Automate inventory update

Automate inventory update

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  • pixe221268163241
  • Pixelworkz (Tobias Bäumer)
  • 1.8.6
  • 5 Feb 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.16 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
Purpose of this plugin This plugin helps you to keep your stock informations up-to-date by... more

Product information

Purpose of this plugin

This plugin helps you to keep your stock informations up-to-date by providing
a cronjob to automate importing CSV files. In example in case you sell on
multiple platforms and want to sync your stock with your ERP.

The plugins cronjob checks in given intervals if the configured file has changed
and imports it in case it has.


By using the plugin manager, see Shopware documentation for details.

Please clear Shopwares cache after installing, otherwise it could happen that
components can’t be found. You should be asked to do so after installing.


How you invoke the cronjob, doesn’t matter. You can do so by using your browser,
your servers crontab or bin/console. For details please see the Shopware
To adjust the import interval, you can edit the cronjobs interval.

The “action name” for usage by bin/console is Shopware_CronJob_pixe2SimpleStockUpdateCron,
so the whole command is bin/console sw:cron:run Shopware_CronJob_pixe2SimpleStockUpdateCron.

Depending on the amount of articles, the import runtime could be quite high.
Because of that the execution by browser is unsuited.


The plugin has options to adjust the process. Set this options like you
need them, then activate the cronjob. Please note that Shopwares own plugin
“Cron” must be active for this plugin to work.


Enter the name of the import file here. The plugin assumes that this file
resides in the plugin directory. Plugin directory means /custom/plugins/pixe2SimpleStockUpdate.
But you can also enter relatives paths, as long as that path is readable for the
user account under which the webserver/PHP is running. For relative paths to
work, they must be relative to the plugin directory. In example, if the file is
located in the root of your shop, the path would be ../../../file.csv. Keep in
mind that not only the path itself, but also the file needs to be readable.

You can also give an HTTP(S) or FTP URL here, the file will be fetched and
deleted again after importing.

Column separator

Enter the column separator here. You can use any sequence of characters, in
example “,” or “;”. To use [TAB] als separator please enter “\t” here.

Identity column

Numerical index of the column holding the identity value
(Note: count starts at 0!)

Value column

Numerical index of the column containing the new stock value
(Note: count starts at 0!)

Skip first line

If the first line of the import file contains column headers, you can activate
this option to ignore it at import time.

Return value

Here you can configure how the result is handled. You can set it to return it in
either plaintext, JSON or serialized. Alternativly you can set it to echo’ing
instead of returning, or disable it at all.

(De-)activate articles

Will de-/activate articles based on the imported stock amount being positive
or not.


Allows you to choose the property used to match the import data onto articles.
By default the ordernumber will be used.

Disable locking

By default the plugin will create a file called “.lockfile” in the plugin directory
when starting the import. This file is used to prevent multiple imports from running
at the same time. If the last import was terminated early, most likely because of
execution by browser and max_execution_time, the file will not be deleted and prevent
further runs to properly start. You can use this option to disable this check without
deleting “.lockfile”.

IMPORTANT: This option is intented as workaround, not for permanent use. If the lockfile
still exists after the job is run, it was’t finished properly!

Disable check for changes

Normally the plugin will only start importing, when the import file has changed since
the last run. By enabling this option you can disable this check and force the import
to be executed no matter the “last modified” timestamp of the importfile.

Convert charset

If your importfile is not utf-8 encoded you can use this option to let the plugin
convert it by itself.

Note: this is only supported for Latin1 (ISO 8859-1) and Windows-1252.

Normalize linebreaks

In case your importfile uses “\r” linebreaks, or some mix, you can activate a
workaround with this option.

Deactivate articles not in importfile

If activated articles not contained in the importfile will be deactivated. To
narrow this you can use the option ““not in importfile” prefix”.

Note: this only works when using the ordernumber as identityfield!

“not in importfile” prefix

When given, the “Deactivate articles not in importfile” option will only affect
articles which ordernumber starts with this value.

Additionally delete stock of articles not in importfile

If activated, the stock of articles to be deactivated will be set to 0.

Pickware support

If activated, stock changes will be imported “natively” into Pickware instead of
simply changing the articles inStock attribute.

Important notice if you used this plugin in combination with Pickware without this option

In case you used this plugin im combination with Pickware before this option existed,
all stock changes were executed directly on the “reserved stock”. With this option
activated all changes will be executed on the “physical stock” instead. Because of
this it’s possible that the resulting stock is incorrect, or doubled after importing
the first time with this option activated. So please make sure to check the stock of
affected articles afterwards!

Pickware support: relative import

If the import file contains relative values instead of a totals, activate this
option. Without this option the file is expected to contain total values.

Pickware support: Target warehouse

Enter the target warehouse name here.

Pickware support: Target bin location

With this option you can give the bin location for the imported stock (default:


Non existing articles will be logged as error, but import of the file will be
continued nonetheless.

In case there is a non-numeric inventory value in the file for some article, the
affected article will have an inStock value of 0 after import.

The results of the import can be viewed in the configured format, in the cronjob
configuration. Or you could redirect the output into a file.

All columns except the ones for articlenumber and stock will be ignored. But
keep in mind that they need to be loaded into memory anyway. Depending on
filesize it can make sense to reduce the file before.

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 6 reviews:


Insgesamt gibt es 5 Sterne! Da hätte ich gerne auch mehr gegeben, leider kann man max. 5 vergeben :))

19 Mar 2020

Das Plugin funktioniert einwandfrei, tut genau das, was man braucht! Zum Support kann man sagen, dass ich bisher keinen besseren hatte. Die Fragen werden von Herrn Bäumer kompetent, verständlich und zeitnah beantwortet. Super Zusammenarbeit! Gerne wieder! Vielen Dank!


Mega Mensch vielen dank für die Hilfe bei allen Anliegen die wir immer haben :-)

2 Oct 2019


Sehr gut. Tut genau was es soll.

24 Jun 2019



1 Jun 2019

Wir haben lange nach so einem fast schon "simplen" Plugin gesucht und hier das perfekte mit einem angemessenen Preis gefunden. Der Support von Herrn Bäumer ist ebenso spitzenklasse wie das Plugin selbst. Wir können dieses Plugin ohne Einschränkungen weiterempfehlen!!!


Läuft super!

19 Nov 2018

PlugIn macht was es soll und hat viele Optionen. Es gab ein wenig Startschwierigkeiten, mit dem Support von Herrn Bäumer waren diese allerdings schnell vom Tisch, vielen Dank nochmal.


Tolles Plugin, fairer Preis und erstklassiger Support !

22 Oct 2018

Unglaublich netter und kompetenter Ansprechpartner ! Unsere Änderungswünsche wurden sofort zur vollsten Zufriedenheit umgesetzt. Das Plugin erleichtert uns unser Bestandsmanagement enorm !


Installation manual

By using the plugin manager, see Shopware documentation for details


Version 1.8.6

Bugfix: If a URL with username and password was used as source, and the password contained some specific special characters, the file download failed. This is now fixed.

Version 1.8.5

Bugfix: Authenticating against some sftp servers failed, this is now fixed

Version 1.8.4

Feature: remote file can now be fetched by SFTP too

Feature: SSL errors can optionally be ignored now

Version 1.8.3

Feature: new option to interpret stock values from the imported file as graduation containers (see docs for details)

Enhancement: [Pickware support] There will be no ledger entries anymore for changes with a difference of zero

Version 1.8.1

Bugfix: Exceptions will now be properly reported in job feedback again

Version 1.8.0

Feature: new option "Verify remote files" to prevent importing partial files when using a HTTP/FTP source

Feature: new option to activate all imported articles, no matter their stock

Enhancement: If "Debug logging" is activated all logging will now go to the Pluginlog and can be viewed in backend instead of PHPs errorlog.

Version 1.7.6

Feature: new option to apply the import only if the new stock is larger then X

Bugfix: In case the options for Pickware support, deactivation of not imported articles and nulling the stock of deactivated articles were combined a "reserved stock" occured on the article since the change wasn't written to the Pickware ledger.

Version 1.7.5

Feature: new option for an exclusion filter for articles to deactivate in case the option to deactivate articles not contained in the import is used.

Version 1.7.3

Bugfix: Deactivation of articles not contained in import file now works without filter prefix, too - like intended

Version 1.7.2

Bugfix: Pickware Support - some actions where considered failed if the new stock was identical to the current stock

Bugfix: If another field then "ordernumber" was used as identity field, non unique identity values aborted the import without error message

Enhancement: More details with activated debug logging;

Version 1.7.1

Feature: Pickware support

You can now configure the plugin so stock changes will be executed in Pickware, instead of simply modifying the articles instock attribute.

Version 1.6.6

Bugfix: The feature introduced in v1.6.3 now works like intended, and additionally can set the stock to 0.

Version 1.6.4

Hotfix: Deactivating articles not in file disabled until bugfix

Version 1.6.3

Feature: it's now possible to deactivate articles not contained in the imported file. To narrow this down, there is an additional prefix filter. Please see the documentation on this feature.
Enhancement: the "linebreak workaround" can now be toggled by option. Additionally there is an alternative workaround available.

Version 1.6.1

Bugfix: "Classic MacOS" linebreaks (\r) now longer prevent reading the file

Version 1.6.0

New options: "Last modified" check can be deactivated, Lock mechanism too and optional charset conversion

Version 1.5.2

Hotfix for erroneous handling of option "(De-)activate articles"

Version 1.5.1

Bugfix: Import by ordernumber now works like intended again.

Version 1.5.0

Feature: It's now possible to use other fields then ordernumber to match the import data onto articles. You can now also use: EAN, Suppliernumber, Name and Meta-Title. Of course this is pointless, if your data in the used field isn't unique.

Version 1.4.1

Running imports now set an independent execution lock till finished (for very long running imports)

Version 1.4.0

Removed license check / Shopware 5.5 compability

Version 1.3.1

Bugfix: Nonexisting articles no longer trigger an unhandled exception

Version 1.3.0

Feature: Based on the imported stock amount being large zero, the article can now be de-/activated optionally. By default this option is deactivated.

Version 1.2.0

Compatibility update, plugin now works from Shopware 5.2.16 up.

Version 1.1.0

Added support for remote files / URLs

Version 1.0.0

First release of this plugin

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