PhoneMondo - telephony integration

PhoneMondo - telephony integration

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This extension cannot be used in a Shopware Cloud shop.
This app is available for Shopware 6
  • scavi94633979736
  • Scavix Software GmbH & Co. KG
  • 1.1.2
  • 23 Oct 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.3
This plugin connects your telephone line with your Shopware online shop. When a customer calls... more

Product information

This plugin connects your telephone line with your Shopware online shop. When a customer calls you, the customer data and his orders are shown. With one click, you can open either the customer or one of his orders directly in your Shopware backend.

Greet your customers by name when they call you and answer their questions about their order without the need to manually search for the customer in your shop backend. You'll never ask your customer to pronounce his name or for his customer ID again.

When the phone rings, the call is also shown in the Shopware backend as notification. With one click on the notification's details button you can open the customer.

With this plugin, you'll boost your customer satisfaction and will be able to answer more customer phone calls per day!

What is PhoneMondo?

PhoneMondo is a cloud CTI and callerID notification solution that helps making telephony much more effective in your company. When the phone rings, PhoneMondo looks up data in different data sources like online phone directories and CRM systems (i.e., Microsoft Outlook). It then shows extra information for the call on your PC screen, in your web browser and/or on your mobile phone. So you can decide before picking up if you want to talk to the caller or not. Calls can be rejected and forwarded with a click. 
Notes, tasks, opportunities and other helpful data will make it more easy to make the call a successful call instead of just wasting time while searching for the data of the caller or letting the caller spell his name and address. All calls are stored in a call history in the cloud. 
Various reports help you to understand the telephony usage in your company and to detect any problems, i.e. on which time of day do the customers have to wait too long until the call is picked up.
CallerIDs can be compared to spam number listings and can be rejected automatically when PhoneMondo detects that the call is potential spam.
Basic version of PhoneMondo is free (max. 1 user and 3 monitored phone lines/numbers, call history only 30 days, max. 100 contacts stored). For additional storage, all addons included and more users/lines, the PhoneMondo Professional subscription is necessary. It starts at 19,90€ (+ VAT of your country) per month.

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Installation manual


You need the phone numbers of your customers in your Shopware shop. Configure your order process to ask for their phone number. The formatting of the phone number doesn't matter, PhoneMondo can handle any format like +4958120889652, 0581-20889652, ...


  1. Install this plugin in your Shopware shop
  2. Create a free PhoneMondo account on
  3. Connect your phone line with PhoneMondo. Numerous FAQ articles in our customer support section will help you to connect your phone
  4. In your PhoneMondo portal go to "Addons" -> "Shopware" -> Install
  5. It will ask you for a Shopware API key, user name and password. You need to get these from your Shopware backend. This FAQ article describes step by step where to get these
  6. Done! When a customer calls you, his data and orders from the shop will be shown in the callerID notification window and in the Shopware backend


Version 1.1.2

- Connection to servers don't use port 9999 anymore

Version 1.1.1

- now also shows callerID notification of non-customers

Version 1.1.0

Upgrade to new plugin-architecture

Version 1.0.3

Improved notifications

Version 1.0.2

- Minor improvements

- Changed company name

Version 1.0.1

Changes for Shopware 5.5

Version 1.0.0

- initial upload of first version

About the manufacturer

Scavix Software GmbH & Co. KG Scavix Software GmbH & Co. KG Shopware Technology Partner Shopware Technology Partner 2 Extensions No ratings
Current version:


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