Variants Representation Professional

Variants Representation Professional

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This app is planned for Shopware 6
Expected release: Dec 2021
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This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests
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  • coolbax
  • 2.3.7
  • 4 Dec 2020
  • de_DE
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
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    5.7.0 – 5.7.3
Variants Representation Professional Presenting the variety of options, with variant articles,... more

Product information


  • A separate display can be selected for each individual variant group
  • Different versions of the variant groups can be presented on a detail page
  • 6 selection options in the display
  • Better presentation of the variants by preview option possible with preview boxes
  • A selected variant option can be displayed in the listing


  • Define basic settings in the plug-in settings and deviate settings in the extra module
  • You can define the display differently for each variant group
  • Choose between the following display formats: Standard, Selection, Image, Color, Color + Preview, Graphics, Graphics + Preview
  • Determine the width, height, frame color and distance to the frame of the thumbnails
  • Partial display of a preview box at Mousehover possible (with: color + preview, graphic + preview)
  • Contents of the preview box can contain: graphic or color, title and / or description
  • Use the possibility to determine colors via the color selection or to specify the color code
  • You upload graphics of thumbnails and preview boxes separately (different displays possible)
  • Define the layout for the "Image" display (fixed width or automatically adapt to text)
  • Show, from a certain number of variants, the button "More options"
  • Define yourself when the button "More Options" should appear
  • Select a variant group which should already be presented in the listing
  • Enter the frame color, frame spacing, image height and width for the display in the listing


Variants Representation Professional

Presenting the variety of options, with variant articles, is a difficult task. Shapes, sizes, colors or materials should be clearly and clearly presented to the customer. In order to achieve this, one can usually not use a possibility of representation for all. This is the case in the standard of Shopware. A mixture of different variant representations is not possible.

With this plugin you have the possibility to present several variant groups, in different representations. You create the variant groups as usual and select a suitable representation in the new module "Variants Extension". You have the choice between the following forms of presentation:

  • shopware presetting
  • selection
  • image
  • colour
  • color + preview
  • graphic
  • graphic + preview

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Features & Benefits

  • For each individual variant, a separate presentation can be selected
  • 6 choices in the presentation
  • Determine the width and height of the thumbnails
  • Choose the frame color and the distance to the frame of the thumbnails
  • Display of a preview box on mouseover
  • Preview box can contain:
    • graphic or color
    • title
    • description
  • Determine the width and height of the preview boxes
  • Graphics of thumbnails and preview boxes are uploaded separately
  • Button "More options" shows further options
  • Determine when the "More options" button should appear
  • NEW: A variant option can be displayed in the listing (eg color or size)

Individual deviations are possible and can be set in the module. You can change the following information: widths and height information of the preview boxes or thumbnails as well as the frame color and distance of the thumbnails.

Thumbnails for clear presentation

Patterns, structures or colors can not be displayed correctly in the small thumbnails. If you enlarge the thumbnails, the space, with a variety of options, usually not enough. The choice: "Color + Preview" or "Graphics + Preview" offers the perfect solution. Using a preview box (at Mousehover), your customers can optimally view the variants in an enlarged graphic or color field. Furthermore, you can add title and description to eliminate the last ambiguity.

Clear presentation despite numerous options

The presentation of a variety of options can be problematic because space is limited. In the plugin, you have the option to specify when the "More options" button should be displayed. It will show you a certain amount of options, if it is exceeded, it will appear. By clicking on this button, your customers can see all assigned options.

Already in the listing the variants present

Show your customers already in the listing that your product is not only available for purchase in one variant. For example, ask For example, color, sizes, or graphics are readily available in the listing for each item. No matter what layout you use. Your customers can see at a glance that even more is behind an article!

Ask questions
Do you have questions about the plugin or the setup? Then feel free to visit our manual or write us directly to:

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Hervorragendes Plugin - toller & schneller Support!

8 Nov 2019

Das Plugin erfüllt alle unsere Erwartungen. Und - wie immer bei Coolbax - unkomplizierter und sehr, sehr schneller Support! Kann sämtliche Coolbax Plugins nur empfehlen und muss die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Support besonders loben :) DANKE


Installation manual

The installation is done via the Plugin Manager.

To the manual


Version 2.3.7

Troubleshooting the display in the listing

Version 2.3.6

Fixed a bug when displaying variants twice

Version 2.3.5

Fehlerbehebung, wenn Custom Products nicht aktiv ist

Version 2.3.4

Compatibility with the Shopware plugin: Custom Products (Version: 4.8.0)

Version 2.3.3

Compatibility with the Shopware plugin: Custom Products

Version 2.3.2

Corrected a small bug in the list view of the variants

Version 2.3.1

Performance optimization for list view of variants

Version 2.3.0

Minor errors in the display on the detail page fixed

Version 2.2.9

Expansion blocks installed

Version 2.2.8

Troubleshooting when using this plugin together with Image preview in the listing at Mousehover was in use

Version 2.2.7

Feature for Article Listings built-in

Version 2.2.6

Plugin brought on new plugin structure

Version 2.2.5

Smarty Blöcke erweitert

Version 2.2.4

Correction of a layout problem: Too long variant names could shift the layout.

Version 2.2.3

Fixed page break for options

Version 2.2.2

Textbausteine  im Frontend korrigiert
Alle Textbausteine auch  in englischer Sprache verfügbar

Version 2.2.1

Anpassung Shopware 5.5.x

Version 2.2.0

Erste Version des Plugin

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Variants Representation Professional
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