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Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

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The social media integration allows you to post on your Facebook Page and Instagram directly... more

Product information


  • Share your products or promotional materials directly from your store.
  • Create posts on your Facebook page including link preview or image.
  • Post your latest pictures on Instagram and tag it with all the hashtags it needs.
  • Advertise your products directly from the product detail view.


The social media integration allows you to post on your Facebook Page and Instagram directly from your store. With this app you can round off your social shopping and share the latest product photos and promotional materials with the world. This allows you to connect with your customers through your known environment and strengthen the external image of your business.

Whether you want to publish a photo on Instagram or post a product link on your Facebook page, you can now do it all from your administration.

The app will be available for free until November 2021.

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Installation manual

At the current moment the app has to be registered with Facebook by the user. This will change in the near future.


  • You need a Facebook Account and optionally an Instagram Account to use this app.
  • The app needs to be registered with Facebook using the developer area. In order to register the app you need a Facebook account which has been verified using a phone number or Credit Card.
  • Please ensure that you are authorized to manage the Facebook Page. Otherwise, you will not be able to allow your shop to post to your Facebook Page.
  • If you want to post on your Instagram feed, you need an Instagram Business account which that is connected to your Facebook Page.
    • You can switch your account type to a business account by opening your profile in the Instagram app on your phone. From here you can open the hamburger menu (the icon with three horizontal lines). Under Settings > Account > Switch to professional account you can switch your account type. Instagram also has a description on how to change your account type here under Instagram for Business:
    • To connect you Instagram account with your Facebook Page open the settings on your Facebook Page. You will find a Instagram entry in the left menu where you can connect your Instagram and Facebook Accounts.

Register the app with Facebook:

  • Open in you browser.
  • Go to My Apps in the top bar. If your account has not yet been verified, the menu item will be called Get Started.
  • If your account is not yet verified, please verify your account.
  • Create a new app of type Business and choose a name e.g. Social Media Integration. Select Yourself or your own business as app purpose.
  • In the app dashboard add the Facebook Login using the WWW profile and the Instagram Graph Api.
  • In the Facebook Login's settings add as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.
  • Within the basic app settings you will find your App ID and App Secret.


  1. Open the app settings in the main menu under Settings > Social Media - Settings.
  2. Login with Facebook to connect your Facebook account with your shop. During the authorization process please select all Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts you want to be able to post to.
  3. Once you logged in and have returned to your shop, the settings window will update. You will than be able to select the Facebook Page you want to post to. Save the selection by clicking Select Facebook Page.
  4. If the Facebook Page is connected to an Instagram account, the connection with Instagram will be established. You will also be able to later authorize the app in your Facebook setting to access your Instagram account and to establish the connection to your Instagram account in the app settings in your shop.


Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release of the Social Media Integration app.

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


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