TopFINDER PRO (Ink and Toner Selector)

TopFINDER PRO (Ink and Toner Selector)

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Nov 2020
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  • TopData Software GmbH
  • 1.2.8
  • 23 Oct 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.6.0 – 5.6.9
The ultimate product search for your online shop "TopFINDER" is an intelligent product search... more

Product information


  • Intelligent product search for printers and supplies
  • Search via selection menu (manufacturer, model series/model type, model)
  • Full text search (live search)
  • Proven marketing tools such as cross-selling and up-selling
  • Relief of your existing shopware shop


  • Automatic updates, either daily or weekly
  • Available in 19 different languages
  • Integration of own brands
  • Display of product images
  • Adaptation to any corporate identity
  • Individual adjustments are possible by arrangement


The ultimate product search for your online shop

"TopFINDER" is an intelligent product search engine for printers and their supplies and spare parts that can be easily integrated into your existing Shopware shop solution.

Search and find effectively

Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly operation, "TopFINDER" ensures that your customers can find the products they want quickly and reliably. In order to achieve a perfect search result, the plugin offers the user the opportunity to choose between different search options:

1. Search using the three-part drop-down menue

The user can select the desired printer model using a convenient menu navigation per dropdown and the associated printer supplies, such inks, toners, drums, spare parts, etc. Regardless of whether originals, alternatives or own brands - "TopFINDER" always finds the right product.

Example of a selection

-    Manufacturer (e.g. Hewlett Packard)
-    Model series / device type (e.g. PageWide Enterprise / multifunction printer)
-    Model (e.g. PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586 DN)

2. Search using the powerful live search

While the user is already typing in the desired search term, “TopFINDER” provides the corresponding search suggestions and lists the results in a clear and structured manner in seconds. The full-text search finds both devices and printer supplies.

One plugin - numerous advantages

“TopFINDER” can make a decisive contribution to increasing your sales. TopFINDER offers an additional value to your customers and elevates their satisfaction.

”TopFINDER” - a look behind the scenes

“TopFINDER” communicates with our data web service and is based on the link between your articles and our product database. We take care of the data maintenance, record all original products, alternative brands as well as own brands and assign the right products to each printer model.

An additional plug-in, the “TopCONNECTOR”, ensures that our data is conveniently and smoothly imported into your Shopware shop system and always keeps your “TopFINDER” up to date.

After every search query (printer model), unique parameters such as “EAN code” and “manufacturer number” are sent to your webshop. The corresponding articles are filtered out of your existing product pool and displayed in the shop as a product list.

For product mapping, it is therefore imperative that your data contain the parameters “EAN code” and “manufacturer number”.

Linking the product data with other parameters - e.g. the article numbers of your distributors or your own article numbers - depending on the version booked - is also possible.

Quality for an unbeatable price

The provision of the data necessary for the search function is linked to a fee-based order on our website. “TopFINDER” consists of four versions*, which determine the amount of data for the search process.

The prices for the individual versions vary depending on the range of services offered. After purchasing one of the packages, you will receive the access data for the web shop.

* Only the "TopFINDER Basic" version is currently available. The versions “TopFINDER Business”, “Professional” and “TopFINDER Premium” are in preparation.

For detailed information, please visit our website:
Test our demo version:

We are also happy to help you personally: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0

We have more


"TopFEED" provides detailed article information and refines your article master data with valuable additional details as well as sales-promoting specifications.

Depending on the version booked, product images, detailed descriptions, specifications (e.g. brand, color, fill quantity, capacity, EAN number) or suitable additional products or higher-quality alternatives can be displayed.

With “TopFEED” you offer your customers a unique shopping experience and turn visitors to your online shop into satisfied buyers.

You can find the plug-in at:

You can find more information about "TopFEED" on our

SEO note

Set the devices to "noindex, nofollow" in the plugin settings.

With this setting you avoid influencing your Google ranking with a high number of articles/devices. If you only have a small stock of articles, please leave the basic setting "index, follow".

Comfortable and convenient - the connection to our web service


In order to be able to use ”TopFEED” optimally, an additional plug-in must be installed. The "TopCONNECTOR" enables access to our web service and ensures that your articles are linked to our product database in the admin area of your Shopware shop.

To do this, simply enter the access data for our web service in “TopCONNECTOR”.

No programming knowledge is required for a smooth import of the product data into your web shop and your ”TopFEED” is always automatically up to date.

You can find the free plug-in at:

Alternatively, you can also obtain “TopFEED” in file form (via FTP or email) by arrangement.

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Installation manual

1. If you would like to use the TopFINDER you need to install first our TopdataConnector.

2.To use TopFINDER, please require an access for our webservice from us.

You can find further information about TopFINDER on our website

You can also call us on phone: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0

3. setup webservice access in the plugin settings of the TopdataConnector  and setup mappings settings

4. install the plugin TopFINDER

5. After installation and activation you gotta recompile your Theme

6. In the backend under "Settings->Topdata Geräte Suche" you can config the TopFINDER. Or place the TopFINDER over the Shoppingworlds.

7. start import over the command line php bin/console topdata:connector:import --all


Version 1.2.8

Fix Load of brands without series

Version 1.2.7

Fix Load of brands without series

Version 1.2.6

layout changes icons

Version 1.2.5

support multi finders on one page

Version 1.2.4

FIX finder Mobile View

Version 1.2.3

FIX Sidebar Mobile View

Version 1.2.2

FIX Shoppingworlds URL

Version 1.2.1

SEO Optimzing for Headlines

Version 1.2.0

OWN SEO URLs, SEO Optimzing

Version 1.1.7

Optimize Search Results

Version 1.1.6

Fix HTTP to HTTPS Redirect

Version 1.1.5

Fix SitemapIndex error

Version 1.1.4

Bugfixes Categoryfacet

Version 1.1.3

Bugfixes at Template

Version 1.1.2

Shop Sitemap integration

Version 1.1.1

many fixes for Plugin

Version 1.1.0

Devicelist, Bugfixes, Optimizations

Version 1.0.0

Plugin release for Shopware

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