Stage maker: Shopping Worlds between product listings

Stage maker: Shopping Worlds between product listings

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  • Machart Studios GmbH
  • 1.0.0
  • 4 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
The plugin "Shopping Worlds between product listings“ enables the positioning of multiple... more

Product information


  • The Plugin enables you to display an unlimited amount of Shopping Worlds between your product listings.


  • Shopping Worlds can be set above, under and between product listings.
  • Every default Shopping World element can be used.
  • The usage of multiple elements works smoothly.


The plugin "Shopping Worlds between product listings“ enables the positioning of multiple Shopping Worlds within product listings.

It allows to create several Shopping Worlds for each product listing page and to output every content at different positions between every single listing line in each case. Therefore this plugin offers almost unlimited possibilities for product listings, e. g. to point to special marketing operations by using advertising interferences, to integrate videos or to highlight some of your special products.


  • After the installation process has been successfully completed and the plugin has been activated, create a Shopping World with the corresponding content.
  • The Shopping World must not be a landing page.
  • Assign a Shopping World to a category and set a checkmark on "Produkt-Listing“.
  • In the menu item „Freitextfelder“ in the text box "Position im Listing“ set a position in which the Shopping World should be displayed.
    Example: You have two category tiles per line displayed in each of your category pages. When you choose five as a position, the Shopping World will be displayed after the fourth product tile.
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Installation manual

Install the plugin via the plugin manager and activate it. 


Version 1.0.0

This plugin enables you to add several customized Shopping Worlds at any desired position between product listings.

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Current version:


€ 49.90 *

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