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FINDOLOGIC Search (Unified)

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  • 8.1.2
  • 20 Aug 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from FINDOLOGIC GmbH
  • 5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
Important Notice! This plugin is compatible with Shopware Version 5.3 and newer . It supports... more

Product information

Important Notice!

This plugin is compatible with Shopware Version 5.3 and newer. It supports both of FINDOLOGIC's integration methods, namely API & DI. If your shop is running on an older Shopware version, please install the FINDOLOGIC Search (API) plugin. Keep in mind that the mentioned plugin only supports API integrations.

Company Presentation FINDOLOGIC


Get the fully integrated shopping experience in your online store!
Our open and modular platform with intelligent search, navigation, merchandising, shopping guide, 1:1 personalization, analytics, as well as our high-performance user interface, offers everything via lean integration. Put your users in focus and separate yourself from the competition with us.


With FINDOLOGIC Personalization you now have a specifically optimized store for every target group.


The search function represents the most important sales tool in your online store. Our algorithm, which has been refined for over 10 years, lets your customers really find what they are looking for on a 1:1 personalized basis. At the outset of their search, our Smart Suggest offers an intelligent drop-down to give your users the fastest possible orientation. Especially for mobile users.


Your users will see the most relevant products via your online store globally at any point during the customer journey. With 1:1 personalization and our sophisticated merchandising. Provide a fully-integrated, high-performance, consistent and personalized user experience across all category pages.


Use the intuitive FINDOLOGIC backend with our specially developed tools for compact and efficient sales and onsite marketing controls.

Shopping Guide:

As part of a shopping advisor campaign, ask your users smart questions that a salesperson from a stationary branch store would also ask. Thus your users will find the right product quickly and easily.

Our references:

„Revenue increased by 46% in our Magento-shop with FINDOLOGIC!“ - Shop4Runners
„FINDOLOGIC expanded the search to become a powerful on-site merchandising tool!“ - Design Bestseller
„Conversion-Rate increased by 20% with FINDOLOGIC!“ - Adler Mode
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Easy to install, setup, and phenomenal support! Great boost to any shopping platform!

24 May 2019


Plugin provides great advantage and boost in shop browsing and search. Easy to install and use it!

24 May 2019


Installation manual

Important notice!

This plugin is compatible with Shopware 5.3 and newer. It supports both of FINDOLOGIC's integration methods, namely API & DI.  
If your shop is running on an older Shopware version, please install the FINDOLOGIC Search (API) plugin. Keep in mind that the mentioned plugin only supports API integrations.


The Shopware API plugin installation procedure is basically the same as for any other Shopware 5 plugin. It can be summed up in a few simple steps:

Installing the Plugin

  • In the admin panel click on Configuration → Plugin Manager
  • In the left side menu, click on Installed
  • Use the Upload plugin button to add the plugin
  • Plugin should be listed in the uninstalled plugins
  • Then you will be promted to clear cache, click Yes
  • Then click on Activate button

Configure the Plugin

  • In Configuration tab configurate the plugin at least with the FINDOLOGIC access credentials.
  • Shopkey: Shopkey, provided by FINDOLOGIC (can be found in the FINDOLOGIC customer account in the menu item "Master data")
  • Active: Activates/deactivates the plugin for an specific subshop
  • Active for category pages: Activate/deactivate the FINDOLOGIC navigation

Export Settings

  • After you fill this form, click Save
  • Finally, shop's cache must be cleared
  • To finalize the configuration it is necessary to set up the export in the FINDOLOGIC customer account
  • The Export-URL should look like this: Shop_URL/findologic?shopkey=[SHOPKEY]&start=0&count=X


The plugin's search and export components are registered as services. If those do not meet your requirements, it isadvised to implement a basic plugin which extends/decorates the mentioned services.  
See the official Shopware documentation for more information.


Version 8.1.2

  • Support Shopware version 5.6.
  • Fix PHP fatal error when trying to handle Product Stream categories.

Version 8.1.1

  • Integrated new FINDOLOGIC snippet (including all necessary config fields).

Version 8.1.0

  • Refactored component responsible for fetching service configurations from FINDOLOGIC's CDN. Those entries will be cached for 24 hours and can be cleared via Configuration > Cache/performance > Clear shop cache.
  • Code that is not actively in use since version 8.0.0, has been removed.

Version 8.0.2

  • Fixed live reloading of filters/products for Shopware >= 5.5.8.
  • Fixed bug which would always load filters/products from Shopware when a filter had been selected. This only occurred when the initial search result contained a product with a missing cover image file.
  • Refactored the handling of Smart Did-You-Mean parameters. They will now be treated like any other search condition.

Version 8.0.1

  • Enforce RFC 3986 when building API parameters to prevent wrongly encoded characters in filter values.
  • Fixed bug which caused the plugin to only send one value for range conditions.
  • Fixed typo in English snippet for Smart Did-You-Mean.

Version 8.0.0

  • Handling of search has gone through a major refactoring and conforms with Shopware's internal logic.
  • Renamed FINDOLOGIC API parameter "group" to "usergrouphash".

Version 7.3.4

  • Fixed a bug where product streams used in emotion banners would return wrong products.
  • Added support for multiple filters of type range slider.

Version 7.3.3

  • Fixed bug which caused the listing widget to randomly return zero products.
  • Removed CSS which prevented Shopware's Autocomplete from being displayed.

Version 7.3.2

  • Fixed bug which caused Shopware to encode characters the wrong way. This issue only appeared when Shopware tried to load the next set of products on the search result page.

Version 7.3.1

  • Fixed bug which prevented parent categories having product streams from being exported.
  • Improved performance of product stream parser.
  • Fixed encoding issues.
  • Fixed bug which prevented configured options without translations from being exported.
  • Fixed live reloading of filters/products for Shopware >= 5.5.2.
  • FINDOLOGIC search will be inactive by default when the plugin was installed.

Version 7.3.0

  • Fixed bug which caused the sitemap generation to fail when triggered from the backend.
  • Added support for FINDOLOGIC's Smart Did-You-Mean feature.

Version 7.2.6

  • Plugin will fallback to the last used integration type if the information can't be fetched from the CDN.
  • Plugin will now explicitly request XML responses from the FINDOLOGIC API.
  • Fixed a bug where suppliers without names would break the export. Those will be skipped now.

Version 7.2.5

  • Fixed bug which caused "+" characters in filter values to be interpreted as a single whitespace.

Version 7.2.4

  • Fixes the "non-existent service" error which appeared when the backend user tried to update the plugin (only affects Shopware >= 5.5).
  • Add English plugin description.

Version 7.2.3

  • Fixed bug which caused the user group hash to be empty for the FINDOLOGIC snippet.
  • IPs of proxy servers will be filtered and only the user IP is sent.
  • Improved export performance.
  • Refactored the component's code which is responsible for getting the list of available filters. Existing plugin customizations are affected by this change but are still supported.

Version 7.2.2

  • Fixed a bug which broke the CLI command for generating the sitemap (only Shopware 5.5).
  • Only unique IPs will be sent along with requests.
  • Fixed a bug which caused FINDOLOGIC to return no results for categories with surrounding whitespace in their names.

Version 7.2.1

  • Fixed a bug which caused manufacturer pages to always show all available products.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the export to break while processing products without ordernumbers.
  • Fixed a bug which rendered invalid XML responses when product data contained UTF-8 control characters.
  • Fixed a bug which redirected users to the wrong URL when a category etc. within the Smart Suggest was clicked. Only shops running in a sub path were affected.

Version 7.2.0

  • Template for promotions was added which can be included in the active theme.
  • If configured, the matching product count will be displayed for each inactive filter value.
  • Fixed bug which lead to filters (selected from within the Smart Suggest) not to be marked as selected.
  • Fixed bug which added sub categories in the displayed filter for categories without children.

Version 7.1.3

  • Fixed bug which caused filters with umlauts in their names to be ineffective.

Version 7.1.2

  • Changed integration type label from DI to Direct Integration.
  • No products are requested if only the product count is needed.
  • Navigation requests are sent to a dedicated API endpoint.
  • Fixed a bug which caused filters with specific special characters in their names, not be recognized as selected.
  • Removed explicit appending of vendor and category filters.

Version 7.1.1

  • Fixed bug which breaks the export if Shopware can't load a product's variations

Version 7.1.0

  • Added property "old_price" to export data
  • Exported attribute "sale" will consider closeouts and pseudo prices
  • Fixed bug which always exported untranslated variation configurations
  • Implemented alive test
  • Product Stream cache will be cleared if data is exported with "start=0"
  • Fixed bug which caused the lifetime of the Product Stream cache to exceed the limit of 10 minutes
  • Fixed bug which caused a race condition in the Product Stream cache
  • Current integration type will be shown in the plugin config

Version 7.0.10

  • Fixed Product Stream request handling
  • Re-add empty search term on redirect
  • Fixed mapping of price filter parameter from Guided Shopping
  • Mark price filter as active if selected
  • Mark color filter as active if selected

Version 7.0.9

  • Fixed bug which returned the wrong shopkey when requested to early in the call chain
  • Exported category URLs will have a succeeding slash if configured
  • Fixed implementation of filters having images for values

Version 7.0.8

  • Fixed leftover of refactoring

Version 7.0.7

  • Reverted snippet integration so it uses the original JS code provided by FINDOLOGIC.
  • Export category URLs also for all parent categories.
  • Added support for Product Stream requests.
  • Added Product Stream categories to exported data.

Version 7.0.6

  • Fixed bug which rendered duplicate filter values in the frontend
  • Fixed bug which would send parameters twice under certain circumstances
  • Deactivating/uninstalling this plugin will deactivate the respective extension plugin
  • Reworked category/search page detection
  • Exclude FINDOLOGIC search for requests made from the backend

Version 7.0.5

  • Updated libflexport to version 1.2.2
  • Handle vendor filter selected from within the Smart Suggest
  • Do not export properties which are marked as not filterable
  • Mark category as selected if chosen from within the Smart Suggest
  • Fixed bug which broke the export if no manufacturer is assigned
  • Perfomance optimizations for export process

Version 7.0.4

  • Request filter info with a count of 0
  • Perform FINDOLOGIC search only if search or listing controller has been called first

Version 7.0.3

  • Disallow suggest search when FINDOLOGIC is active
  • Load main.js asynchronously
  • Skip on-sale products if configured
  • Enhanced fallback search check
  • Perform additional check when exporting configured attributes
  • Fix export command

Version 7.0.2

  • Fixed empty attribute and keyword tags
  • Skip article if legacy data can't be loaded
  • Override Shopware's product search service
  • Fixed check for category pages
  • Fixed check which tells if the FINDOLOGIC search should be used. Please note that the code for this check moved from ProductNumberSearch::useShopSearch to StaticHelper::useShopSearch

Version 7.0.1

  • Category URLs will be exported in lowercase if properly configured
  • Brackets in image URLs will be encoded
  • More stable handling of categories which are selected from within the Smart Suggest
  • Export article data in correct language

Version 7.0.0

Important notice!

This plugin is compatible with Shopware 5.3 and newer. It supports both of FINDOLOGIC's integration methods, namely API & DI. If your shop is running on an older Shopware version, please install the FINDOLOGIC Search (API) plugin. Keep in mind that the mentioned plugin only supports API integrations.

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