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Auto Print - automated documentprint

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  • Automated document print if the order- or payment status of an order changes
  • Setup complex print rules
  • Setup unlimited print rules
  • Useable with unlimited printers

About the Extension

Auto Print enables automated document print, like invoices and delivery notes, if the order- or payment status of an order changes.

You can print invoice and delivery notes for your logistics and print invoices for your accounting.

Based on detailed printing rules you can choose which kind of document and for which shop you would like to print if the conditions are fulfilled.

Printing invoice & delivery note on successful payment

You want to print the delivery note automatically when the payment is processed successfully? Easy!
Normally, when a customers pays i.e. with Paypal, the payment status changes from open to completely paid.
Now you simply add a rule for this and determine what kind of document you want to print if this rule applies.

You simply choose a rule based on your payment status and select the suitable status to trigger the rule.

From now on everytime a user pays successfully and the payment status changes from open to paid, your selected document will be printed on the chosen printer.

Print invoices for your accounting

If you wish to print an invoice for your accounting in the office, you can do this as well. 

Add a rule based on the payment status and choose from open to completely paid.

Other use cases

Print an accounting invoice if the order has left for shipping, simply create a rule based on order status and chose from any status to completely delivered.

Print a cancellation invoice if the order was sent back and your logistics received the order, simply create a rule based on order status and choose from any status to cancelled/rejected.

The possibilities are endless and all kind of order documents and payment- / order statuses can be used to trigger printings, depending on your settings and liking.

Version 2.0.0 is not compatible with earlier versions.


  • Available: English, German
  • Latest update: 7 March 2023
  • Publication date: 20 May 2019
  • Version: 2.3.2
  • Category: Administration


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