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Product Configurator Cloud

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Nov 2020
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  • 4.0.31
  • 24 Sep 2019
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  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
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Product information

Classic webshop- and content management- systems are ofter overstrained when it comes to customization and adjustments of complex products. Thus the product configurator provides an innovative approach, while all functionalities that are necessary to configure products are made available due to the high performance cloud service. The fact that the configurator can be integrated in to almost all common shop-systems, enables the user to have a high flexibility which has not been existent on the market before.

Using the product-configurator enables you to sell or just represent complex products in your own webshop. Our industry independent solution allows you to do price calculations, dependent options, rules, graphical representation of configured products and many other product individualizations. If you also offer products that are not suitable to classic webshop solutions or CMS, the product-configurator is definitely the right cloud-application for you! Trust in the market leader with more than 500 installations worldwide.

Product Configurator Cloud Features: 

  • user friendly interface 
  • many different option types
  • option groups  
  • option settings  
  • predefined  selections  
  • combined product image  
  • responsive - mobile ready 
  • rules 
  • formulas  
  • dependencies 
  • multilingualism   
  • global settings 
  • comfortable features via editor 
  • Excel / CSV import 
  • flexible Integration  
  • Rest/JSON API 

For further information feel free to check our website:

See for your self and test the product-configurator 14 days for free! Choose the edition that fits best to your needs and get started in less than a few minutes.

Important: The download in the Shopware Community Store first only contains the Shopware-Integartion-Plugin. A registration for a free trial phase can be requested at www.product-configurator.bizFor further information please take a look at the installation guide. 

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Customer reviews

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Nicht zu nutzen unter SW 5.3.7

18 May 2018

Sollte der Konfigurator einmal funktionieren in Shopware, wird der sicher der beste Konfigurator sein für einen Shopware Shop.
Die Möglichkeiten sind wirklich enorm.

Uns wurde eine erste Einrichtung in der Testfase für unseren Shop gemacht.
Habe danach angefangen ein Testprodukt anzulegen.
Testprodukt war danach im Shop, aber es gab hier extreme Fehler in unserem Shop.

Habe den Suport angeschrieben, und gebeten uns zu helfen.
Habe Angemerkt, das wir diese Hilfe auch Zahlen werden.

Uns wurde geantwortet das uns kurzfristig Hilfe gemacht wird.

Haben aber danach keine Hilfe bekommen.

Wir haben das jetzt mehrfach wiederholt, uns wurde immer, und immer wieder Hilfe zugesagt.
Anmerkung: Wir waren bereit für jede Hilfe in der Testfase zu Bezahlen !!!

In der Testfase ist unser Shopware Shop auch mehrfach nicht mehr zu erreichen gewesen.

Ich habe mich jetzt entschlossen den Just Selling Konfigurator wieder zu entfernen.

Persönlich möchte ich sagen, einfach sehr traurig !!!
So kann kein Geschäft funktionieren.


Installation manual

1) Unzip the software archive and copy all data in the folder custom plugins in your Shopware installation. 

2) You will find the plugin in your backend, when go to Configuration > Plugin Manager > Installed.  There should be an entry “Product Configurator Cloud“. Your proceed with the installation by clicking on the green plus button. 

3) The Plugin can be added by clicking on “activate“ button. 

4)Within the same window you are able to set the configuration of the plugin. The input boxes have to be filled out with the respective data. You will find all necessary data in your customer login at or (In case you still don´t have a customer login, please register at

5)Please empty the Cashe by clicking on Configuration > Cache/performance > Cache. Then select every checkbox, expect “compile themes“. Afterwards click on “clear“.

Important: Please make sure that you have registered for a trial at, in order to make use of the cloud service. 

The allocation of a configuration template to a product is carried out as follows: 

1)To allocate a template to product got to Items > Overview and then select the product where you want a configuration template to be allocated. 

2)Select the checkbox “variants“  (if its not the case). Then save item. 

3)You will notice that the tab “Variants“ will be active afterwards. Within the Variants tab click on “Configuration“ and set the checkmark for attribute group “Product Configurator“ on active. In the right area there will appear a selection field with all existing configuration templates in your account. Choose the respective template out of that list. Then click the button “create & activate“. Set the checkmark for the template to be active and “generate variants“. 

There will be a short report, if you want to save variants first. Answer with yes and click start. 

How to change or create a configuration template: 

The template manager can be found here: Items > JustSelling Configurator.


Version 4.0.31

Configento Release Notes

4.0.0 - Initial Version

4.0.1 - Changes for graduated prices and productAttributes

4.0.2 - Integration and displaying the configurator's productimages into shop-system

4.0.3 - Customization in productview to graduated prices and modification regarding including the configurator's productimage to the confirmation-email's content

4.0.4 - All productAttributes are passed further to Configurator

4.0.5 - Set minVersion 5.2

4.0.6 - Adds the current version of the Justselling-Plugin via JS

4.0.7 - It's possible to add the same product with different configuration in basket

4.0.8 - The configento database table fields are not anymore removed when new installing the plugin.

4.0.9 - Changing of Cloud Base Url for backend (the url along with pc/be/).

4.0.10 - Adds product configuration-data to confirmation-email, invoice and delivery note

4.0.11 - Display of Justselling Summary Tab

4.0.12 - It sets CORS for keepalife method

4.0.13 - Core tables are no longer expanded but the _attributes tables

4.0.14 - Configuration data are displayed into e-mail comfirmation for all items of order

4.0.15 - Adds a new variable for price in backend thereby displaying if necessary the string "ab" before the price in product view

4.0.16 - It was adjusted for Shopware version 5.3

4.0.17 - Bug fixing in e-mail order confirmation - The text 'Product Configuratior' was removed from items that are no configurable product.

4.0.18 - JS synchronous Problem solved in shopware version 5.3.3

4.0.19 - Configuration data are displyed on invoice for shopware version 5.3

4.0.20 - Bug fixing - JS synchronous is not loaded by default in versions lower than 5.3

4.0.21 - Template optimisation in frontent. Templates checkout, confirm and finish were removed and product template was added.

4.0.22 - Sets the paramenter VERIFYHOST on 2

4.0.23 - Bug Fixing for versions 5.2.x by extending the template confirm_item.tpl

4.0.24 - Bug Fixing in product.js for graduated prices

4.0.25 - Configurator loading issue in product view fixed

4.0.26 - Bug fixing - loading animation gif

4.0.27 - Includes configurator-options into mainly blocks so that the overriding of selected options will be avoided as much as possible

4.0.28 - Bugfix - price override in cart

4.0.29 - Add Customer PCC Name in Plugin Module, bugfix configentoTplHeader param line 361

4.0.30 - Bugfix config. Price for Shopware Version 5.5 and higher

4.0.31 - Bugfix PCC values in invoices for Shopware Version 5.5 and higher

Version 4.0.25

Stable Version and bug fixes.

Version 4.0.24

Bug fixes in product.js 

Version 4.0.23

Bug fixes, stable version. 

Version 4.0.21

Template fixes, stable version

Version 4.0.20

Bug Fixes, stable Version 

Version 4.0.19

Stable Version, Fixes 

Version 4.0.17

Bug fixes, new stable version 

Version 4.0.13

The Versions 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 are currently not compatible. 

Version 4.0.12

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