Bing Shopping Export Professional

Bing Shopping Export Professional

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  • 24 Feb 2020
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Bing Shopping Export Professional Not only Google Shopping successfully generates revenue for... more

Product information

Bing Shopping Export Professional

Not only Google Shopping successfully generates revenue for you, the Microsoft search engine "Bing" should not be underestimated. Just one year after its launch, this search engine ranked third among the "most visited search engines".
  The big advantage with Bing is that the competition is usually not so strongly represented and the click prices are therefore less expensive. Due to the almost identical structure of the accounts with Bing Ads and Bing Merchant Center, the familiarization with the accounts and the creation of the feed is clear.

In recent years, the requirements for submitted product feeds have increased significantly. If it was still possible to send products with the basic data at that time, significantly more information must be provided today. If your product also appears below the last search results, you need to enter additional data such as Color, size or gender will be available. With them, a customer can filter and thus refine the Bing Shopping search. If you do not provide this data, your products will not be displayed and the customer will go to your competition.

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Features & Benefits

  • Clear arrangement and easy adjustment of the article data in the article details
  • Bing categories can be maintained in the categories module. Individual deviations can be set in the article details
  • Various settings for advertising measures possible
  • Product feed is automatically created in the product exports (TXT & XML)
  • Sub- and languageshop capable
  • Products are considered while filtering features of Bing Shopping
  • Increased visibility of your products

With this plugin you are up to date and take advantage of all the possibilities that Bing Shopping has to offer.

Many information arranged in a clearly structured way

Fast processing is possible by subdividing into five areas: general, characteristics, size, target group and advertising. They are folded to start and can be opened as needed. Areas with filled fields remain open after the article has been accessed again.

Marketing your products at Bing

Do not just showcase your products, but market them on Bing. Enter in your feed e.g. In which period a special offer applies, when an offer should be removed or where the product is displayed. It can also be paired with a tracking link from Bing AdWords or the Bing Merchant Promotions offer ID.

All following settings can be set:General Settings:Title, description, category, bundle offer, multipack, marking existsCharacteristics:Material, condition, color, energy efficiency class, patternSize specification:Size system, size, size typeTarget group:Age group, Gender, Not for Adultsadvertising:Remove Offer on, Special Offer, Special Offer, Adwords Tracking, Merchant Promotions, Filter Label 0-4

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The installation is done via the Plugin Manager.

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Version 2.2.1

Changes to the feed templates. Offer ID can now be changed by multiple editing

Version 2.2.0

First release of the plugin

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