External page (HTML / PHP) WITHOUT IFrame in the start page (index) integrate (Home can be customized!)

External page (HTML / PHP) WITHOUT IFrame in the start page (index) integrate (Home can be customized!)

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  • 12 Oct 2019
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    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
Would you like to have a special homepage that does not conform to the standards of Shopware?... more

Product information


  • Use HTML code directly
  • Use file from the webspace


  • Without iframe
  • Use external page as homepage
  • Header and footer can be switched off
  • Shopware CSS and JS can be switched off


Would you like to have a special homepage that does not conform to the standards of Shopware? Which should look quite different or should contain an intro without header and footer?

WITHOUT doing an IFrame to use? This is now possible with this module! Create easily with any program or even manually an HTML page, bind the HTML codeeither directly or via file with this extension in your start page. Finished! Already your new page will be displayed within the homepage of your shop and without any limitationsto have the usual standards of your shop.

Or would you like to integrate PHP files with your own functions? With this extension, this is not a problem, you can easily activate the PHP parser and already the stored data will be treated as PHP and output accordingly.You also have full control over the remaining elements of the homepage, which are issued by your shop.For example, it is possible to disable the header, header navigation bar, footer, or copyright part in the footer.In the event that you want to create an extensive start page with your own CSS and JavaScript, it is also possible to disable the shop's own CSS and JavaScript files only for the home page.This gives you the freedom to integrate a special homepage into your shop, which behaves as if it were part of your shop WITHOUT redirects or IFrames!Please note, however, that disabling CSS and JavaScript from your home page will affect objects that are hidden by default and the cookie box, if necessary, they should be adjusted separately by new CSS rules in your styling!

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Installation manual

The installation is completed with just a few clicks through the standard installation process by Shopware.


After installation you will find under "Settings -> Basic Settings -> External page", all configuration options.An illustrated configuration guide can be found at:


If you have any questions about this module, bugs, extensions or requests for further modules, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Version 2.0.0

Possibility inserted in basic settings to disable the subshop capability.

Version 1.20

New feature: All shops can now be configured separately, this allows e.g. Subshops or language shops with a different start page.

Version 1.10

Initialization routine of the template files changed

Version 1.0

v 1.0 Plugin created

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