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Price on Request

Price on Request

by Nimbits
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B2B Essentials
Brutto- / Netto-Switcher für B2B-Shops
Preis auf Anfrage (mit Warenkorb-Anfragen & reCaptcha v3)
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This plugin is available for Shopware 6 Shopware 6 Signet
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  • 5.6.0_0
  • 15 Jul 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from Nimbits
  • 5.2.2 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10


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B2B Essentials
This bundle includes "Price on Request" and "Gross / Net Switcher" two useful plugins to get started with your B2B-Shop!
This bundle includes "Price on Request" and "Gross / Net Switcher" two useful plugins to get started with your B2B-Shop! read more »
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B2B Essentials

This bundle includes "Price on Request" and "Gross / Net Switcher" two useful plugins to get started with your B2B-Shop!
Brutto- / Netto-Switcher für B2B-Shops
Preis auf Anfrage (mit Warenkorb-Anfragen & reCaptcha v3)
Rückruf Anfragen
€ 240.00 * Instead of € 287.00 *
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Price on Request
1x Price on Request
Nimbits   € 89.00 *
Ask for Callback
1x Ask for Callback
Nimbits   € 69.00 *
Price on request offers the possibility that the customer can request for an individual price... more

Product information

Price on request offers the possibility that the customer can request for an individual price directly on the article page.

In the shop backend the plugin can be activated for each article, instead of a price the customers get then on the article page the possibility to place a price inquiry.

In the plugin configuration (plugin manager), you can optionally enter an e-mail for notifications and activate that items that are no longer in stock (stock 0) are automatically labeled "Price on announcement".

The inquiries are collected in the backend (Tab: Customers / Price on request) and can be further processed there. Requested quantity, contact details, customer comment and article IDs are attached to the request.

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Sinnvolle Ergänzung für jeden Shop

7 May 2019

Durch die sehr einfache Handhabung bleibt der Kunde auf der Shop-Seite. Es ensteht kein Kommunikationsbruch

8 May 2019

Danke für die gute Bewertung! Wir freuen uns immer über Feedback um unsere Plugins weiter zu verbessern.
Viele Grüße
Euer Nimbits-Team!

Perfekter Service. Plugin macht was es soll.

15 Apr 2019

15 Apr 2019

Dankeschön! :)

Ein tolles Plugin, was genau meinen Bedarf erfüllt.

3 Dec 2018

Man kann direkt aus dem Artikel anfragen und wird nicht einfach nur per Link zu einem Kontaktformular geleitet. Auch bei einer "technischen" Frage wurde sofort geholfen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

3 Dec 2018

Vielen Dank für die Blumen! Es freut uns, wenn wir weiterhelfen können.
Ihr Shopware-Team!

Leider kann ich keine 6 Sterne vergeben...

1 Nov 2018

Super Support, Freundlichkeit und vor allen Dingen die Kompetenz.
Das Team von NIMBITS hat uns vorbildlich unterstützt!!!!

11 Dec 2018

Danke für die Blumen! Gerne wieder!

Echt super!!!

5 Jul 2018

Der Service ist echt unschlagbar. Habe nicht mehr damit gerechnet nichts zu bezahlen. Mein Wunsch wurde innerhalb einer Woche umgesetzt.
Nachdem ich dann noch Probleme mit dem Update bekommen habe. Wurde mir prompt geholfen. So was habe ich noch nie bei einer Firma erlebt. Vielen Dank


Installation manual

Download the plugin

Install the plugin under "Settings" -> "Plugin Manager" -> "Installed" -> "Install"

After completing the installation, you can activate the plugin by clicking on the red cross

Save the changes and manually clear the cache and recompile the design

Finished! The plugin was successfully installed. Now you can add PDFs in the backend on the article pages.

You can edit the contact form in: "frontend/detail/priceonrequest" 

Note: When updating to version 5.5.3_1, it may be necessary to readjust the text modules if you wish to have the fields optionally displayed.

Setting up reCaptcha v3

You need a Google Account and need to log in to google.com/recaptcha in the so-called Admin Console (top right).

Once logged in the Admin console, the further procedure is relatively simple. Name the label as desired e.g. -NameIhresShops-

Choose the first type, reCAPTCHA, version 3 and enter the domain of your shop according to the following scheme:

Address: [https://myOnlineShopIstSuper.de] is registered under domains as [myOnlineShopIstSuper.de]

Accept Terms of Use and click Register.

You can then copy your public and secret key under "Key" and enter it in the corresponding fields in the plugin configuration.

Additional settings from your side are not necessary, our plugin takes care of everything else (ignore step 1 & step 2 in the admin console). Possibly. You must adjust your privacy policy & cookie notices regarding Google Product and enter into a data processing agreement with Google.


Version 5.6.0_0

  • added flex field
  • fixed bug if grecpatcha is not used

Version 5.5.8_5

  • Added explanations for Google reCaptcha v3
  • reCaptcha fetch method updated
  • Code cleaned up

Version 5.5.8_4

changed block extension for themeware compatibility

Version 5.5.8_3

new meta informations for google

Version 5.5.8_2

Bonus update with small fix to guarantee compatibility with NimbitsCallback (Callback Requests)

Version 5.5.8_1

  • E-mails now compatible with Subshop & optionally with extended mail templating
  • Redirect for subshops
  • Fixed issue with shopping cart inquires

Version 5.5.8_0

  • added requestcart to CSRF-Whitelist
  • added rawPost-Variable to all sendable mails

Version 5.5.7_0

SQL Performance (and thus runtime in the backend for large data sets) optimized

Version 5.5.6_1

Fixed Problem with missing configuration 

Version 5.5.6_0

Google reCaptcha V3 addedFixes to e-mail templatesAdded zip code & locationtested on Shopware 5.5.6 

Version 5.5.4_3

fixed "too much recursion" bug by not having preset select values anymore

Version 5.5.4_2

- Added honeypot field against spam- Added an optional confirmation email (configurable in the plugin configuration) to the customer 

Version 5.5.4_1

Store for XML configuration fields paged out in plugin installer

Version 5.5.4_0

Background color adaptedConfig-naming improvedtested on Shopware 5.5.4

Version 5.5.3_1

New function:Variants of articles are now displayed in email and in the backend and described which variant it is.
  • Telephone number field added - optionally activatable
  • Required option for telephone number field optionally adjustable
  • Required option for company field optionally adjustable
  • Mailtemplates provided accordingly with new telephone number field

Bugfix: Variant articles could not be opened by the button in the detail display with shopping cart inquiries - fixedBugfix: In rare cases a JavaScript error occurred in the backend - fixedBugfix: The request type in the backend was incorrectly awarded in some cases (shopping cart request vs. article inquiry) - fixed

Version 5.5.3_0

HTML tags replaced (h2 to div)

Version 5.5.2_1

Problems with quantity display in the backend fixed

Version 5.5.2_0

Fixed wrong deinstall process routine

Version 5.5.1_2

- You can now have both buttons ("add to cart" and "price on request") activated

Version 5.5.1_1

Deposited price is no longer shown in the rich snippet

Version 5.5.1_0

new feature: Shopping Cart Requests!

Version 5.5.0_6

  • Fixed error: removedunnecessary block-extension

Version 5.5.0_5

- Updated append / prepending blocks to new system

Version 5.5.0_4

- Solved a bug occuring when the paypal plugin was installed (express checkout button was still displayed)

Version 5.5.0_3

automatic order process with Paypal as payment method fixed

Version 5.5.0_2

- added field "company"- added the possibility to choose a different mail in the subshop than in the main shop for notifications

Version 5.5.0_1

-  solved attribute-issue at export

Version 5.5.0_0

Added reply-to to emails for the shopowner to improve the workflow

Version 5.4.2_11

Added reply-to to emails for the shopowner to improve the workflow

Version 5.4.2_10

- Instock = 0, settings for automatic "price on request" now avialable
- Subshops can now be excluded from "price on request"

Version 5.4.2_9

- removed 250 character limit with questions

Version 5.4.2_8

- Fixed an issue with the prepend of a block in data.tpl

Version 5.4.2_7

- fixed some stylingbugs

Version 5.4.2_6

- fixed a issue when sending the email

Version 5.4.2_5

- made the plugin DSGVO ready

Version 5.4.2_4

- fixed broken styling when switching variants

Version 5.4.2_3

fixed problem with swichting variants and established DSGVO compatibility

Version 5.4.2_2

- removed price-metatag for "price on request" products

Version 5.4.2_1

-fixed problems with checkLicense 

Version 5.4.2_0

deleted unused configuration-fields

Version 5.4.1_1

- fixed a redirect issue occurring at faulty input

Version 5.4.1_0

- fixed some minor design issues

- fixed issues with invalidating caches

Version 5.3.7_0

initial version of the plugin



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