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X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition – Product configuration as matrix, dynamic, bill of material or set/bundle

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition – Product configuration as matrix, dynamic, bill of material or set/bundle

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  • 1.1.0
  • 21 Sep 2018
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from XIONI AG - Boost your E-business
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.7
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Product information

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

Try out the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition with the free 30-day trial license! After the 30 days have run out, you have the possibility to purchase the product for only 69 USD per month per shop domain.

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X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

The first step towards a huge variety of products

14 functions & unlimited shop articles -
up to 2.500 article variants

The fastest way to connect complexity and simplicity!

Are your customers able to configure your products? Are they available in different colors or measurements and you want to display this in a simple manner? Then the X-CONFIG CIM is the right product for you! Try out the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition now at no charge for 30 days!

Step:1Create the
configuration steps Step:2Adjust the contents of every
configuration step Step:3Add rules
and prices Step:4Save it and
you’re ready to go

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

Regardless of which mobile operating system you are using, the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition remains responsive. The configurator is based on HTML5, CSS3 and the Framework jQuery UI. If you would like another design, you can chose one of the CSS-files which we provide. The protection of data privacy is paramount to us as well! Rest assured that we only work with certified hosts with the highest safety criteria!

  • Add up to 2.500 article variants to your Shopware shop, with any number of shop articles.
  • Easy administration and operation for you in the backend, as well as for your customers in the frontend.
  • Fast link to your Shopware store - download it, install it & start configuring!
  • High performance: only a single shop article is created in your Shopware backend! The rest is saved in the X-CIM backend via cloud!
  • Article variants can be individually deactivated and activated.
  • The X-CIM backend and shop configurator are available in both German and English.
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Depositing data in the separate X-CIM BACKEND

You can deposit your data for the configurator in our self-developed X-CIM backend. Specific article logic can be adjusted and factored in. Within the X-CIM backend, you can easily switch between established articles and edit them as the need arises.

Attributes for your individual article configuration

Deposit certain article information in the X-Config CIM Starter Edition to embed them into the purchasing process. You can register the stock ground, parts list, item number and other information.

Connecting variants & establishing configuration rules

Avoid situations in which certain articles cannot be connected to a diverse variant by establishing configuration rules! Different prices for specific product combinations can be established as well.

Set prices for specific article variants

Define your own price matrix and set exact configuration rules for your products! With the help of exemptions the configuration can separate article variants that do not belong together. Thus, you can add (in percentage or additive) additional charges to individual configuration values.

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Configuration - step by step

You and your customer can maintain an overview at all times! There is a step-by-step guide in the backend as well as in the frontend of the X-Config CIM Starter Edition. You and your customer can constantly keep track of the price.

Defining priorities

Individual configuration steps and values can be altered in the CIM-Backend at will and be adapted to your needs.

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This isn´t enough?

Are 2.500 article variants in the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition not enough? Don’t worry, our other editions contain more variations and more features!

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Administrate the content

To keep a clear overview, the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition provides the possibility to name each configuration step individually! The insertion of a separate text or image file is possible as well.

Input fields

The options can be displayed visually, for example through select or check boxes or an image selection.

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Desiring more complexity?

This poses no problem for X-Config! Articles can be visualized via static or dynamic product image or through a static or dynamic 3D article, and even Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality are supported!

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Roundup of your configuration

After a successful configuration, X-Config shows you a roundup of your configuration right under the selected criteria. Afterwards, the order can be placed into the shopping basket. All of your configuration parameters will be shown in the checkout process.

Keeping an eye on the price

X-Config will at all times show the current price of the selected article variant. The price will also be shown in the checkout process.

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The X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition
visually summarized and explained!

Here we have compiled several videos to precisely show you the benefits of our configuration software.

Editions & prices

Follow these steps to obtain a license:

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

69,00 $per month
  • 14 basic functions
  • Unlimited shop articles - up to 2.500 article variants
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X-CONFIG CIM Base Edition

129,00 $per month
  • +4 basic functions
  • Unlimited shop articles - up to 10.000 article variants
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X-CONFIG CIM Enterprise Edition

249,00 $per month
  • +3 basic functions
  • Unlimited shop articles - up to 50.00 article variants
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X-CONFIG CIM Professional Edition

369,00 $per month
  • All functions + individual functions on request
  • Unlimited shop articles - more than 50.000 article variants
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How to obtain a license? Easy:

Follow these steps to obtain your license:

  1. After you have purchased the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition in your shop system, you will receive an order confirmation.
  2. To continue, we require an e-mail containing fundamental information about your company (Send the e-mail to: licensesw@xioni.li)
  3. After the information has been provided you will shortly receive a private license key with which you can test the X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition at no charge for 30 days.
  4. After the 30-day trial phase has ended, you will receive an automated e-mail with all the information you need to continue using X-Config. Don’t worry, your configurations will not be deleted during this!
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Already using the plugin? Information about version 1.1

Version 1.1 is using new and interesting features! Please contact our support if you want to install the update. The backend system will require an update as well to function as best as possible.

Support request

Evem more article variants & even more complexity

The X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition offers up to 2,500 article variants. If you are in need of more, there are more editions for you to chose from. Take a look at our website: www.xioni.ag

Upgrade request All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax | Copyright © XIONI AG – All rights reserved
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Installation manual

The plugin can be acquired, downloaded and installed through the Shopware Community Store. Afterwards you should contact us at licencesw@xioni.ag Click here to activate your license for your shop domain.

After you received your license you need to type in your key (also your domain), in the plugin settings, in the Shopware plugin manager.

Afterwards clear your shop cache and refresh the backend.

To create a configuration for your article, open the article in the Shopware backend and press “open in X-Backend”-button at the bottom of the article window. Now you can create a configuration in the X-Config-Backend.

To get your configuration visible (in the shop frontend), you need to check the “X-Config-article” checkbox in the “free text field”. After that you need to save the article.

if you don’t want to use the configuration for your article any longer, just uncheck the article as “X-Config-article”.

If you want to import your existing data please contact us at import@xioni.li with your project data.


Version 1.1.0B

- Design rework
- Optimized usability

Version 1.1.0A

- Design rework
- Optimized usability

Version 1.1.0

- Design rework
- Optimized usability

Version 1.0.2

Changes for Shopware 5.3.

Version 1.0.1

Changes for Shopware 5.2

Version 1.0.0

Start Version X-Config - Shopware 5.0  - 5.1.6

Plugin Structure

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Shopware Technology Partner
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