestions for improvement for us, then I simply report at We will check your suggestion and decide if we can implement it technically. So please don't be angry with us if it's not immediately included in the next update.

** FAQ **

**** Basic ****

Our plugin are all designed for the standard functionality of the basic system Shopware 6 (Community Edition). This concerns both the functionalities and the design. If it does not fit, you may have to adjust your own theme. Please understand that it is impossible for us to consider every single theme.

All plugins were newly developed for Shopware 6. Therefore, it may be possible that functionalities that existed in Shopware 5 no longer exist. We have consciously used this change to purify and optimize the plugins.

**** Compatibility with plugins ****

Basic all our plugins are compatible with our plugins. Should there be any limitations or malfunctions, we will be happy to check them promptly. Should it happen that the functionalities of individual plug-ins are excluded from our house, we will inform you accordingly. However, this compatibility can only be guaranteed for our plugins. The market of third party providers and their plugins makes it impossible to consider all functionalities and modes of operation. This also applies to shopware plugins that are not included in the Community Edition.

**** Support ****

Basic we first look if it is a bug from the plugin or if the reason is different. Depending on the result we will inform you if there are any costs or not. However, if you have made changes to the plugin yourself, any claim to free support is forfeited. In this case we charge the complete costs.

**** There are test versions for our plugin ****

Of course you can test all our plugin for 30 days without restrictions - we even ask for it. Only so you can decide before the purchase whether it is exactly the plugin you need or it offers the functionality you expected.

**** Can I customize the plugin? ****

YES, if you are missing a functionality or you need a customization for your special needs, we will be happy to find a solution together with you. The easiest way is to send us an e-mail with your ideas. Don't forget to give us your contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

** What do we do **

**** Consulting ****

The digital world changes hourly and we become more and more complex. Therefore we have made it our task to stay on the ball for you and to constantly expand and expand our knowledge and to relieve you of this annoying work. For example, we can advise you on questions such as:

How do I optimize my shop system?
What kind of merchandise management suits me?

Can I optimize processes in relation to the shop?

Can I optimize processes in the enterprise with the Shop?

****** Development ****

Our developers are always and constantly working on the development, expansion, further development and optimization of new products. But we also think outside the box and develop together with you a suitable website or interfaces to software connections. Completely individual solutions are no problem. We just have to talk about it.

**** Design ****

Your design is getting on in years? Your theme needs adjustments? Your CI is oldschool? Our designers are eager to inspire you.

**** Support ****

Like a car or bicycle, your shop needs regular maintenance. We also have suitable solutions for this. Many of our customers already use this and have shop and plugin updates carried out by us. Just ask for our maintenance contract.

** Who are we? **

The BuI-Hinsche GmbH is active since 2006 in the E-Commerce sector and has therefore for more than 10 years experience, on which it can fall back. Our employees are 100% behind the company and give their best every day. Creative, solution-oriented and customer-oriented - these are always statements that are made about us.
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Installation manual

The documentation / installation / configuration for Shopware 6 will be submitted shortly after the completion of the plugin.

Unfortunately there is currently no documentation available in English. We are working on creating them as soon as possible.

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