Pilibaba Payment Gateway for China market

Pilibaba Payment Gateway for China market

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Expand eCommerce to China now available ! Pilibaba is a technical company from China providing... more

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Expand eCommerce to China now available !

Pilibaba is a technical company from China providing a unique combined Payment & Logistics solution to overcome the barriers of cross-border eCommerce to China market. By Pilibaba all-in-one gateway, merchants can sell to 1.3Bn Chinese customers with their existing online store instantly.

Enhanced localized Chinese shopper experience

1, Accept payment from 1.3 Bn Chinese shoppers by their existing China bank cards. (We are the strategy partner of China Unionpay International);

2, Display guaranteed landed price - Taxes & duties calculation;

3, Customs compliance - pre-screen product catalogue and values for country specific restrictions, making sure the parcels are not withheld in customs;

4, Domestic logistics only – shipping to a Pilibaba designated domestic warehouse,Pilibaba provide efficient re-label, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery anywhere in China;

5, Traffic generation in China markets;

6, 5*8 local service to Chinese shoppers (email, chat,phone call ) 

By using Pilibaba gateway, you can enjoy with the fast growing China cross-border e-shopping business which is expected to reach USD 650 Bn in 2020. Your total sales could be increased 10-20% from China market instantly. 

Now Pilibaba all-in-one gateway is available on Shopware !

Our website: www.pilibaba.comMore info please visit our website: http://en.pilibaba.com
Pilibaba Team
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Installation manual

You can download an installation manual with illustrations on http://api.pilibaba.com/doc/pilibaba-kit-for-shopware.html

If you have any questions please mail us at : developer@pilibaba.com
OrOnline chat via Skype: developer@pilibaba.com
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Version 1.0.18

Version 1.0.6

update line  /var/www/html/testing/engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Frontend/PilibabaPilipaySystem/Controllers/Frontend/PaymentPilipay.php on line 248to   $order->sUserData["shippingaddress"]["countryID"] =$country ? $country->getId() : '';

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