YOOCHOOSE Personalization for Shopware

YOOCHOOSE Personalization for Shopware

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Product information

YOOCHOOSE Personalization Solution

We help you to understand customers:

With our integrated personalization solution consisting of product recommendations, an intelligent store search, and personalized communication marketing, we help you to understand your customers and to respond to preferences, interests, and needs in real time.

    •  Create a personalized shopping experience for your customers across all channels

    •  Optimize conversion rates

    •  Improve customer retention

    •  Increase your sales

    •  Make visitors into buyers and buyers into regular customers


We only charge fees if we are both successful. No minimum contract period or setup fees.

More information on our performance-based pricing model can be found on our website at https://www.yoochoose.com/pricing.

Register for free: https://admin.yoochoose.net/login.html?product=shopware_Direct&lang=en

YOOCHOOSE’s Personalization Solution in Detail

Recommendation Engine

Our Recommendation Engine knows the tastes and interests of your visitors and customers, and it constantly learns from them. Always recommend the right products at the right moment in real time, and in doing so, improve conversion rates and customer retention. These days, customers expect high-quality recommendations that further round out the shopping experience.

    •  Higher conversion rates when visitors become customers

    •  Increase the average order quantity with appropriate cross-selling and up-selling recommendations

    •  Create an individual shopping experience with personalized product recommendations

    •  Reduce the number of people who abandon the shopping cart with products that are always appropriate

    •  Discover more about your customers through statistical analysis

    •  In the process, help your customers to enjoy shopping with you!

Recommendations can be displayed in any part of your online store. The most commonly used scenarios are:

    •  Personalized recommendations on the homepage

    •  A category’s top sellers in the category overview

    •  Automated cross-selling on the product detail page ("Other customers also bought")

    •  Complementary product recommendations in your shopping cart

    •  Display browsing history to facilitate navigation

Personalized Search

Customers often only find the exact products they are looking for after a tedious search. Our store search replaces the standard Shopware search feature with a cloud-based, high-performance search engine.

    •  Fault tolerant

    •  Language-independent, international, and quickly ready-to-use

    •  Self-learning "suggest feature"

    •  Increases the relevance of suggested products

    •  Leads customers to the desired product even more quickly

    •  Personalized search results

    •  Independently learns from user behavior

    •  Structured data for enhanced filtering capabilities

    •  Assorted display of search results by category, brand, etc.

Even large product catalogs with well over 500,000+ products do not affect the search speed. With our software-as-a-service approach, extensive catalogs also pose no problem – the customer will find what they are looking for!

Targeted Notifications

We personalize communication with your customers across all channels. Send automated messages via email to your customers that motivate them to visit your online store again, or to complete outstanding orders.

    •  "We miss you emails" when customers haven’t been to your online store in a while

    •  Shopping carts saved, if one of your customers doesn’t compete a purchase

    •  Send automated reminders for recognizable replacement times

    •  Identify high-revenue customers, and send them high-value product recommendations

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