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Shopware 6: Plugin status Shopware 6 Signet
There will be no Shopware 6 successor for this plugin.
  • 1.1.1
  • 12 Jul 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • Without Support
  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.7
Address and email verification Developed by Webmatch  In an eCommerce checkout every... more

Product information

Address and email verification

Developed by Webmatch 

In an eCommerce checkout every second counts. Long and confusing forms create friction and will inevitably cause your customers to abandon their cart. Make it easy for your customers to enter their contact details in your order form with address verification technology. Loqate’s type-ahead verification software reduces keystrokes by up to 80%, speeding your customers through the checkout. This leads to increased conversion rates, enhanced data quality and less failed deliveries.

With Loqate, you can also verify your customer’s email addresses. Our email verification technology ensures you only capture accurate customer details and can help reduce your bounce rates by up to 98%. As well as regular syntax checks, our service detects whether the email mailbox is genuine and receive mail.

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All benefits at a glance:

  • Best in class data quality
  • Reduced costs for failed deliveries
  • More efficient management
  • Increased User Experience
  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Higher email delivery rate
  • Protect your owner
    sender reputation
  • Less fraud registrations

Try it out!

Install the plugin with a few clicks in your own Shopware system and try the Loqate service for free in your checkout.

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You can find further information in the Tab 'Installation guide' or in the Help and Support section on loqate.com.

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Customer Quotes

We know through google analytics that by using Loqate we have reduced customer checkout time by up to five seconds.

My 1st Year

Loqate’s solution has eliminated failed deliveries and improved the user experience for our customers.

Bloom & Wild

The address suggestions are super intuitive and also great for the mobile site.

Meine Spielzeugkiste

About Loqate

Everyone in the world has their "somewhere". Our job is to locate it, so everyone has the same opportunity to be reached. Loqate, a GBG solution - The world's most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

About Webmatch

As a specialist in brands and manufacturers we support your e-business from the idea to the continuous development and optimization. We support you with our experienced consultants, UX-concepters, interface designers as well as frontend and backend developers. Of course, you will receive all services from one source.

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Installation manual

After the installation through the plugin manager you will be prompted to enter your loqate Service ID and set the desired settings.

You can always change your ID and settings at a later point in time by navigation to
Configuration > Basic settings > Additional settings > Loqate Location Intelligence.

Please note that you have a valid Loqate Service ID for the full functionality of the plugin and that each validation must be part of the contract with Loqate. Sign up here for a free Loqate trial account.



Options: Yes, No
Default: Yes

Determines wether the general functionality is enabled. Can be set differently for each storefront.

Suggest address

Options: Yes, No
Default: Yes

If set to yes the plugin will enable the client-side suggestion of addresses once the user starts typing in the street input field.

Maximum number of address suggestions

Options: Numbers starting at 0 or higher Default: 2

This setting determines how many address suggestions a user may choose at most. Use this value to limit requests on your account. The count will be reset after a user submits a valid address. You can enter '0' for no limitation.

Validate address server-side

Options: Yes, No
Default: No

If the user decides to not choose a suggested address this setting will enable a validation of the provided address once the form has been submitted. If the address can't be found within the loqate database the user will be directed back to the form and prompted to check the address and may be given a suggestion based on the closest match found.

Maximum number of address validations

Options: Numbers starting at 0 or higher
Default: 1

This setting determines how many times an address can be validated at most. As long as the limit isn' exceeded, the user will be directed back to the form unless providing an address that can be found in the loqate database. After exceeding the limit the address will be accepted regardless. Enter '0' for no limitation and therefore causing a strict validation and forcing the user to enter an exact address.

Validate email address

Options: Yes, No
Default: No

Enables the validation of email addresses.

Maximum number of email validations

Options: Numbers starting at 0 or higher
Default: 1

This setting determines how many times the email address can be validated at most. If the limit is exceeded the email address will be accepted regardless. Enter '0' for no limitation.


Version 1.1.1

Fixed editing of addresses in backend

Version 1.1.0

Added optional single address search field

Version 1.0.0

v.1.0.0 initial release

About the manufacturer

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