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Channable Connector

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This app is available for Shopware 6
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  • 1.11.1
  • 20 Apr 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The... more

Product information

Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The all-in-one tool includes data feed optimization, product listings for marketplaces, generating dynamic text ads and an Analytics connection.

Supported channels:

  • Marketplaces e.g. Amazon, ebay, Wish

  • Price comparison sites e.g. Google Shopping, idealo, Price Runner

  • Affiliates such as Awin, Affilinet

  • Advertising e.g. Facebook and Doubleclick

  • Retargeting e.g. Criteo

  • Text ads for Google and Bing

  • Feed- based Google Shopping campaigns

  • Order connections: Sync orders straight to your Shopware webshop

You can find an overview of our export channels here:


  • Get more exposure for your products

  • Sell your products on multiple marketplaces

  • Detailed performance analysis with analytics connection

  • Manage all channels in one tool

  • Total control over each channel

  • User-friendly intuitive interface

  • Fair and transparent pricing

  • Free, fully-trained support in 11 languages

For more information visit our website:


Channable was founded in 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands and is now one of the most used feed marketing tools in Europe. Its more than 70 employees include a ten-member native speaker DACH team.

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 1 reviews:


Super Connector für Channable

14 Feb 2019

Einfach in der Anwendung - leicht Bedienung - super Support!
Wie man es sich vorstellt! Empfehle ich gerne weiter.


Installation manual


Installation via the Plugin Manager

  • Log into your Shopware backend.
  • Open the Plugin Manager under „Configuration > Plugin Manager“.
  • Find „Channable Connector“ in the search field in the top left corner.
  • Click on „Install“ in the found plugin.
  • Click on „Enable“ in the Channable Connector window and confirm the window for emptying the cache.


Make plugin settings

  • Open the Plugin Manager and click on the pin icon of the Channable Connector
  • In the Configuration tab, you can now make the following settings:

    Only transfer active articles:
    Decide here if also inactive articles should be transferred.
    Default: no

    Only transfer items with image:
    Decide here whether articles without images should be transferred.
    Default: no

    Only transfer items with EAN:
    Decide here whether articles without EAN should be transferred.
    Default: no

    Performance: API record limit per call:
    This means that Channable is only allowed to read out the number of articles entered per call. Should your shop server cancel on call, you can reduce this number.
    Default: 1000

    Enable real-time product updates:
    Activate this function if you want your inventory to be synchronized with Channable in real time.
    Default: yes

Connect to Channable

  • Open the Channable Configuration via the Plugin Manager.
  • Click on the "Auto Connect" button of the shop you want to connect to. You will now be redirected to Channable, where you can connect your shop with Channable.
  • For more information about configuring in Channable, see the Channable Help Center:


Version 1.11.1

  • Improvement: Correction of free text fields export with the shop setting "Adopt translation". These were not exported if the standard language had no content.

Version 1.11.0

  • Feature: The "Adopt translation" option in the shop settings is now supported

Version 1.10.2

  • Improvement: All values of the properties are exported

Version 1.10.1

  • Improvement: Images without variant assignment are also exported
  • Improvement: Export of "Email notification"
  • Bugfix: Free text fields were sometimes not exported

Version 1.10.0

  • Feature: Variant images in an extra field

Version 1.9.3

  • Bugfix: Long description fixed

Version 1.9.1

  • Improvement: Image sorting

Version 1.9.0

  • Feature: Export of additional price lists
  • Feature: Export of creation date, modification date, on sale, purchase price, min/max purchase, min stock
  • Bugfix: Corrected translations of free text fields

Version 1.8.2

Changed the transfer of attributes to channable

Version 1.8.1

  • Bugfix: Export did not work if no properties has been selected in the plugin settings

Version 1.8.0

  • Feature: Selection of properties in the plugin settings.
  • Feature: Export of free text fields from properties.
    Important: Check the mapping of the properties in Channable and adjust it accordingly.
  • Bugfix: Correction multilingualism.

Version 1.7.2

  • Bugfix: Webhook data types corrected.
  • Bugfix: PHP compatibility

Version 1.7.1

  • Bugfix: Webhook corrected in the ordering process as soon as Vouchers were added.
  • Bugfix: Correction of the attributes in the article import.
    Important: Check the mapping of the attributes in Channable and adjust it accordingly.

Version 1.7.0

  • Shopware 5.6 compatibility
  • Feature: Pickware stock data (reserved and physical stock)
  • Bugfix: Webhook corrected after ordering

Version 1.6.2

  • Bugfix: Webhook data transfer corrected

Version 1.6.1

  • Internationalization: Translations of article free text fields

Version 1.6.0

  • Feature: Export of article free text fields

Version 1.5.0

  • Usability: Manual article assignment removed.
  • Bugfix: Correction of images for articles with only one configuration option.

Version 1.4.0

  • Feature: Real-time product updates
  • Bugfix: Correction when transferring only active articles.

Version 1.3.0

  • The SEO categories of the articles are now transferred.
  • Correction of prices for shops with different customer groups.

Version 1.2.3

  • Texts are now language optimized.
  • The field "translations" has been removed.
  • Only the categories of the respective language or subshop will be transferred.

Version 1.2.2

  • Price lists and URLs are now dependent on the shop setting.
  • Different plugin configuration for sub and language shop.

About the manufacturer

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