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Product Configurator

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Nov 2020
This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests
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  • bogx103888261550
  • Borucinski Grafix
  • 5.5.3
  • 20 Oct 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
Bogx Product Configurator of the third generation - now with free definable DEPENDENCIES.... more

Product information

Bogx Product Configurator of the third generation - now with free definable DEPENDENCIES. Fast, flexible and universally applicable - no matter if it's giveaways, prints, clothes, furniture, devices or other articles to be configured or personalized - a sophisticated Shopware application matured in several development years for comfortable personalization of products.

The Product Configurator helps you sell products that are rich in variety and consist of multiple components, properties, attributes, parameters, and values. The shop visitor should always be able to quickly and easily create a suitable product without losing sight of the costs. Depending on needs and assortment, each product configuration can be additionally enriched with product images, graphics, texts, information points so that the fun and the desire to buy do not fail because of the complexity of the configuration. On the other hand, it is important that the large amount of data that the configurator has to manage be maintained with minimal effort.

The number of possible variants in the configurator is not limited.

The following functions are available in the configurator:


  • Convenient creation of any number of configurations with or without DEPENDENCIES
  • Structured (tree-like) mapping of groups and option groups within each configuration
  • Any number of groups and option groups per configuration tree
  • Several option groups per group
  • Several option group types, e.g: radio buttons, checkboxes, selectboxes, images, texts, quantity input, free calculation and output data
  • Fast data record input in CSV format: values, value descriptions, price surcharges, quantities, blacklist, whitelist, shipping attribute, delivery time
  • Free definition of dependencies with the help of blacklist and whitelist in each record possible
  • Multiple use of data records (duplication with Copy&Paste for less maintenance effort)
  • Free assignment of configuration templates
  • Free assignment of configurations per product (without variant generation in the database)
  • Assignment of defaults (initial values) and RULES
  • Assignment of CALCULATION FORMULAs


  • The display in the detail page is controlled by customizable templates, 100% compliant with Shopware standard (Responsive Theme),
  • The configurator contains two templates for selection: for a "step-by-step" and for a "one-step" configuration,
  • If the article has VARIANTS, these are also accepted by the configurator,
  • The configurator does not replace the shopware VARIANTS, it extends them (= inheritance of the configurator to variants),
  • If the article has QUANTITY PRICE GRADUATION, the quantity discounts are also accepted by the configurator,
  • Optimized and dynamic (contemporary) usability with jQuery and HTML5,
  • Dynamic price calculation for each option selection (no additional buttons for "reset" or "update"),
  • Flexible control of article price display (article price update, hidden, standard),
  • Optional listing of the article price in the price calculation,
  • Dynamic handling of dependencies,
  • Percentage and operative surcharges,
  • NEW: Shipping attributes (weight or maximum dimension for bulky goods) are considered (from version 3.9.0),
  • NEW: Delivery times (in any time units: hours, days, weeks, months) are considered (from version 3.8.9),
  • NEW: QUANTITY CONTROLLER, price calculation with own calculation formulas, one-time surcharges, unit prices with 4-digit decimal accuracy,
  • Transfer of selected configuration, price calculation, product previews to checkout,
  • Return from checkout to selected configuration,

Order processing

  • Transfer of user configuration to shopware order, order confirmation, documents, order history,
  • Extension of the document template ("Out-Of-The-Box" - no special adaptation necessary),
  • Extension of the sOrder template ("Out-Of-The-Box" - no special adjustment necessary),
  • Display of the configuration data per order item in the separate tab "Bogx Configurator",

External ERP Systems (REST API)

The configuration data are stored in the table "s_order_details_attributes", column "bogx_productconfigurator" as JSON string. 

The order attribute "bogx_productconfigurator" in JSON format can be read via API and used in external ERP systems.

Special features / advantages:

  • VARIANT articles can also be configured,
  • Suitable for B2B (gross and net shops),
  • Optional "step-by-step" or "one-step" configurations,
  • Article price controller (article price update, hidden, no change. Definition of an article price for category listing),
  • ABSOLUTE, PERCENTUAL or OPERATIVE SURCHARGES (to any option group or total price),
  • Quantity input (and surcharge multiplication) for possible accessory parts,
  • Product image exchange,
  • Minimum price,
  • Shipping and delivery time calculation,
  • NEW: QUANTITY CONTROLLER, price calculation with own calculation formulas, one-time surcharges, unit prices with 4-digit decimal accuracy,
  • Optionally usable personal customer address and legend at the beginning and end of the configurator,
  • Intuitive and space-saving configurator support with discreet info points (tooltips),
  • Good adaptability due to individual configuration structure and connection of templates,
  • Simple linking of configurations with any products in the shop,
  • Fast data maintenance in commercial style (in CSV format),
  • Customized checkout (order confirmation and document base template "Out-Of-The-Box" included),
  • Modular structure, can be extended by addons with further functionalities,
  • Demos or sample configurations for a faster introduction (= practice-oriented cheat-sheets also for less advanced users),
  • Recommended for projects with product personalization,
  • Multilingual and subshop capable (plugin config and text modules per subshop translatable),
  • Responsive (can also be used on smartphones),

Addons for Product Configurator:

  • Parametrix: Dimensioning, price calculation (length and area calculation).
    With versatile calculation options and price graduations
  • Designer: personalized design and visualization for plot, print, embroidery, lettering, engraving, etc.
    Matched to Parametrix, if the area to be labelled is to be free defined and calculated by the customer.


References for Bogx Product Configurator

We thank you for the use of the product configurator family in the following shops:

  • Unique stickers, wall tattoos, stickers with Bogx Product Configurator, Parametrix and Designer.
  • Railing, handrail, stainless steel in Design Shop Baalcke with Bogx Product Configurator and Parametrix
  • Controlled ventilation with Bogx Product Configurator and Parametrix
  • Paella grills, all grills with Bogx product configurator
  • NEY Ltd - Woodworking Solutions. Kitchen Furniture Components with Bogx Product Configurator and Parametrix


Installation, first steps, manual, ROAD MAP and other information can be found in our plugin (german) manual (Google Docs Manual).
Product Configurator Manual

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21 Aug 2020

Tja, was soll ich sagen, der Konfigurator ist ein Top-Plugin und ermöglicht dem Online-Händler tausende von Möglichkeiten, seine Produkte zu konfigurieren bzw. vom Endkunden konfigurieren zu lassen. Das Plugin ist sehr mächtig und man kann damit fast alles umsetzen, was man sich so vorstellt. Man benötigt etwas Einarbeitungszeit aber bei der Fülle an Möglichkeiten ist das nur logisch. Das Handbuch ist sehr gut gemacht, die Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten sind sehr detailliert beschrieben. Ich wollte eigentlich nur den Konfigurator haben aber habe mir dann Testweise auch den Designer installiert. Das Zusammenspiel der beiden Plugins hat mich völlig überzeugt, so dass ich auch den Designer geholt habe. Der Endkunde will heutzutage vermehrt auch live sehen, was er bestellt - obwohl der Konfigurator als Stand-Alone-Plugin auch schon sehr tolle Dienste leistet.

Besonders hervorheben möchte ich den einzigartigen Support durch das BOGX-Team. Innerhalb von wenigen Tagen hatte ich mit dem Support 60 oder 70 Mails ausgetauscht, die Antworten kamen immer innerhalb kürzester Zeit. Nicht falsch verstehen, ich habe den Support nicht benötigt, weil irgendetwas nicht funktionierte, sondern weil ich sehr spezielle Produkte anbieten wollte, die etwas aus der Reihe fallen. Der Support hat sogar Datentypen (date & time) für mich erstellt, da ich diese benötigt habe. Und zu dem Zeitpunkt hatte ich die Plugins noch nicht mal gekauft. Also, alles in Allem: TOP-Produkt, TOP-Support. Und was ich auch toll finde, es wird ständig dran gearbeitet, es kommen laufend neue Features hinzu. Absolut klasse!


Absolut empfehlenswert!

29 Jun 2020

Das Plugin bietet vielfältige Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und ist besonders in Verbindung mit dem "Designer" Plugin konkurrenzlos. Bei Fragen und Problemen haben wir stets eine schnelle und kompetente Antwort vom Hersteller bekommen. Der Preis ist absolut gerechtfertigt und wir können das Plugin definitiv weiterempfehlen!


Super Plugin und top Support

16 Jun 2020

Eins vorneweg: Wir benutzen Shopware nur wegen diesem Plugin.

Der Konfigurator funktioniert einwandfrei. Der Support ist klasse, sehr schnell und extrem hilfreich. Gut investiertes Geld.

Wenn du dich also jetzt fragst ob das Plugin etwas für dich ist, dann schau dir einfach den Demoshop an. Dort bekommst du eine gut Idee was man alles damit machen kann. Im Handbuch ist außerdem alles sauber dokumentiert und erklärt. Sehr umfangreich. Vielen Dank.


Top Produkt & toller Support

17 Apr 2020

Wir können die Plungin´s und vor allem den Support zu 100% weiter empfehlen! Danke an Herrn Konrad B.


Top Konfigurator / Top Support

30 Mar 2020

Das Plugin verspricht viel und kann auch was es verspricht. Vor allem der Support ist sehr schnell und kompetent. Einfach nur zum empfehlen!


Absolut zu empfehlen!

22 Mar 2020

Shopbetreiber mit sehr individuellen Produkten und vielen Artikelvarianten sind bisher vor kaum lösbare Probleme gestellt worden: Über die Artikelvarianten in Shopware ist eine Erstellung von 10.000 und mehr Varianten (die sehr schnell zusammenkommen) nicht machbar. Die Erstellung der Varianten dauert nicht nur extrem lange, sondern bricht auch ab einer gewissen Anzahl von Varianten immer wieder ab. Zudem ist eine Änderung immer extrem aufwendig und zeitintensiv. Im Endeffekt bedeutet das, dass ich meine Artikel bisher nicht so anbieten konnte, wie ich wollte.

Ich habe also fast 3 Jahre auf ein solchen Plugin gewartet. Es gibt nicht viel Vergleichbares auf dem Markt - und das, was ich getestet habe, war leider in Punkto Usability extrem schlecht und funktionierte nicht einwandfrei.

Dieses Plugin ist einfach anzuwenden, der Import von Artikelvarianten per CSV geht schnell und simpel. Endlich kann ich meine Artikel im Shop so anbieten, wie ich möchte. Änderungen an Artikelvarianten, die mich früher mehrere Tage gekostet haben, kann ich jetzt innerhalb weniger Stunden erledigen.
Auch die Darstellung im Shop ist super und sehr übersichtlich. Obwohl ich nur einen Bruchteil der Funktionen nutze, die das Plugin anbietet, bin ich wirklich begeistert. Es gibt verschiedene Templates, so kann ich die Ansicht für den Kunden im Shop variabel gestalten. Ich kann Informationen zu den jeweiligen Auswahlfeldern für den Kunden hinterlegen, was mir eine Menge Beratungszeit erspart.
Die Darstellung der Varianten im Warenkorb, in der Bestellbestätigung und auf den Rechnungen ist sehr übersichtlich. Einziger winziger Kritikpunkt (deshalb gibt es leider einen kleinen Punkt Abzug): Nach Absenden der Bestellung über den Shop lässt sich die Konfiguration nicht mehr ändern. Im Backend habe ich keinen Zugriff auf die Varianten. Daher kann ich auch keine Bestellung über das Backend mit dieser Konfiguration anlegen, dies geht nur über das Frontend.

Technisch funktioniert das Plugin einwandfrei. Keine langen Ladezeiten mehr im Shop und Fehler konnte ich bisher auch nicht feststellen. Das Plugin ist einfach von Anfang bis Ende sehr gut durchdacht.

Besonders hervorheben möchte ich auch den Kundenservice: Der Hersteller reagiert auf Anfragen innerhalb kürzester Zeit und sehr engagiert, Fragen werden ausführlich beantwortet.

Fazit: Für mich das beste Plugin, das ich in meinem Shop habe, und inzwischen absolut unabdingbar. Tatsächlich hat es bei mir bereits zu einer Umsatzsteigerung geführt, da ich die Artikel endlich so anbieten konnte, wie es sich meine Kunden gewünscht haben. Damit hat es ein langjähriges Problem für mich gelöst. Dass es auch technisch einwandfrei läuft und der Kundenservice so super ist, rundet dieses Plugin perfekt ab. Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung!


1A Plugin und einwandfreier Support

27 Nov 2019

Das Plugin funktioniert super, kann alles was man braucht und noch mehr. Der Support ist sehr (!) schnell und hilfreich. Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen.


Gutes Tool, hat mir sehr gut geholfen. Danke weiter so!!!

20 Nov 2019


Einfach nur genial, bester Support ever

4 Nov 2019

Der Konfigurator entspricht genau dem, was ich gesucht habe.
Der Kunde wird durch die Konfiguration geführt, dabei gibt es sehr viele möglichkeiten, pulldowns, images, Auswahlmöglichteiten usw.
Die Bedienung bzw. Eingabe der Gruppen und Optionen ist für den Laien (Verkäufer) zwar etwas fuzelig und man übersieht schnell einmal eine 1 zuviel oder zu wenig aber Herr Borucinski reagiert sehr schnell und geduldig auf Anfragen bzw. erstellt gerne und unkompliziert ein Grundkonzept mit dem man sehr gut weiterarbeiten kann.

Ganz besonders möchte ich nochmal den genial einfachen, unkomplizierten Support hervorheben. Hier fühlt man sich als Kunde König und 100% verstanden. Dankeeee!!


Bietet eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten zur Produktkonfiguration. Nicht einfach im Backend einzurichten, aber vorbildliches Handbuch und super Support.

29 Oct 2019


Zusammen mit dem Plugin Parametrix unschlagbar

1 Sep 2019

Tolles Plugin, unfassbar viele Möglichkeiten und vor allem der Support ist einmalig - von Samstag auf Sonntag Nacht haben wir ein Update erhalten, um unsere Wünsche umsetzen zu können! VIELEN DANK AN DAS TOLLE TEAM VON BOGX


Genau das, wonach wir gesucht haben

7 Aug 2019

Das Plugin macht genau das, was es soll und dabei noch sehr sehr gut. Support wird bei Herrn Borucinski ebenfalls groß geschrieben! Hatte bisher zwei kleinere Fehler gefunden, welche umgehend behoben wurden, das ist echter Kundenservice.


Sehr zu empfehlendes Plugin & einmaliger Support

29 Jul 2019

Wer in seinem Shop Produktkonfigurationen anbieten möchte, sollte dieses Plugin einsetzen. Es bietet eine große Mengen an Funktionen und ist extrem flexibel. Um alle Möglichkeiten richtig nutzen zu können, bietet der Hersteller eine sehr umfangreiche und gute Dokumentation an. Nach einfacher Installation und ein wenig Einarbeitungszeit kommt man schnell zurecht. Durch die Demobeispiele, die importiert werden können, ist die Logik schnell zu verstehen. Und kommt man mal nicht weiter, bietet der Hersteller einen großartigen und sehr schnellen Support. Wir hatten zwei kleine Fehler in unserer Testumgebung mit diesem Plugin festgestellt, die wir dem Hersteller gemeldet hatten. Diese wurden vom Hersteller umgehend korrigiert und upgedatet. Sehr zu empfehlen und daher volle 5 Sterne *****


Top Plugin & großartiger Support

25 Jul 2019

Dieses Plug-in bietet sehr viele Funktionen und ermöglicht sehr viele Konfigurationen. Es hält, was es verspricht. Die Einarbeitung ist zu Beginn nicht ganz einfach, aber dank der Doku und dem großartigen Support sehr gut zu meistern. Kann man mit besten Gewissen empfehlen! Werden wir sicher auch in anderen Projekten in Zukunft einsetzen.


Ein hervorragender Konfigurator für Shopware!

19 May 2019

Wir waren lange auf der Suche nach einem leistungsstarken Konfigurator für Shopware und haben ihn nun endlich gefunden.

Die Hersteller haben ein tolles System bestehend aus „Gruppen“ und „Optionen“ entworfen, bei dem man seine Datensätze im CSV-Format, also zeilenweise, als Text, eingibt. Auch als Nicht-Programmierer setzt man sich ein paar Stunden konzentriert hin, und man hat die Bedienung verstanden. Dann ist der Rest nur noch ein reines Logik-Puzzle mit der Frage, wie genau man seine Konfiguration im Frontend darstellen will.

Der Support der Agentur Borucinski Grafix für dieses Plugin ist absolut vorbildlich. Die Ansprechpartner sind freundlich, antworten schnell und sind immer hilfsbereit, aber vor allem sind sie kompetent. Wir hatten ein Darstellungsproblem beim Konfigurator, für das es keine schnelle Lösung gab. Nach kurzem E-Mail-Wechsel hat der Hersteller das Plugin erweitert und seitdem funktioniert der Konfigurator wieder einwandfrei. Super!

Borucinski Grafix
19 May 2019

Herzlichen Dank für die Bewertung und auch für die sehr konstruktive Zusammenarbeit.

Super plugin mit excellentem SUPPORT

8 Apr 2019


Super Produktkonfigurator und hervorragender Support

22 Feb 2019

Der Konfigurator bietet eine sehr flexible Erweiterung für die Attributverwaltung.
Wir nutzen zwar nur einen Bruchteil der verfügbaren Funktionen, die allerdings sind TIP TOP gelöst.

Auf der Suche nach einem Plugin, mit dem Freitexteingaben für den Kunden ermöglicht werden können, kamen zunächst zwei Plugins in Betracht - dieses und "Custom Products".
Da wir aber das Textfeld nur angezeigt bekommen wollten, wenn eine vorherige Select-Auswahl auf einen bestimmten Wert fällt, schied "Custom Products" aus, da es (aktuell) keine Abhängigkeiten herstellen kann.

Der Testlauf mit diesem Produkt Konfigurator und die bisher geleistete Unterstützung durch den Entwickler haben uns vollständig überzeugt und wir sind bisher absolut zufrieden.

Einfache Bedienung, gute Funktionalität und hervorragender Support!

Borucinski Grafix
22 Feb 2019

Vielen, vielen Dank Herr Bielenfeld - wir freuen uns sehr über das positive Feedback!

BTW: Wir werden auch die Dokumentation vervollständigen ;-) Zur Zeit sind wir noch am Feedback sammeln, sortieren und schnellstmöglich umsetzen.

Super Plugin! Super Support!

21 Feb 2019

Zunächst einmal: VIELEN Dank für dieses Plugin!
Die Erweiterung ist wirklich spitze und bietet viele tolle Möglichkeiten, vom User konfigurierbare und individualisierbare Produkte anzubieten.

Man muss sich zwar zunächst etwas an die Eingabe der Optionen per CSV Datei gewöhnen, aber wenn man eine Vorlage in Excel erstellt geht es eigentlich sehr gut! Für komplexere Konfigurationen ist diese Art der Eingabe sogar einfacher und schneller als eine "Klickibunti Eingabe".

Im Plugin wurden viele essentielle Funktionen implementiert, die man beim vergleichbaren Shopware Plugin vermisst. Zum Beispiel abhängige Optionen, Tpl Steuerung, usw.. - Ebenso kann man fast zusehen, wie das Plugin ständig verbessert und erweitert wird. Es findet also eine aktive Entwicklung statt (das vermisst man beim Shopware Plugin sehr!) Der Support von Borucinsky Grafix ist sehr schnell und hilft wirklich - User-Input wird ernst genommen und sogar nach Möglichkeit beim nächsten Update berücksitigt!
Von meiner Seite aus: volle Punktzahl fürs Plugin und deren Entwickler!

Borucinski Grafix
21 Feb 2019

Herzlichen Dank Herr Wagner - es freut uns sehr und motiviert noch mehr!

Installation manual

Installation, first steps, manual, ROAD MAP and other information can be found in our plugin (german) manual (Google Docs Manual).

Product Configurator Manual


Version 5.5.3

"Lazy Loading" is encapsulated for the configurator images to avoid conflicts with other "Lazy Loading" plugins.

Version 5.5.2

1. A new formula function me.changeProductImageFix(image_file_name);, which can be used for fixed exchange of the product image. The function replaces the product image package (product image + sliders + thumbs), assigned in article data, by an image stored in a "data record" or in the custom image table (s. "Custom Data Request").  Example for the variable "image_file_name": image_file_name = product image_001.jpg, this file should be located in the "image" folder of the corresponding configuration.

2. The "fixed" exchanged product image is transferred to the configuration data and is displayed in the checkout, order and customer account.

3. if the records are translated for other language stores, Field4 (=surcharge) from the translation is also taken over. Thus, different surcharges can be defined in the language or sub-shops, e.g. Germany and Switzerland and be taken into account.

4. "Repeated order" is displayed again, if a configuration product has been ordered again in the customer order history. 

Version 5.5.1

Implementation of "LAZY LOADING"

- faster loading of configurations, especially if they contain many image files,

- the configuration is first loaded without images,

- Lazy Loader" loads the images after the detail page is fully loaded,

Version 5.5.0

MINOR Update 5.5.0


1.2 DCL's are now automatically appended to every order in the table "s_order_en3tails_attributes",

1.3 DCL's are then linked to the article names in the customer account under "My orders", with a click on article names the ordered configuration is called up.

1.4 Bogx DCL Manager, create and manage DCL's for marketing and sharing

1.4.1 Create DCL Manager, a person with authorization for DCL generation:

   A. DCL Manager should already be created as "shop customer",

   B. Create customer group "ADMIN" (without discounts),

   C. If a person (in Shopware's "Customers" menu) is now assigned the new customer group "ADMIN", he or she immediately becomes the "DCL Manager" authorization

1.4.2 The "DCL Manager" registered in the frontend can call the configurations

1.4.3 The "DCL Manager" logged in to the frontend shows a button "Save configuration" instead of "Order" button

- for the button "Save configuration" the same rules apply as for the "Order" button, only a complete configuration can be saved

- "Save configuration" is interactive - the click action must be confirmed, success / failure is displayed 

- a successfully generated DCL (Direct Configuration Link) is immediately visible in the menu "Marketing > Bogx DCL Manager"

- Generation of identical configurations is not possible (corresponding info is displayed)

- the cells of the "Bogx DCL Manager" are editable, so the contents can be copied but not all of them can be changed/maintained  

- the list of DCL's can be sorted by column, filtered with "search" and also paginated (if more than 25 DCL's)

- additional titles can be entered - as additional internal information or categorization  

- additionally SHORT-Url's (from a SHORTENER like can be added

- additionally QRCODE-Url's (from a QR Code Generator like can be added

- additionally the "Configuration viewer" can be activated (right sidebar)  

- all links (including the QR code), if entered, are clickable in the "Configuration viewer", so that you can check them

- all contents can be selected and copied in the "Configuration viewer"

Screenshot of "Bogx DCL Manager":


2.1 Customer group discounts (e.g. for dealers) are recognized after a successful login and taken into account in the configurations,

2.2 The discounts are automatically included in the surcharges (in the CSV records),

2.3 A new global variable "usergroup_discount" is provided in the formulas,

2.4 Formula Example:

surcharge = 8.50;

discount = 0;

/* usergroup_discount = float value e.g. 25.5 for 25.5% customer group discount */

if (usergroup_discount !== 0) {

discount = surcharge / 100 * usergroup_discount;


surcharge = surcharge - discount;

3. ORDER CODE optimization.

The optionally generated (activated) ORDER CODE is now displayed/output in Checkout, Order Confirmation (sOrder), Customer Account and Documents.

4. HTML tags masking in the text field inputs.

If the customer enters special characters or HTML tags in the "text" input field, these are internally masked (encapsulated) so that they have no effect for correct data transfer.

5. Improved saving of CSV records in the option groups.


1. Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost. 

2. Please reload the browser window.

Version 5.4.1

1. Error display for checkboxes corrected.

2. Optimizations for MINOR UPDATE Designer 3.2.0

Version 5.4.0

Minor Update 5.4.0

1. Improved saving of CSV records in the "Product Configurator Manager

2. New extension "Order Code Builder" to create own order numbers for configuration products.

- the usage is described in the manual

- if you do not want to use "Order Code Builder", there is nothing to do

- but please make sure that the CSV records are automatically extended by a tenth field (Field10)

- the previous "Field9" (= delivery time) is no longer the last field. It is still used normally - you do not have to do anything.

- the last "Field10" in the records is now reserved for "ORDER CODE PARTS"

- the last "Field10" can remain empty (= default) if "Order Code Builder" is not used


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost. 

Version 5.3.0

1. More security by transferring the configuration data via SessionStorage instead of LocalStorage.

2. Optimization of the interface to the "Designer".

Version 5.2.9

Optimization of the template "config_popup_with_product_image.tpl".

- improved placement of the exchanged product image

- additional labeling (caption) under the exchanged images

Version 5.2.8

1. Optimization of the event hook "onBasketAfterAddArticle()" for more compatibility with third party plugins

2. Further optimization of the group dependency - especially in the addon "Designer

3. Extension of the interface to the addon "Designer": Motif-Grouping 

Version 5.2.7

1. The calculation formulas are now always activated for shopware article variants (when changing variants) 

2. The data type 'free_item_handler' may also use its own 'data-title' (field3 in the record)

Version 5.2.6

1. You can also use dependencies (black/whitelist) for configuration groups in the modal/popup template.

2. The data type "quantity-onetime-surcharge" is available again.

Version 5.2.5

1. The new data type 'free_item_handler' is no longer displayed in the price calculation

2. In the modal/popup configuration templates, the total quantity can also be displayed under the price display.

3. Improved handling of the text input data (in data type 'text') e.g. for individual engraving texts

- also HTML code and CSS styles can be passed to configuration data (escaped/decoded) 

- Special characters and own web fonts (CSS styles) can be used in checkout, order confirmation and documents 

4. new custom function in JS-Resources bogx_custom_input_text(key, content)

- inserts into a 'text' input field (key = option group ID of the input field) e.g. own special characters

- for example like this: onclick="bogx_custom_input_text('o_engraving','¥')

5. Faster transfer of configuration to basket (to DB) by pure XMLHttpRequest() without jQuery

Version 5.2.4

1. Any blank entries in the total quantity input field have been optimized 

2. New user data "data-user_id" and 'data-user_group' for all configuration templates:

After a login the following user-datas are provided in the "Config-Data-Container":

<div id="bogx_config" data-user_id="7" data-user_group="EK" ... >

These user data can be read, for example, by jQuery in a "calculation formula":

var user_id = $('#bogx_config').attr('data-user_id');

var user_group = $('#bogx_config').attr('data-user_group');

And should be used, for example, to calculate price discounts.

Version 5.2.3

1. Update of DEMO configurations and DEMO articles for import

2. New data type "free_item_handler

- is not included in the price calculation

- can contain several data records with translatable content e.g: plain text or HTML content 

- output of the content from the data records using a formula (i.e. with your own JavaScript code)

- this way own information or operating elements can be displayed during the configuration

- enhancing interactivity in the configurations 

- examples for the application will be described in the manual shortly

Version 5.2.2

Placement of the "price calculation" box for mobile devices up to 1024px moved to the end of the configuration if the "price calculation" was defined as "Sticky".

Version 5.2.1

Fixed a possible collision between the datatypes "imagetitle" and "image_multiselect".

Version 5.2.0

1. New powerful function "Custom Data Requester"

- secured and very fast read requests of own data (e.g. prices, values, file names)

- increased configuration performance through connection of own (additional) data 

- automatic queries according to option selection and free use of query results in the configuration

- detailed description can be found in the configurator manual (coming soon)

2. New data types "text_date" (date) and "text_time" (time)

- Validation of date and time entries via the intuitive/modern HTML5 standard 

3. Configurator templates extensions and optimizations.

- category listing better inheritable/adaptable

- total price viewer better (because "on block") controllable

4. A selection in the select boxes no longer causes duplicate events


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost. 

Version 5.1.4

1. Data type "free_parameter" optimized for bulky goods shipping rules 

2. Multiupload links in the order are better protected against third party plugins.

3. Individual delivery times in repeated configurations is taken over correctly.

Version 5.1.3

New configuration template config_standard_stepbystep_with_navi.tpl

- Step-by-step configuration with additional navigation buttons "Next" and "Back"

- To be seen in our DEMO:

Version 5.1.2

1. Small optimizations in the bogx_config.less file for "disabled" CSS properity, for better handling with disable/enable options

2. Small fixuig in sOrder template for unit prices.

{* {if $bogxTotalAmount && $bogxTotalAmount > 1}{$bogxunitySurcharge = $details.amount/$bogxTotalAmount}{/if} *}

{if $bogxTotalAmount && $bogxTotalAmount > 1}{$bogxDetailsAmount = {','|str_replace:'.':$details.amount}}{$bogxunitySurcharge = $bogxDetailsAmount/$bogxTotalAmount}{/if}

Version 5.1.1

Adaptation to the new property "fontSize" in the Addon "Designer

Version 5.1.0

1. Permanent display of "spin buttons" in the numeric input fields, which increases the usability for these fields
2. New (own) "Alert" boxes, which are mainly used in the configurator addons
3. A titled grouping of options in select boxes according to the HTML5 standard

Example of the grouped options/data sets with titles:

dina;optgroup_start;DIN-A Formate;0;1;;;;

a4;a4;DIN A4;0;1;;;;

a5;a6;DIN A5;0;1;;;;

a6;a6;DIN A6;0;1;;;;

dinb;optgroup;DIN-B Formate;0;1;;;;

b4;b4;DIN B4;0;1;;;;

b5;b5;DIN B5;0;1;;;;

b6;b6;DIN B5;0;1;;;;

dinc;optgroup;DIN-C Formate;0;1;;;;

c4;c4;DIN C4;0;1;;;;

c5;c5;DIN C5;0;1;;;;

c6;c6;DIN C6;0;1;;;;

dinend;optgroup_end;END OF OPTIONS;0;1;;;;

Version 5.0.9

1. Small optimization of the configurator API for third party addons.

2. A new customer warning message is translatable.

Version 5.0.8

Optimizing the position of info points (tooltips) - especially for the checkboxes.

Version 5.0.7

The results of "axb_parameter" (area) in the price calculation are displayed again.

Version 5.0.6

1. A few small corrections reported to us by our users.

2. Internal core enhancements to the big "Designer" addon update.

3. Updated DEMO configurations and article import data.

Version 5.0.5

Order quantity input in the "Popup/Modal" templates visible again, if no quantity controller is used in the configuration.

Version 5.0.4

New data type "quantity-select". This datatype enables a 

selection of predefined order quantities with graduated unit prices.

Recommended if the customer only wants fixed quantities, for example: 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000  

should order without free quantity input.

Example of the creation of an option group for fixed order quantities:

Group ID: o_total

Group name: Order quantity 

Data type: quantity-select

CSV records:

q1;1000;1000 pcs. +118.90 €;0.1189;1;;;

q2;2000;2000 pcs. +133.00 €;0.0665;1;;;

q3;3000;3000 pcs. +142.60 €;0.04753;1;;;

q5;5000;5000 pcs. +207.90 €;0.04158;1;;;

Default value: 1000



The article order unit is taken from the article "unit of measurement".

If this has not been defined, a standard unit "pcs." is obtained from snippet "BogxTotalUnit" as a substitute.

The order quantity controller does not need to be activated.

Version 5.0.3

1. Basic price in the price calculation (if used) is updated in the case of scaled prices

2. Tooltip window now has max-height=800px and can be scrolled vertically  

3. Image zoom on mouseover has been replaced by a clickable magnifying glass icon, so the zoom

can only be called up when required.

Version 5.0.2

Three new settings in Plugin Manager > Plugin Configuration.

1. Activate Basket Attributes (ba)? (Default: Yes)

Yes = so that BULKY GOODS costs can be calculated with Shopware's shipping module.

No = if NO BULKY GOODS are calculated or if feed export problems or other conflicts should arise.

2. Configurator prices with login? (Default: No)

No = Prices are always visible in the configurator.

Yes = Prices only visible in the configurator after login.

3. Formulas visible in HTML-code?  (Default: No)

No = Formulas are not visible in the HTML code.

Yes = Formulas visible in HTML code - recommended only for debugging or testing.


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost.

Version 5.0.1

Extension of the "My Account" template order_item_details.tpl for order details.

- consideration of order status $offerPosition.status

- depending on the status, the repeat order is made available

- it is also possible to consider the own order status by customizing the template

- with an own order status it can be prevented that changed configuration prices/options are ordered again with old values

Version 5.0.0

1. Setting "price calculation" in Parametrix default settings for axb_parameter is correctly considered again.

2. Configuration data extended by a new attribute "orderRepeat". Thereby it can be recognized per order item if it is a repeated order.

3. Unit price for orders from net/business customers is displayed correctly (net) in the checkout. 

Version 4.9.9

Small optimizations in the jQuery code.

Version 4.9.8

1. corrected "Sticky" price box for variant change

2. tooltips in "mobile views" corrected.

3. PREMIUM-FUNCTION "Repeat order" in "My account > Orders" now possible.

- Order items can be placed individually "in the shopping cart" (= better usability)

- Product thumbnails preview in every order position (= better usability)

- Order items are inserted in "Offcanvas-Cart" (essentially better usability)

- all configuration data are taken over 1:1

- by clicking on the article name in the shopping cart the configuration can be called up, corrected and reordered

- also images, which were created with "Designer" Addon by the customer, are taken over (copied)

- also images uploaded with "Multiupload" Addon will be taken over (but not copied)


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost. 

Version 4.9.7

1. The compatibility with Modal-Cart fixed - configuration products are now correctly viewed in the Modal-Cart.

2. Footer look (for price block) in the POPUP template improved.

3. Price display in the listing for MINIMAL product view fixed.

Version 4.9.6

1. The compatibility of the pop-up template with variant change fixed.

2. The compatibility with IE11 in the new functions for dispatch fixed.

Version 4.9.5

The functionality of the data type for order quantity "quantity-total" extended. The minimum order quantity can be calculated and specified dynamically in the corresponding formula. This is necessary if a number of the necessary components (e.g. number of slabs, stones or panels) is to be determined from a specified area.

Version 4.9.4

1. Configurator "Step by Step" popup template extended:

- the steps are now assigned with links, so that you can switch directly to the configuration steps

- Validation of step links: switching is only possible if required fields are specified in the steps

2. Better validation of the required order quantity

3. New jQuery "publish" event in the ajax-variant-changer for more compatibility with third-party plugins. 

Version 4.9.3

Ajax changer optimized - for variants with different graduated prices (or sometimes with scaled prices and sometimes without scaled prices). 

Version 4.9.2

Article variants with different graduated prices (different from the main article) can be added to the shopping cart.

Version 4.9.1

Order quantity in the shopping cart can be changed again if no order quantity was used in the configuration or the order quantity = 1.

Version 4.9.0

1. Shipping rules "SUM + MAX LENGTH" and "SUM MAX LENGTH + MIN LENGTH" optimized

2. Orphaned dependencies (not existing option group ID's in blacklist, whitelist) are ignored.

3. SVG files for designers are passed in original size for checkout.

4. Formula evaluation is optimized.

5. Optimized surcharge operations in the CSV-records.

Version 4.8.9

Rollback of all workarounds for Android whose internal "internet browser" is not able to accompany the HTML5 or  STANDARD for <input type="number"...> with a correct number field (with decimal point comma for DE and dot for ENG)  We therefore recommend to use any other browser for Android e.g. Chrome as the better solution.

Version 4.8.8

  1. Optimization of "collapse" behavior in connection with option groups with required values without default values.
  2. Improvement of the configurator API when loading the jQuery plugins.
  3. If in an option group (like text or textarea) no required value is specified, the empty input do not transfer (empty) content to the price calculation and configurator data.
  4. New mixed shipping rules for mixed configuration products and thus a completion of the shipping calculation for bulky goods.
  5. New universally applicable data type "axb_free_parameter", which combines all properties or advantages of "axb_parameter" and "free_parameter". 
    • several areas or input pairs (space saving) in one configuration
    • use formulas, e.g. limits (min and max) can be adjusted dynamically
    • use article defaults (as for "axb_parameter", i.e. price scale or price matrix or for "free_parameter", i.e. the limits)
    • with or without required input


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost

Version 4.8.7

1. Problem with net prices in the basket when customers with "dealer" status (net customers) is logged, fixed as of SW 5.6.x.

2. Minimum price is automatically converted to net/gross.

3. Problem in Parametrix for "axb_parameter" if "Ratio" is used, fixed.

4. Multi-Upload files are listed by name in the order history.

5. No default values for the SELECT data types (images, select and radiobuttons) are necessary

- consideration of the required data e.g. a configuration locking if the selection is required and not selected

- extra control of dependencies in "not selected" state, if dependencies must be defined in the selection options


6. implementation of a "configurator API" for external add-ons. From now on "Third Plugins" can be better connected to the configurator: e.g. define own data types, access events, methods and data to create very special applications or individual solutions. Update safely for own projects or also for sale in the shopware store.

Version 4.8.6

1. Tooltip handling extended and optimized.

  • new setting in Plugin Manager > Plugin Configuration > Show tooltip (mouseover or click)
  • max-width of the tooltip window can be adjusted in the own LESS file

2. Bulky goods shipping (integrated solution/extension for Shopwares shipping cost calculation)

  • Gurtmass (ba.bogx_gurtmass dimension for own calculation)
  • Length (ba.bogx_length)
  • Weight (ba.bogx_weight)

Gurtmass = length and girth combined

2.1 Extension of the variables for own shipping cost calculation (especially for bulky goods) from Shopware 5.6.x:

  • s_order_basket_attributes -> ba

2.2 Special article attributes to identify the bulky goods article in the article data:

  • Bogx Bulk Gurtmass (bogx_bulk_gurtmass): check if bulky goods length and girth combined (e.g. cutting plates, large parcel goods)
  • Bogx Bulk Length (bogx_bulk_length): check if bulky meter goods (e.g. bars, strips, posts, handrails, rolls)

Extended SQL query in Basic Settings > Store Front > Shipping Costs module

  • MAX(at.bogx_bulk_belt_measure="1") as has_gurtmass
  • MAX(at.bogx_bulk_length="1") as has_length

2.3. Example for own shipping cost calculation (bulky googst with length and girth combined) from Shopware 5.6.x:

  • Individual conditions
  • Individual calculation
  • Surcharge shipping rule (as a separate item)

Shipping costs Tab

  • from 0 to any factor=1

Extended Settings Tab

  • Individual conditions:


  • Individual calculation:

IF (MAX(ba.bogx_gurtmass) >= 4.0,99.55 * 100,IF (MAX(ba.bogx_gurtmass) >= 3.0,79.85 * 100,IF (MAX(ba.bogx_gurtmass) >= 2.0,49.25 * 100,0)))

  • The calculation outputs the following bulky goods surcharges for factor=1:  

Gurtmass < 2.0 --> no bulky goods surcharge 

Gurtmass from 2.0 to 3.0 --> bulky goods surcharge = 49.25

Gurtmass from 3.0 to 4.0 --> bulky goods surcharge = 79.85

Gurtmass from 4.0 --> bulky goods surcharge = 99.55

Gurtmass = length and girth combined

Version 4.8.5

1. The standard "pop-up" template extended by quantity field (responsive)

2. New "pop-up" template - extended by product image: "config_popup_with_product_image.tpl":


3. The new "popup" template also works with image exchange (data type 'imageproduct').

4. Updated DEMO configurations for import.

5. Updated DEMO product data for product import.

Version 4.8.4

Mobile view of the price calculation and new "pop-up" template optimized.

Version 4.8.3

Numerical input in the fields of "axb-paramter" (if step != 1) fixed.

Version 4.8.2

1. Fixed problem with sticky price calculation box for small configurations

2. In the CUSTOM delivery time rule, the delivery times calculated in the formula can be output together with time unit.

3. Fixed problem with sequence/sorting for duplication of configuration. 

Version 4.8.1

  1. Sorting (Drag&Drop) for configuration duplication corrected.
  2. Prices in shopping cart for subshops with different TAX and CURRENCY factor corrected.
  3. POPUP template extended by delivery time, "Next" button check corrected.
  4. Corrected negative total surcharge (price reduction) in shopping cart.
  5. Contents of text fields are taken over into the configuration data without validation.
  6. New data type "free_item_gurtmass" for calculation of "gurtmass" dimension for bulky configuration products.
  7. New delivery time rule "CUSTOM" for an own calculation of the delivery time in the FORMULA

    Please use the global variable me.opts.defaultsJSON[key][6] to calculate and save your own delivery time in the FORMULA.

    Simple formula example for CUSTOM delivery time in an option group with the data type "free_item":

    var mydeliverytime = '5-7 workdays';
    me.opts.defaultsJSON[key][6] = mydeliverytime;
    me.deliveryUpdate(); '#';

    With CUSTOM delivery time it is important that no other data record contains the delivery time. The variable mydeliverytime can of course be determined with the help of complex "if" operations.

  8. DEMO article matching the DEMO configurations in a CSV import file and the matching profile can be found in:

  9. New datatype "multiupload-designer" (upload of customer images in the Designer addon) is considered.


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager 1x reinstall, your data will NOT be lost.


Version 4.8.0

Improvement of the usability of the configuration tree in the product configurator manager

  • Display all configurations when the Product Configurator Manager is called up. Previously, you always had to click on the "Configurations" node first to see all configurations.

  • Individual sorting (order) of the configurations by drag&drop. Previously, the order by creation date was fixed and could not be changed.

  • Filtering of the configuration tree by an individual keyword, so that only the searched configurations are displayed. The filter makes it easier to find and edit configurations.  Especially if a large number (100 or more) of configurations have been defined.

Version 4.7.9

Saving of delivery time rules fixed.

Version 4.7.8

Delivery time calculation fixing - if no delivery time rule is specified (= the default seting). 

Version 4.7.7

1. Extension of the delivery time calculation function with new presettings:

  • Empty (= not specified, for compatibility to previous plugin versions = MAX, see below)
  • NONE (= no delivery time calculation in the configuration, as default the delivery time is taken from the article)
  • SUM (= addition of all delivery times in the options)
  • MAX (= the longest delivery time from the options is determined)

2. Extension of the functionality of the data type "free_item_value". A unit can be specified as default value, so that it can be appended to the value (calculated in the formula) - e.g. "Kg" or "Meter".

3. Optimizing the duplication of configurations in the "Product Configurator Manager".

4. Improvement of the weight summation for the Shopware's "Shipping Module".

5. Improvement of the shopping cart calculation for "Merchants" (B2B) and related discounts. 

6. It is now possible to use SUB-GROUPS in the configuration tree, which is useful for more complex configurations can improve the usability.

7. Extensive implementation of a new POPUP (modal) template concept for more complex "step-by-step" configurations with many options and image galleries 

  • Optimization of the entire template concept
  • New template "config_standard_popup.tpl" for configurations in POPUP (modal) mode
  • Use of SUB-GROUPS in the configuration tree
  • Step-by-step navigation controller with input validation of each step (if data is missing, next step is blocked)
  • Total price preview in the footer of the "POPUP" Configurator
  • Example:

Version 4.7.6

1. The "0" and "#" control (visibility of the surcharge and position in the price calculation) in the formula extended to all data types.

2. Improvement of the quantity controller for graduated prices. 

Version 4.7.5

The random import of DEMO configurations is no longer possible. When clicking on the import button, the system first asks whether the import should  happen and indicates that the existing configurations can be overwritten.

Version 4.7.4

Article attributes can now be integrated into configurations, see description in the manual (German language):

Version 4.7.3

1. Compatibility with third party plug-ins for ordering sample products or accessories extended.

2. Correction of the gross price display from the net price matrix (in Parametrix).

3. Fourth configurator template, if the price calculation is not to be displayed, e.g. for small configurations.

4. Link (e.g. to TERMS) in label/title of checkboxes possible.

5. Dual total price display (gross/net) optionally possible - desired for shops that sell parallel to end customers (gross) and business customers (net). 

Version 4.7.2

1. Improving the validation of customer input into axb parameters.

2. Automatic rounding up of a-, b-, axb-parameters to "step" (input precision = number of decimal places). If step=0.01, customer input is automatically rounded up from 50.55555 to 50.56, for example. 

3. Optimization of the amount of data transferred to "Parametrix".

4. Improvement of dependencies with groups (parent dependencies).

5. No overwriting of sOrder adjustments during plugin update.

Version 4.7.1

1. Microsoft IE11 browser compatibility fxed.

2. The data type "quantity_graduated" can be used completely as "total" order quantity with the graduated prices.

3. New plugin configuration default setting "Variant images refresh", which ensures compatibility with other plugins for variants/image changes.  

Version 4.7.0

1. Enhanced Formula Logic: dependency triggers and code injections are possible

2. Improved optics for images with subtitles

3. Improved (unified) look in option groups and tooltips

4. Improved logic for group dependencies: dependencies within the group are maintained.

5. New data type "free_item_value" for calculating (per formula) and displaying pure configuration values (without price calculation)

6. Backend panel of the order positions with configuration products scrollable

7. Edge shading for color fields (data type "color") for better visibility with light colors

8. Internal optimization for data type "radiobutton" - a "twice event" is intercepted.

Version 4.6.5

Small template and CSS corrections:

- correct display of group captions

- small CSS adaptations to the theme design

Version 4.6.4

The behavior of the data type "free_item" corrected.

Version 4.6.3

1. Improving the handling of group dependencies.

2. Optimized data exchange with Multiupload.

Version 4.6.2

Validation of multiupload defaults maximized to the highest level (according to the latest plugin quality assurance guidelines from Shopware).

Version 4.6.1

1. Implementation of the current guidelines in plugin.xml for base plugin and dependent addons.

2. If a "calculation formula" is used in the "free_item", the result is saved in a "value" and can be used in other "calculation formulas". Desired for more complex configurations.

Version 4.6.0

  • Delivery time output depending on the setting in the options fixed
  • Duplication of groups in "Configuration Manager" fixed
  • NEW: In case of missing required data, the affected group/header will be highlighted
  • NEW: Integration of the new addon "Multiupload"
  • NEW: demo configuration for the new addon "Multiupload", DEMO015

Version 4.5.7

Consideration of net prices in checkout if an customer orders from a tax-free country (e.g. Switzerland).

Version 4.5.6

1. For the data type "quantity_graduated" also a zero "0" as minimum value is possible.

2. Prices in listing (also shopping worlds) are fixed.

3. The height of the "Mouseover-Zoom" now adjusts to the actual image size.

4. Important new feature: Dependencies also for parent groups (not only option groups) are possible.

Version 4.5.5

1. New setting in the plugin configuration "Gross surcharges active?", which now enable the prices in the configurations both for B2C (end customers) and for B2B (business/merchants). Previously, prices could be maintained either for B2C or for B2B.

2. Fixing in the input fields a-parmeter and b-parameter in connection with the graduated prices.

Version 4.5.4

1. The common delivery time unit ("working days"), if nothing else is specified in the configurator, has been adopted.

2. Handling for the new data type in the designer "curved_text" implemented.

Version 4.5.3

Validation for the data type "free_parameter" extended by "0" (zero). 

Version 4.5.2

Polyfill (old browser Javascript compatibility module) implemented for IE11

Version 4.5.1

"Required entry" can also be used for the data type "checkbox". 

The checkbox in connection with the setting "Required data" can be defined as a confirmation or agreement (without surcharge) - analogous to general terms and conditions. If "Required data" are activated and the checkbox is not clicked, no order is possible. In this case the checkbox will be highlighted as "Warning".

Version 4.5.0

Extension for Parametrix data type "free_parameter" considered - see also update 2.2.7 for Parametrix

Version 4.4.9

Small fixings in validation of input fields of Parametrix.

Version 4.4.8

1. Mouseover preview for images has been disabled for smartphones.

2. When using price matrix a additional fixed surcharge can be defined.

3. New template for configurations "bogx_standard_stepbystep.tpl". With this template only one configuration group (collapse) can be opened. All other groups remain closed. This allows a "Step by Step" configuration.

Version 4.4.7

1. New storage folder for the shared images in the configurations: "common_images". If the plugin does not find an image file in the image configuration folder, it searches for the image in the "common_images" folder. This serves to substantially reduce the number of shared images. Important for all applications in which e.g. the same images are used for materials, cover fabrics, etc in several configurations. 

2. New function for "Images": Mouseover preview. When moving over the thumbnails, a window with the large image is displayed. This helps the user to see the details in the large image better than in a thumbnail. "Mouseover preview" is automatically activated as soon as a large image is defined and found in the dataset for all "image" data types.

More details to see in our german manual:

Version 4.4.6

1. Improved handling of newlines \n\r in "text_area" fields.

2. Configured "free_parameter" options from the shopping cart are now taken.

Version 4.4.5

New parameter "#" for "Calculation Formula": completely deactivates an option group in the price calculation. If "#" is entered in the "Calculation Formula" field, the option group is displayed in the configuration, but not in the price calculation. The "#" is useful for these option groups, which are dependent (especially groups with images) and only serve to better visualize the parent option selection. 

Version 4.4.4

The configuration input from the field "text-area" in the order processing optimized.

Version 4.4.3

1. The operative surcharges are also considered in the "Calculation Formula".

2. New variable "baseprice" (= article price) in the operative surcharges. Now "total" (= total price) and "baseprice" (= "article price") can be used in the operative surcharges. Details can be found in the (german) manual.

Version 4.4.2

Error "GRATIS/FREE Article" in shopping cart under PHP7 fixed.

Version 4.4.1

1. Article discount (no graduated prices), which is defined by price groups, is considered correctly in the shopping basket.

2. Wrong shop setting "currency factor=0" is intercepted.

3. Addition of the article weight in the quantity controller was implemented.

Version 4.4.0

When changing the currency and/or language shop, the new currency and the currency factor are considered in the price calculation and the shopping cart. 

Version 4.3.9

Tooltips refactoring - now also work in dependencies. 

Version 4.3.8

1 New data type "text-area" for customer messages or other applications with multiline text - optionally as required input. The data record with the new data type can be structured as follows:
textarea;;Please write your message ...;0;1;;;;
No default value.

See demo:

2. Fixed bugs in checkboxes with dependencies.

Please make "REINSTALL" of plugin (simply click "reinstall" Button). Don't worry about your config data.

Version 4.3.7

Error handling of all input fields in the addon "Designer". If no input is made, an error is displayed. Of course only if the field has been defined as "required".

Version 4.3.6

Version 4.3.5

Small fixings:

- quantity (=1) in the order confirmation, template sOrder

- double field labeling of data type "text" in the configuration template without collapse

- superfluous display of numbers by payment or shipping changes  

Version 4.3.4

1. Fixing of the currency error, if the position of the currency was selected on the left.

2. Extension of the "default value" logic in Parametrix. If no unit is entered as "default value", no result line is displayed below the input field - useful for the "price matrix" in axb parameters.  

Version 4.3.3

Unification of the display of selection (<select>) and input fields (<input>) in the frontend by labeling and css: in desktop and mobile device views.

Version 4.3.2

1. Extension of the "Calculation Formula" by a new operand "baseprise", so that a calculation with the article or variant price is also possible, e.g.: obj['o_total'].value * baseprice 

2. Small fixing in the data type 'quantity-graduated' when calculating the surcharges and if formula=0

Version 4.3.1

1. Graduated prices in the article will be considered. Note that price groups must be deactivated if graduated prices are specified directly in the article.

2. formula=0 (hide surcharge) for data type "text" is now active.

Version 4.3.0

1. consideration of new Parametrix function "free parameters/dimensions" - see Changelog for Parametrix.

2. enlargement of the input field for "calculation formula", so that even complex (longer) formulas can be better supported.

Version 4.2.3

1. Optional extension of the article name in the order. An "additional text" with the configuration options selected by the customer can be appended to the article names for each order item - analogous to the variant option values. 

The "additional text" can essentially simplify the migration of orders including configuration data (e.g. to ERP systems), so that no further special API connector adaptations are necessary. 

2. If the "Calculation Formula" calculates a "0", the result or surcharge of 0.00 € is displayed (no longer hidden). 


Please make "REINSTALL" of plugin (simply click "reinstall" Button). Don't worry about your config data.

Version 4.2.2

  1. Price calculation and price calculation items for Parametrix can be made invisible and deactivated with "0" in the calculation formula field. If formula = 0, only the area or only the dimension (a or b) is taken into configuration - no surcharge. This is useful if the specified area or dimension is only used in a special calculation formula and no area/dimension surcharge is to be added directly to the total price.
  2. If Parametrix "axb-parameter" ("area") is used, ".value1" (= value of a) and ".value2" (= value of b) can also be used in the formula, e.g. to calculate the perimeter (2*a+2*b), ".value" (= value of area) can of course also be used in the formula.

Version 4.2.1

Consideration of the new "calculation formula" in the addons: Parametrix and Designer.

Version 4.2.0

1. Quantity controller,

2. One-time surcharges,

3. Unit prices with 4-digit decimal precision,

4. Calculation formula and control of display of surcharges,

5. Prices display in CHF (Swiss francs) improved.

6. Tooltips only by "click" - not more by "mouse over"


Please make "REINSTALL" of plugin so that the new database fields can be created. Don't worry about your config data.

Version 4.1.0

Improved usability for configurator default-data in the article overview (in the backend).

Version 4.0.0

1. New input field in option groups "calculation formula" - still without effect. But in the upcoming update, the functionality of the configurator will be greatly expanded - the old functionalities will not be affected and can continue to be used as usual.

2. Conversion of SEO price and zero price (0.01 EUR) logic:

  • Instead of "SEO-Price" a checkbox "article price=0" will be used. This can inform the configurator that he should not consider the article price as base price,

  • If you have used the zero price (0.01) in the article, please activate the checkbox "article price=0" and set the article price (0.01) to the regular price, ie the price of your configuration product should be included in Google Search or Marketplaces.

3. Extension of the total price in the price calculation by the "price hint" (Shopware text snippet "DetailDataPriceInfo") analogous to the regular price display.

4. Correction of required fields (data type "text"). Only if the "required field" is actually selected in the option group will the shopping cart button be blocked until an input is made.


Please make "REINSTALL" of plugin so that the new database fields can be created. Don't worry about your config data.

Version 3.9.9

To prevent possible manipulation of the surcharges in the source code of the developer console, we have implemented a additional security logic.

Version 3.9.8

1. Improvement of the behavior of the "Sticky" price box, if several option groups have the data type "imageproduct".

2. Improvement of the shipping calculation.

Version 3.9.7

Basket button is no longer blocked by the ajax variant changer.

Version 3.9.6

Improved compatibility with Shopware variants and with our plugin "SEO for variants".

Version 3.9.5

The setting "required" for the text input field (data type "text") is fixed.

Version 3.9.4

Double calculation of the surcharges by data field "quantity" fixed.

Version 3.9.3

Better matching the "quantity" data type with other available data types.

Version 3.9.2

New data type "color".

Well suited for all applications in which a large color selection is needed. The colors are displayed by specifying RGB values or HTML color codes (without additional image files), for example:

color_01;rgb(0,0,0);01 Black;0;1;;;;

color_02;rgb(0,0,128);02 Navy;0;1;;;;

color_03;rgb(0,0,255);03 Blue;0;1;;;;

color_04;rgb(0,128,0);04 Green;0;1;;;;

color_05;rgb(0,128,128);05 Teal;0;1;;;;

color_06;rgb(0,255,0);06 Lime;0;1;;;;


After the update please start "reinstall" the plugin - do not worry, the existing data will not be deleted.

Version 3.9.1

1. Completion of the shipping processes: transfer of shipping-relevant values ​​(weight or maximum dimension) to Shopware's core module "sAdmin" for the automatic calculation of shipping costs in the shopping cart / checkout.
2. Compatibility also made with the outdated browser "IE 11".
This excludes the addon "Designer". In the "Designer" we use a modern, object-oriented Javascript programming, which does not support the outdated and less secure "IE 11" (whose development was finished in 2015).

Version 3.9.0

1. Fixed the problem with ordering (with the action "Add to cart") in category listing. 
2. Dependency chaining improved by three option groups.
3. Shipping calculation according to 2 rules "SUM" and "MAX" is possible. With "SUM" the weights of the options (if specified) are summed, with "MAX" the largest dimension in the options (if specified) is determined and stored.
In the following update, the stored shipping value ("dispatchvalue" = total weight or maximum dimension) will be transferred to checkout to calculate the total shipping costs.

Version 3.8.9

1. Dependencies also possible in checkboxes - s. in the example, at the bottom "Unsere Extras":
2. Improved css-styling of the price calculation box
3. Improved "Sticky" function in conjunction with addon "Designer"
4. New functionality "delivery time" (and shipping soon). Extension of the data records in the option groups by 2 new fields ("dispatch" and "delivery time"). The delivery time unit (time unit) can be defined per configuration article: hours, days, weeks, months (or whatever you want). In the data records, only the value for example: "2" or "2-3" (for "2 weeks" or "2-3 weeks") can be specified per option. The configurator always determines the highest value from all active options with specified delivery time values, saves them and transfers them to the "CHECKOUT". The delivery time is output as finished text-snippet in the basket, in the order confirmation and in documents. This "delivery time" snippet is also stored in the configuration JSON per order item: under the key = "shippingtime", so that this information can also be transferred to a connected ERP and "parsed".
After the update please reinstall the plugins - do not worry, the existing data will not be deleted.

Version 3.8.8

1. Extension of dependencies to all Designer data types.
2. Extension for SVG file export of designer images designed by the customer. The SVG images are rendered incorrectly in the most e-mail cleints. a file copy will be created in SVG format in PNG format and sent in the order confirmation. Apart from SVG image, a file copy will be created in PNG format and sent in the order confirmation.

3. Extension for the new Parametrix feature: Multiplication of the dimensions (a and b) or area (axb) with surcharges of any option groups.

Version 3.8.7

1. Fixing of the image display in the checkout if the addon "Designer" is used.
2. Two new demo configurations - there are now 12 demo configurations as samples.

Version 3.8.6

1. New configuration attribute "SEO price" in case the article for the configuration has to have the "zero" price (0.01 EUR) and this price should not be included in the (Google) search index. The specified numerical value for SEO price is entered in the detail page in the meta tags - according to the "" standard.
2. Extension of the interface for "Designer" addon - especially for saving the designer images. Any size customer images (any file sizes) can be stored in the orders.
IMPORTANT After the update please reinstall the plugin - do not worry, the existing data will not be deleted.

Version 3.8.5

Improvement of the item / base price handling in the price calculation, if Parametrix is ​​active.

Version 3.8.4

1. Fixing the logic of the minimum price for percentage surcharges.
 2. Extension of the surcharge logic with additional operations in dependent options. The available (arithmetic) operations are: "+" (plus). "-" (minus) or "*" (multiplication). The record can now be defined as follows:
Operation "+"
option1;1;my option +10,00 €;10,o_next:+12;;o_next
Operation "-"
option1;1;my option +10,00 €;10,o_next:-12;;o_next

Operation "*"option1;1;my option +10,00 €;10,o_next:*0.5;;o_next

In the examples, selecting "my option" calculates an new surcharge in the option group "o_next" as follows:
o_next1;1;next option;50;1;; 

(+) 50,00 + 12,00 = 62,00 €
(-) 50,00 - 12,00 = 38,00 €
(*) 50,00 * 0,5 = 25,00 €

Version 3.8.3

Problem with percentage surcharges fixed

Version 3.8.2

1. Correction price calculation display: no "+" plus signs in the calculation positions. If negative surcharge, "-" minus sign is displayed.
2. Correction of the price list display in the shopping cart. If the base price (item price) is equal to "0", it will not be displayed - only the sum of the surcharges.
3. Correction of the initialization of complex / multiple dependencies.
4. Surcharges and quantities will be multiplied immediately. Thus, the unit price and quantity can be specified in the data records. The result of the multiplication is displayed in the price calculation and summed up accordingly.
5. A new data type "free_item". This data type can be used for a non-selectable option if additional information or an additional item is needed in the price-calculation, depending on other option (s), for example:message;message;including data validation;0;0;;orsetup;setup;one-time setup costs +39,00 €;39;1;;

Version 3.8.1

Improvement of percentage surcharges.

Version 3.8.0

Fixed display problem of select boxes that are defined in dependence.

Version 3.7.9

Adaptation of Javascript syntax to Safari for Mobile because unfortunately, iPhones and iPads are not compatible with the current ECMAScript 6 syntax

Version 3.7.8

Fixing of the product image exchange for data type "imageproduct"

Version 3.7.7

1. New DEMO configurations for import. A total of 10 demos can be imported: 2 for the Product Configurator, 4 for Addon Parametrix, 4 for the new Addon Designer.
2. Optimization of the "tree" view in the configurator manager, the disabled option groups are viewed correctly (deactivated) in the configuration tree

Version 3.7.6

1. Bug fixing for "select"2. New article attribute for optional "sticky" placement of price calculation-boxsee example in demo shop

Version 3.7.5

1. A new data type "imageproduct".Images from the configurator will be exchange product images. In this case, the data-record should consist two "image sources" (= small and large image name), for example:maple.jpg;maple_600.jpg; wood maple;13.25;1;;
The configuration images are taken automatically (per configuration) from the following path: /files/bogx_product_configurator/images/[my-configuration]/ 
 2. A new article attribute "minimum price".The minimum price starts when the price is too low. Too small price is automatically rounded up to minimum price and an hint informed the user about it.
3. Small bug fixing.
IMPORTANT for all updates:Please reinstall the plugin after the update so that new database fields can be checked and added. Then also reload (refresh) the browser window.
Dont worry, your configuration data will be retained in any case.

Version 3.7.4

1. New data type "imagetitle" for images with titles: see an example
2. New data type "quantity" for quantity input of accessories or assets: see example above, config step 5
3. New config setting "article price in category listing" for price replacement, eg instead 0.01 € define 15.50 €. Then the defined price is displayed in the category listing.
4. Auto replace "buy" buttons with "details" buttons for all "configuration" articles in category listing.

Version 3.7.3

Fix update mode for article price.

Version 3.7.2

Percentage surcharges are also possible.An example:Demo-Shop link

Version 3.7.1

1. The article price can optionally be listed in the price calculation. The setting is valid per article and therefore very flexible.
2. Better control of article price. Three modes are possible:- Update of the article price to the configurator price- Hide the article price- unchanged article price (standard)The setting is valid per article and therefore very flexible.

3. Article prices with the value of 0.01 ("zero price") will be generally hidden.

Version 3.7.0

1. Configurator Pricing B2B (gross and net shop) capable.2. Expansion of the interface for Addon "Designer".

Version 3.6.9

1. The data type "checkbox" is displayed in the price calculation only if it is activated / clicked, s. example
2. The surcharge information in the options indicated by "+" e.g. "+ 15,00 €" will be hidden in the price calculation.
3. Parametrix's dimension specification (for example, the area calculation) can be positioned anywhere in the configuration tree, even if surcharges from other option groups are to be taken into price/area calculation.

Version 3.6.8

1. Data type "text" is displayed correctly on smartphones.
2. Data type "image" can also be used without a default value.
3. Consideration of the new data type "designer-textbox" for the upcoming addon "Designer".

Version 3.6.7

Better interaction of a-parameter and b-parameter with "step" (the interval stepper and decimal controller).

Version 3.6.6

Position of the currency symbol in the price calculation can be determined in the plugin configuration.

Version 3.6.5

Internationalization: Currencies and decimal point in the price calculation

Version 3.6.4

Optimization of validation in numeric fields

Version 3.6.3

1. The "i-points" of the tooltips have been switched to SVG icons and automatically adapt to the leading color (brand-primary) of the template. 
2. Optimization of the SELECT options, they can now be assigned with DEPENDENCIES.

Version 3.6.2

Consideration of "0 EUR" (zero Euro) article. Article that have no price before the configuration. In this case please specify the lowest possible price in the article: "0.01"

Version 3.6.1

Config demos update for product configurator and addons "Paramterix" and "Designer".

Version 3.6.0

Consideration of price graduation. The quantities or customer rebates apply to the total amount of the configurator.

Version 3.5.0

- Extended modularization
- Interface for the new Addon Designer- Required for option groups now possible- Better integration of variants

Version 3.4.1

Fixing of article price problem.

Version 3.4.0

Further optimization of the addon system. Data types for option-groups, which can always be extended by addons, are now better managed in the DB.

Version 3.3.0

Improvement of addon system in backend

Version 3.2.0

Integration of addon "Bogx Parametrix" 

Version 3.1.0

Extended for Shopware variants.

Version 3.0.0

First Release in Shopware Store 

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