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This plugin is available for Shopware 6 Shopware 6 Signet
  • 2.5.0
  • 28 Oct 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from shopware AG (only with commercial shopware version)
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.2
Integrate PayPal PLUS now and get the fees back. Conditions of participation: Sign up and... more

Product information

Integrate PayPal PLUS now and get the fees back.

Conditions of participation:

  1. Sign up and enter your participation code SHOPWARE2018 here
  2. Integrate PayPal PLUS into your online store and show at least one receipt of payment.
  3. Get back up to three months' transaction fees.

This module offers you the most popular PayPal products from a single source: the PayPal Express Checkout button, PayPal PLUS, Pay Upon Invoice, and Installments Powered by PayPal. And the best part: with this module you can use all four products individually or at the same time in your online store.

We encourage you to use the PayPal PLUS with Express button so that you can offer the option of making a purchase directly on product pages and in the cart.

Benefits at a glance:

  • The entire "PayPal package" with one click.
  • The most important types of payment for your online store.
  • Easy integration without the need for technical expertise.

Integrate the PayPal multi-product module today.

(1) Still don't have a PayPal for Business account? Just sign up here


Components of the multi-product module are:

PayPal Express Checkout button

With the PayPal Express Checkout button you make paying faster, easier, and smoother for your customer: Your customers reach the PayPal payment page with just one click. In addition, the PayPal Express Checkout button lets you shorten the payment process, so that customers go directly from the shopping cart to payment using PayPal. You can then generate more transactions easily and for free – naturally optimized for mobile payments on smartphones and tablets.

(2) More information is available here.

Tip: If you have activated the PayPal Express Checkout Shortcut button and achieved sales of at least €2,000 in the month, you can take part in the "OPTIMIZE program" and enjoy even better terms for PayPal transaction fees. More information is available here.


One-time integration of PayPal PLUS allows your customers to use the four most popular payment methods in Germany*: PayPal, direct debit, credit card, and Pay Upon Invoice, as well as a user-friendly checkout – for more security, improved customer satisfaction, and the opportunity to increase sales.

We encourage you to use the PayPal PLUS with Express button so that you can offer the option of making a purchase directly on product pages and in the cart.

PayPal PLUS is the all-in-one solution for online payments: Just one installation, one account for all transactions, one price, and one contract partner. In addition, PayPal Seller Protection protects you against possible payment losses.

(3) You can find more information on PayPal PLUS here.

* ECC Köln: ECC-Payment-Studie Vol. 22.

Pay Upon Invoice

Make PayPal PLUS complete with Pay Upon Invoice: Increase your chances of acquiring new customers and achieve higher sales by activating one of the most popular payment methods in Germany* with Pay Upon Invoice.

With PayPal PLUS, Pay Upon Invoice is also a convenient and secure solution for online store operators: As with all payment methods in PayPal PLUS, with Pay Upon Invoice you are usually paid immediately after completion of purchase, with PayPal taking responsibility for risk and claims management. Once you have registered for PayPal PLUS, you can also apply for Pay Upon Invoice.

(4) You can register here.

* ECC Köln: ECC-Payment-Studie Vol. 22.

Installments Powered by PayPal

For financing major purchases, Installments Powered by PayPal has been developed as a purely online solution to complement PayPal PLUS. While your customers pay in easy installments, as a retailer you receive the full amount immediately on your PayPal for Business account. PayPal takes responsibility for risk and claims management. Online, easy, and fast.

(5) You will find more information about this here.

* ECC Köln: ECC-Payment-Studie Vol. 22.

Free Return Shipping

PayPal will cover your customers' return shipping costs: 74% of German online shoppers expect free return shipping as standard.** Want to avoid irritation, hesitation or incomplete purchases due to the cost of return shipping? This is where "Free Return Shipping" service comes in. If your customers have enabled "Free Return Shipping" at PayPal and a chargeable return shipping then takes place, PayPal will reimburse your customers return shipping costs of up to 25 Euro per return shipping and up to twelve times in one year – provided the order was paid for with PayPal.

Many buyers check the return shipping policy before placing their order. Therefore, we recommend you indicate the "Free Return Shipping" service on your homepage and thus increase your sales opportunities.*** By using the new Shopware module, you can now activate the option for applying for this service via a banner in the online store with one click. (5) Here's how easy it is..

** ibi research 2013: Return shipping management in the online retail business.

*** Ipsos 2014.

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Bisher zuverlässiges Plugin - leider seit 2.5.0 mit PayPal Express Bug

11 Nov 2019

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Enlight_Controller_Exception' with message 'Controller "PaypalUnifiedExpressCheckout" not found


funktioniert nicht mit Riskmanagement

11 Oct 2019

das Plugin umfasst alle PayPal Zahlungsarten - leider wird mit verwenden des PayPal Express Buttons das Riskmanagement von Shopware egalisiert. Schlimmer noch - an einem Artikel bei dem hinterlegt ist, dass er nicht mit PayPal zu bezahlen ist wird der Express Button ausgegeben und funktioniert. Der Kunde glaubt er hätte bezahlt und der Shopbetreiber wartet auf den Zahlungseingang der Vorkasse. Hier sollte nachgebessert werden.

shopware AG
15 Oct 2019

vielen Dank für das Feedback zu unserem PayPal-Plugin.

Wir können das beschriebene Verhalten nachvollziehen und haben daher ein Ticket in unserem öffentlichen Issuetracker angelegt: https://issues.shopware.com/issues/PT-10918
Dieses Ticket wird nun im nächsten Schritt durch unsere Entwicklungsabteilung geprüft.
Natürlich arbeitet unsere Entwicklung stets daran ein möglichst fehlerfreies Produkt zur Verfügung zu stellen. Es ist jedoch zwingend nötig eine Priorisierung der eingehenden Tickets nach Relevanz (Anzahl der Kunden für die diese Umsetzung relevant ist) vorzunehmen, um so eine größtmögliche Anzahl an Kunden zufrieden zu stellen. Sollte das Ticket nicht direkt für eine Umsetzung eingeplant werden, so bitten wir dies zu entschuldigen.

Viele Grüße aus Schöppingen
Dein Team der shopware AG

B2B/Händlerkunden - Nettopreis - Fehler

27 Sep 2018

Das aktuelle PayPal Plus Plugin in der Version 1.0.6 enthält einen Fehler im Checkout mit der Kundengruppe Händler und Nettopreis-Anzeige im Shop. Ein Zahlungsvorgang ist bei dieser Konstellation über PayPal nicht möglich.

Der Checkout in der Kundengruppe Shopkunden (EK) funktioniert hingegen einwandfrei.

Wer einen B2B Shop betreibt oder Händlerkunden hat sollte daher noch warten, bis ein entsprechender Bugfix zur Verfügung steht.

shopware AG
1 Oct 2018

Hallo Gerd,
wir arbeiten bereits an diesem Thema und eine Anpassung wird in Kürze in Form eines Plugin-Updates zur Verfügung gestellt.
Viele Grüße aus Schöppingen

Anpassungsrobleme bei Kauf auf Rechnung

7 Jun 2018

Die Idee ein Modul für alles zu machen ist klasse, so stellt man es sich vor.

Leider gibt es eine Interessante Umsetzung bei der Option "Kauf auf Rechnung". Bei den Bestellungen wird dann eine PDF erzeugt, die halb aus der Vorlage Rechnungen kommt und der Rest kommt von einem neuem Dokument Baustein, der in der Oberfläche nicht anzupassen ist. Der Kunde erhält dann eine Rechnung mit "Demo GmbH". Fündig wird man leider nur in der Datenbank.

Da es aber erst Version 1.0.0 ist, gehe ich fest davon aus, dass es bald machbar ist.

shopware AG
12 Jun 2018

Hallo Stefan,
das von dir beschriebene Problem wurde mit Version 1.0.1 des Plugins behoben.
Viele Grüße aus Schöppingen


Version 2.5.0

PT-9896 - Add new general option for shopping cart submit
PT-10621 - With Shopware 5.6 the session can now be restored if it gets lost while the customer is on the PayPal page
PT-10823 - If several actions are triggered via the PayPal order module, the payment status of the order is now also updated
PT-10825 - Improve displaying of Smart Payment Buttons
PT-10855 - Fixed problem that sometimes occurred when creating a payment for in-context mode
PT-10919 - Error messages in the order module are now sticky
PT-10953 - Fix displaying of maximum amount for refund in order module

Version 2.4.1

PT-10794 - Fix display bug with activated SPB on confirm page

Version 2.4.0

PT-10573, PT-10724, PT-10732, PT-10765 - Introduced Smart Payment Buttons

Version 2.3.0

SW-24197, PT-10430 - Shopware 5.6 compatibility

Version 2.2.4

PT-10584 - Fixed search in order module

Version 2.2.3

PT-10562 - Order confirmation will now be sent again, even if the payment process has failed. Restores compatibility with other plugins

Version 2.2.2

PT-10330 - If the order number gets sent and an error occurs, a redirect to the finish page is done, instead of the payment method selection page

Version 2.2.1

PT-10471 - Improve ajax calls of the plugin

Version 2.2.0

PT-10162 - If required the locale code for the express checkout can now be set individually
PT-10335 - Solved problem with order numbers with prefix in PayPal order overview
PT-10349 - The country state is now saved correctly during express checkout
PT-10371 - PayPal document extensions are only loaded if the correct document type has been selected
PT-10373 - Improve ajax calls of the plugin

Version 2.1.3

PT-7290 - Orders without shipping method are no longer possible
PT-10236 - Customer's address is now correctly displayed on the finish page again

Version 2.1.2

PT-10176 - Improved risk management exclusion check

Version 2.1.1

PT-9974 - Improve compatibility with Microsoft browsers
PT-10102 - Fix javascript error, if PayPal was excluded via risk management

Version 2.1.0

PT-9419 - The Express-Checkout button can now be displayed optionally on category pages. The Shopware setting "Display buy button in listing" must be activated
PT-9754 - Improve compatibility with other plugins in PDF document creation
PT-9965 - Improve behaviour of Express Checkout button on registration page
PT-9989 - The customer has no longer the option to change the shipping address on the PayPal page

Version 2.0.3

PT-9990 - Customer comments are saved correctly again for payments via Plus

Version 2.0.2

PT-9947 - Fixed language codes transmission for German speaking countries

Version 2.0.1

PT-9838 - The core functionality is now used to change the payment status
PT-9942 - Improved compatibility with Custom Products
PT-9945 - Different tax rules are now correctly applied when paying with Express Checkout

Version 2.0.0

PT-9704 - Optimized Paypal expresscheckout configuration
PT-9705 - Optimization for Google pagespeed
PT-9738 - Fixed an error in order overview search
PT-9752 - Optimized error messages when submitting incorrect address data

Version 1.1.1

PT-8708 - Removed obsolete code and table column
PT-9564 - Improved compatibility with Safari on iOS and MacOS
PT-9710 - Improved transmission of prices to PayPal

Version 1.1.0

PT-8708, PT-9707 - The PayPal Experience Profile logic has been replaced by the Application Context. Therefore the image selection for the logo on the PayPal page is no longer necessary. This will now be retrieved via the merchant account (https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/settings/info/edit) PT-9269 - Fixed English translation
PT-9649 - The status of the order will be set correctly after a refund
PT-9710 - Improved transmission of prices to PayPal

Version 1.0.7

PT-9420 - After registration installments is shown correctly
PT-9542 - Fix display bug on payment method change
PT-9590 - Improve net/gross handling on Express Checkout
PT-9596 - Improve handling of tax free for companies
PT-9604 - Shipping costs are now transferred correctly to PayPal if Plus is used

Version 1.0.6

PT-9367 - Due to PayPal's risk management, Custom Products options are no longer transferred as single shopping cart items. Possible surcharges will be added to the product price
PT-9383 - Improve workflow with tax free and net orders
PT-9424 - Improve ToS checkbox validation
PT-9546 - Fix setting of country language code

Version 1.0.5

PT-9318 - The shop language is now considered for the language of the express checkout and in-context buttons
PT-9366 - Fix Javascript warning
Fix date in order overview

Version 1.0.4

PT-9241 - Optimize PayPal banners and buttons

Version 1.0.3

PT-9252 - Fix displaying of express checkout button
PT-9285 - Logo for third party payment in Plus iFrame method can now be maintained
PT-9290 - If selected on uninstallation, the settings now will be removed

Version 1.0.2

PT-9245 - Date of payment is now set correctly

Version 1.0.1

PT-9236 - PDF elements could now edited correctly
PT-9267 - Now uses minified Javascript library

Version 1.0.0

PT-6488 - First release

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