KILB Greeting Cards Pro - Add personal greeting cards to orders

KILB Greeting Cards Pro - Add personal greeting cards to orders

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  • 6 Apr 2020
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  • 5.6.0 – 5.6.7
With KILB Greeting Cards Pro your customers will be able to add a single or multiple greeting... more

Product information

With KILB Greeting Cards Pro your customers will be able to add a single or multiple greeting cards to their basket. The greeting cards can be personalized by an individual text.

In general greeting cards a simple but very efficient chance to increase the average basket value for your shop.

✅Let your customers write their personal greeting card text

✅Define as many greeting cards as you like

Seamless integration into your system

✅Optional: Greeting cards can be grouped in sub categories like Easter, Christmas, Wedding, etc.

Maximum text length (character) and maximum number of lines can be defined for each greeting card individually

Configurable: Do you want to allow just one greeting card per order or multiple ones? You can configure it.

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Einfaches, aber gutes Plugin mit tollem Support!

28 Apr 2020

Das Plugin ließ sich schnell und einfach installieren und auch die Integration in den Shop lief problemlos ab. Auf Fragen wurde schnell reagiert und unser Problem direkt behoben. Mit so einer tollen und schnellen Service-Leistung hatten wir nicht gerechnet. Es lässt sich mit diesem Plugin vielleicht kein umfangreiches Grußkarten-Sortiment mit wahnsinnig tiefgehender Struktur integrieren, aber das benötigen wir auch gar nicht. Einfach, schnell, gut ist alles, was wir benötigen!


Installation manual

Thanks for choosing KILB Greeting Cards Pro!

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install plugin in Shopware plugin manager and activate it

After you bought the plugin in the Shopware store or you demanded the testing version, go to configuration > Plugin Manager > My purchases. Download the plugin, switch to Installed and install the plugin:

- Click the green plus icon to install the plugin

- Click the red X icon to active the plugin

You will be asked to clear the shopware cache and recreate the theme. Please execute these operations.

Step 2: Configure the plugin

After you've successfully installed the plugin, click the pencil icon in the plugin manager in the line of the installed plugin. In the opening dialog scroll down and decide if you want to allow multiple greeting cards per basket/order or not.

Step 3: Create category for greeting cards

All the greeting cards you like to integrate into the plugin need to be assigned to a specific category.

- In the backend click Items > Categories

- Create inside your language category (e.g.: Shopware > English) a new category "Greeting Cards"

- Make sure the new category is not active. The plugin will still find and use it. Keeping the category inactive will prevent Shopware to show this category in the frontend.

Step 4: Assign greeting card category

To inform the plugin what category should be used for searching for categories assign the category like this:

- In the backend go to Configuration > Basic Settings > Shop settings > Shops

- In the list click the small, green plus icon near the shop you like to offer greeting cards

- Choose the newly created category in Greeting Card, Category 


Step 5: Create greeting card articles

Now you can create articles for greeting cards the usual way (Items > Create). Assign these new articles to your newly created greeting card category. Make sure that every greeting card has defined a price, an image and a stock. The thumbnail of the article will be the preview for the greeting card. Make sure the greeting card article is active.

If you like you can alsochange the maximum text length and maximum amount of lines here.

Optional - Step 6: Create sub categories (Easter, Christmas etc.)

In the backend open Artikel > Kategorien.

Create new sub categories inside your previously created greeting card category. Assign your greeting cards to these sub categories instead.

ℹ️Make sure the sub categories are set to inactive.

Previous category structure:

Shopware > English > Greeting Cards > Your greeting card articles

New category structure:

Shopware > English > Greeting Cards > Christmas > Your Christmas greeting card articles

Shopware > English > Greeting Cards > Easter > Your Easter greeting card articles

Shopware > English > Greeting Cards > ... > Your ... greeting cards articles

ℹ️Don't create sub-sub categories inside these sub categories  (like "Shopware > English > Greeting Cards > Christmas > 2019 > greeting card articles). The plugin just supports one level of categories.

Optional - Step 7: Adjust URLS

You can and should adjust the default URLs of the plugin (like /kilbGreetingCards/index, /kilbGreetingCards/addText and /kilbGreetingCards/updateText) to better readable ones.

- Go to Configuration > Basic settings > Frontend > SEO / router settings

- Add the following lines into the field "Other SEO URLs"




Afterwards click save and clear the Shopware cache.

ℹ️You can define the bold part the way you like.


Can I prevent that Shopware will list my greeting cards in search results, category pages etc.?

The greeting card plugin works perfectly together with this plugin: will hide articles in the Frontend. If you already bought the greeting card designer we will make you an offer to get this plugin cheaper.


Version 1.0.1

- On the page to edit/add the text for a greeting card the image will be displayed in high quality now.

Version 1.0.0

First release Shopware Community Store.



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