Color variants preview in listing

Color variants preview in listing

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  • Rainware Softworks
  • 1.15.4
  • 23 Nov 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
With this plugin you are able to display all available colours of your products in the article... more

Product information

With this plugin you are able to display all available colours of your products in the article listing. All color codes are customisable. With a single click on the color the variant article will be selected in the detail page.
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Customer reviews

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Erfüllt vollkommen meine Erwartungen und ist seit der Version 1.10 noch besser

10 Jan 2019

Das Plugin hatte genau die vom Kunden gewünschte Funktionalität und ist für einen Shop aus dem Modebereich wirklich State-of-the-Art.
- Die Installation und Bedienung ist wirklich intuitiv. Somit braucht es für mich nicht viel Dokumentation
- Die Erweiterung im Frontend funktioniert einwandfrei und die Performance ändert sich gefühlt gar nicht
- Der Support ist wirklich fix und hilfreich

Das Update von Version 1.09 auf Version 1.10 hat mich überrascht, weil:
- die Umschaltung der Varianten-Artikelbilder jetzt mit Mouseover funktioniert
- die Anpassung des Layouts jetzt mit Less auch wirklich update-sicher und bequem ist.

Danke dafür!


Super, macht exakt was es soll

5 Sep 2018

Das Plugin ist sehr hilfreich bei vielen Farbvarianten und "füllt die Lücke", dass man es nicht über das reguläre SW-darstellbar machen kann.

Top-notch support!! Super nettes Team dass sofort hilfsbereit zur Verfügung stand ... und das Problem in 1 Stunde lokalisiert hatte!


Installation manual

Install the plugin within the plugin store. Just enter your variant option name into the plugin configuration field. After the installation is finished you will have your own backend settings for this plugin to customise all of your colours with html hexcodes


Version 1.15.4

Detail-Addon-Plugin wasn't working with multiple properties selected

Version 1.15.3

Bugfix for a problem which caused the listing to be broken.

Version 1.15.2

Adjustment for plugin add-on for the detail page which will be available soon.

Version 1.15.1

- It is now possible to read the stock out of a custom field instead of the shopware default instock. This will help to show right stock for subshops

- If you leave the mouseover effect on a variant the first shown image will be shown again instead of the last viewed variant.

Version 1.14.1

There was an issue in showing "out of stock" if there is more than on variant.

Version 1.14.0

An option to the plugin configuration was added. This helps to hide variants if they are out of stock.

Version 1.13.1

There was a bug fixed occurring on updating colors in backend.

Version 1.13.0

You can now use multiple article options in the plugin configuration just separate them with a comma for example "Farbe,Material"

Version 1.12.8

A wrong thumbnail was used for the preview sometimes

Version 1.12.7

There was a problem with taking the wrong thumbnail

Version 1.12.6

There is now a config to set the max colors shown in the store listing at the same time

Version 1.12.5

The first assigned image for the variant was always used for the preview. It has been changed that you can now modify the order in the media uploader.

Version 1.12.4

- It is now possible to activate or deactivate the plugin per sub shop

Version 1.12.3

Added support for Shopware 5.6

Version 1.12.2

## Fixed- Images for pattern weren't displayed with the correct aspect ratio

Version 1.12.1

## Fixed
- Mouseover should now also work on images

Version 1.12.0

## Added- Color variants are now shown correctly on emotion sites- Mouseover on emotion is switching the article picture correctly
## Changed- Color variants are only shown if the article is a variant article
## Fixed- Hide color variants preview won't destroy article box layout anymore

Version 1.11.4

Mouse over effect wasn't working for custom images

Version 1.11.3

Attribute model wasn't regenerated automatically on install. This caused crashes on exports.

Version 1.11.2

Handling errors if article pictures couldn't be found

Version 1.11.1

- Attribute wasn't created on update

Version 1.11

New attribute to disable the color preview function for every single article. You can find the new attribute within the freefields it is called "Hide Preview Color"

Version 1.10

Some code changes: The plugin uses now less instead of inline-css. SQL-Query improved and article pictures should be now shown with the help of JS.

Version 1.09

  • Bugfix for duplicate colors
  • CSS is now better configureable
  • Smarty is now better configureable

Version 1.08

Bugfix - The colors wouldn't show up on custom themes.

Version 1.07

There were some issues with custom themes, which should be fixed now.

Version 1.0.7

There were some issues with custom themes, which should be fixed now.

Version 1.06

There was a problem with too many colors

Version 1.0.5

It is now possible to use pictures for colors. This allows the possibility of display patterns instead of simple colors!

Version 1.0.4

Colors were moved before the price shown, caused by incompatibility of some templates

Version 1.0.3

Color title will be translated in hover

Version 1.0.2

A bug was fixed which caused wrong links in listing

Version 1.0.1

There was a minor bug in the listing

It is now possible to choose two colors

Version 1.0.0

First release version 1.0.0



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Frontend Demo
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