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cusati Hreflang Advanced

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
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Plugin details
  • cusat26463954507
  • cusati media GmbH
  • 0.3.10
  • 6 Apr 2020
  • de_DE en_GB fr_FR
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
With this top-notch plugin you build correct and complete hreflang-tags . From a SEO point... more

Product information


  • with the plugin you chop your way through the hreflang-undergrowth:
  • add hreflang-tags to your shop in a 100% correct, structured and convenient way
  • you can group together an unlimited number of shops
  • search engines can handle your links better and consequently rank the right pages
  • you avoid problems with duplicate content


  • with the help of the plugin you create working hreflang-tags for all shop pages:
  • Homepage
  • Pages with shopping worlds
  • Categories
  • Article pages
  • Content pages
  • Blog pages
  • Manufacturer pages
  • Formular pages
  • generate hreflang-tags for main, language and subshops
  • even with completely different URLs in a group the correct x-default will be chosen
  • ATTENTION: As soons as you work with URL-manipulating plugins from third parties, the functionalities of the plugin can’t be guaranteed. Furthermore, there must always be an associated page in the language shop


With this top-notch plugin you build correct and complete hreflang-tags.

From a SEO point of view this plugin is for international shops as sure an obligation as socks in sandals in Germany. When internationalizing your shop you have enough things to care about. As an agency with a special focus on internationalization we know for sure: hreflang is one of the biggest error sources in SEO. And as always nobody wants to be blamed for it. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Hreflang Advanced was not accidentally named this way. It seems like an awesome upgrade. But it is not. You get premium performance at the normal price. It still lives up to its name: it is the most extensive plugin for the generation of hreflang-tags for Shopware.

Associated shops are defined as a shop group. On this base all further settings are done.

Example 1: group with 4 shops (x-default)

Example 2: group with 2 shops (x-default)

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 7 reviews:


Simply perfect

6 Oct 2020

Great plug-in for the perfect hreflang solutions. And very good support as well!


Dieses Plugin ist unerlässlich für die [richtige] Shop-Internationalisierung!

7 Apr 2020

Ein Spitzen-Plugin mit dem man alle Sprachseiten der Shops korrekt untereinander verknüpfen kann! Da freuen sich die Suchmaschinen! Der Shopware Standard reichte dafür leider nicht aus, dieses Plugin aber erfüllt alle Wünsche! Ausserdem erhält man einen tollen Support, da können sich andere Pluginhersteller eine Scheibe abschneiden!
Kann es nur jedem empfehlen!


Absolut professionell und wichtiges Pflichtplugin

9 May 2018

Funktioniert tadellos. Sehr guter Support. Wenn man internationale Shops betreiben will, ist es DAS Pflichtplugin für Shopware in Sachen SEO.


hreflang sehr professionell und umfassend gelöst

19 Apr 2018

Das Thema hreflang ist mit diesem Plugin sehr umfassend und professionell gelöst. Sehr gute sofortiger Support.


was es tun soll, tut es auch, Danke!

27 Mar 2018


Top - umfassenstes hreflang Plugin im Shop

13 Oct 2017

Damit kann man sprachlich steuern was man will. Macht was es soll. Ausgezeichneter sofortiger Support!


Spitzen Plugin für SEO Sprachshops

12 Sep 2017

Duplicate Content vermeiden und die Sprachversion der Inhalte auszeichnen.
Dies wurde hervorragend durch Herrn Wende umgesetzt. Besser geht es nicht und Google dankt es uns im Ranking. Bester Support ist bei Cusatimedia selbstverständlich. Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert. Immer wieder gerne.

cusati media GmbH
12 Sep 2017


im Namen des gesamten cusati media Teams bedanke ich mich herzlich für diese Bewertung!
Wir helfen jederzeit gerne und freuen uns auch sehr über Ihre Meinung zu unserem Produkt.

Wenn Sie noch Fragen oder Wünsche haben bitte einfach eine dieser Kontaktmöglichkeiten nutzen:

1) Kontaktformular:
2) E-Mail:

Viele Grüße und eine schöne Zeit

Stefan Wende
cusati media GmbH

Installation manual

1. Installation

Please purchase the plug-in and install it with the Plug-in Manager.

Following installation, the plug-in must then be activated. Finally, the shop cache (frontend and backend) has to be cleared.

Then the Shopware SEO index must be reconfigured according to the category mapping.

2. Configuration and Use

2.1 Plug-in Configuration

Once you have installed the plug-in, please open the Plug-in Configuration.

For each shop, you have the following Configuration Options:

Integrate Hreflang-Tags

Activate the hreflang tags for this shop?

Display this shop as x-default

Make this shop the x-default of the shop group?

Important:Exactly 1 x-default shop must be allocated to each shop group,

Language and Region Code

These codes are specified in the following format: en-US or de-CH (first part: language, second part: region). The region may be omitted if the language is to apply to all regions (e.g. en for USA + Australia + United Kingdom).

Shop Group

Shops within a shop group are presented as associated hreflang constructs. Each shop group must be assigned exactly 1 x-default.

Important: Each shop can be a member of exactly 1 shop group.

Example of a Valid Configuration:

In this example, the hreflang attributes are generated for the shops Demoshop and Demoshop Sprachshop, whereby the Demoshop is the x-default for this shop group.

Demoshop Subshop and Demoshop Subshop 2 are Members of the shop group Gruppe2, and Demoshop Subshop 2 is configured as the x-default for this group.

2.2 Category Matching

The Shopware category tree technology makes it necessary to match categories manually.

In order to complete  Category Matching a user-defined text field is added upon installation.

Each category must be matched with the currently selected category itself as well as with all  corresponding categories within the shop group.


Please match only categories within the same shop group.

The matched categories must be active (indicated by the green check mark symbol to the left of the category).

Please also match all of the sub-categories to their corresponding sub-categories in the individual category trees within the shop group.

Shops that share a category tree are automatically matched and, if they belong to the same shop group, they are displayed along with the hreflang construct.

Please rebuild the SEO index and category tree after you have completed category matching. Then clear the shop cache.

2.3 Matching Product, Manufacturer, Blog and Content Pages

These pages are automatically matched, as it can be assumed that, e.g the manufacturer ‘John Smith’ in the English shop is the same as the manufacturer ‘John Smith’ in the German shop, i.e. the manufacturer ‘John Smith’ is not translated to ‘Johannes Schmidt’.

The same assumption applies to product, content and blog pages.


Version 0.3.10

- CUSATI-128640 - Add global config parameter: always_https.

- CUSATI-29904 - Bugfix global config parameter: trailing.

- CUSATI-128641 - Add Article exclude if there are no opposite sides.

- CUSATI-128641 - Add Category exclude if there are no opposite sides.

Version 0.3.9

A shop can now also be output as a region-independent language page.

Version 0.3.8

  • Customer group exclusion of categories and articles is taken into account

Version 0.3.7

  • Improved shopping world support

Version 0.3.6

Shopware 5.5 Compatibility.

Version 0.3.1

  • - Compatibility with Shopware 5.3 improved

  • - /note/ URLs (notepad) are now supported

  • - Manual shop page matching added

  • - Manual blog page matching added

  • - various improvements

Version 0.3.0

initial version 0.3.0

About the manufacturer

cusati media GmbH cusati media GmbH Shopware Business Partner Shopware Business Partner 12 Extensions 5 Ø Rating
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€ 98.99*

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