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  • livereach
  • 1.0.11
  • 8 Feb 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.6.0 – 5.6.9
Your community and influencers create fresh content relevant to your brand and your campaigns by... more

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  • Link User Generated Content & Products
  • Social Sites Simple Setup
  • Keep Final Control About Styling
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Simple Integration


  • Create Hubs & Slideshows That Engage, with Just a Few Clicks: Bring user-generated content to your website, microsites, landing pages and apps in a flash.
  • Multiple Layouts: Choose from a variety of layouts and widgets that integrate well with your existing sites and apps or create stand-alone social microsites with ease.
  • Custom Styles, Always on Brand: Customize everything from fonts, to colors, no coding required.
  • Integrate with Ease: Any hub, site or widget you setup within the Livereach platform can be quickly incorporated into your website.
  • Lightning Fast, Fully Responsive: Increase load times and lower bounce rates significantly by delivering your content at high speed.


Your community and influencers create fresh content relevant to your brand and your campaigns by the minute. Showcase the best photos and videos on your website or microsite to engage with a sense of community and move away from static pages that only change every few months.

Boost your shopping experience with product and category pages featuring the authentic content customers are hoping to find. Inspire, engage, and convert with visually stunning user generated content, easily tagged to specific products for automatic publishing to product and category pages.

Please note: To use this plugin, paid access to the Livereach Cloud is required.

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Installation manual

To display dynamic content that matches a pages product on your product pages follow these steps:

1. Install and activate the Livereach Content Stream Extension.

2. Insert the API key, which you've received from the Account Manager, into the “API Access Token” field, hit “Save” and reload the page.

3. Open the plugin manager again and configure the plugin by clicking on the pencil.
4. To show content on your product pages, select “Yes” in the dropdown called “Enable on product pages”, then select the social site you want to show from the drop down “Select Product Page Social Site”. You can select different Positions where you want content to display, the most common position is “Before Main Content”.
5. You can add a header to the product page content section by adding text/html to the input field “Product Page Headline”.

6. Set the script position according to your preferences, this will impact performance so if you are unsure where to place it keep the default settings / select “Footer”.

7. Depending on your product catalogue you might need to adjust the “Product ID Source” to match.

8. To ensure your changes will take immediate effect go to the menu entry “Configuration -> Cache/performance” and select “Clear shop cache”.

To display dynamic on any page (i.e. a blog post) follow these steps:

1. Open page editor for the category page or blog post you want to display dynamic content on.

2. Insert the code {livereachContent id="embedID"}  at the desired position and replace the text “embedID” with the embed id you have received from your account manager.

-> Please note, if you want to display content dynamically on the "Shopping World" landing page you need to insert a “Livereach-Content” element, click the pencil to open the settings and insert the embedID specified above.

3. Click save and clear the shop cache.


Version 1.0.11


  • Content was not loading on shopping worlds
  • Local product URLs were not being invoked correctly

Version 1.0.10

First version upload

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