Subscriptions - AboCommerce

Subscriptions - AboCommerce

Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce
Subscriptions - AboCommerce

Get ahead and benefit from the Premium Plugins developed by Shopware:

  • Incl. 12-month support from Shopware
  • Increase in traffic
  • Certification from Shopware as the manufacturer
  • Open source
  • Increase in your conversion
  • Extensible


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Shopware 6: Plugin status Shopware 6 Signet
There will be no Shopware 6 successor for this plugin.
  • 6.2.1
  • 30 Jun 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from shopware AG
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.7
Subscriptions provides you with the tools you need to increase usability and build long-term... more

Product information

Subscriptions provides you with the tools you need to increase usability and build long-term relationships with your customers. Using this Premium Plugin, customers can set up automatic orders for any number of items and select the delivery intervals that fits their needs. The advantage for your customers: items which are regularly in demand are automatically ordered and delivered on a schedule, all without the hassle of repeating the order process. Payment can also made in intervals, so your customers are not required to pay everything in advance.

An incremental discount feature can also be applied in order to grant discounts based on the subscription length. The longer the subscription, the lower the price.


  • Items ordered automatically according to selected delivery dates
  • Possibility to offer customers staggered discounts
  • Payment in intervals
  • Unlimited runtime (from version 2.2.0)

Please note:

This plugin is only with Shopware 5 compatible.


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Customer reviews

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Absolut unbrauchbar und überflüssig da nicht funtionstüchtig.

19 Sep 2019


Stops Working Without Warning, Broken Compatibility with new PayPal Plugin

25 Jul 2019

The Cronjob simply stops working and your subscription orders are suddenly no longer created. Then you investigate the problem to find out that the plugin is no longer compatible with PayPal. Additionally, subscriptions cannot be manually edited but must be deleted and re-created to change anything. This plugin, unfortunately, needs MAJOR improvements. Please fix these issues ASAP so we can use the plugin again -including PayPal.


Kaum nutzbar

6 Feb 2019

Die Funktionalität ist nicht gegeben. Die Usability mäßig. Eine Dokumentation ist nicht hinterlegt. Der Support unterbreitet nicht umsetzbare Vorschläge. Das Plugin funktioniert nicht mit dem aktuelle PayPal-Plugin 2.1.0 , welches Shopware selbst entwickelt hat. Das ist mehr als peinlich. Vorschlag vom Support: Downgraden auf das alte PayPal-Plugin, was nicht machbar ist wg. PayPalPlus und anderen Funktionalitäten. Liebe Shopware-Jungs und Mädels, Ihr könnt nicht sogenannte Premium Plugins verkaufen und dann kann man sie nicht nutzen. VG, René.


leider nicht mit Custom Products v2 und viele Fehler

19 Jan 2017

Seit Monaten hat das Plugin kein Update mehr erhalten obwohl viele neue Ideen und Fehler gemeldet wurden, die das AboCommerce Plugin rund machen würden. Vielleicht passiert dies ja dieses Jahr irgendwann nochmal.


nicht empfehlenswert

15 Feb 2016

Die Dokumentation zu diesem PlugIn verursacht mehr Fragen als sie beantwortet. Ein einfaches "installieren und loslegen" ist mit diesem PlugIn so nicht möglich. Schade eigentlich. Auch der Support hierzu ist sehr dürftig bzw. nicht vorhanden.



14 Oct 2013

Nach der einfachen Installation kann man direkt loslegen. Das Plugin ist definitiv Pflicht für jeden Shop.



Version 6.2.1

PT-11720 - Fixes the displaying of percentage discount if subscription is selected

Version 6.2.0

PT-11234 - Extends the Advanced Promotion Suite and allows creating rules for AboCommerce products
PT-11273 - Fixes bug with recurring payment and PayPal

Version 6.1.5

PT-11553 - Fix address assignment of subscription

Version 6.1.4

PT-11272 - Improve Elasticsearch compatibility

Version 6.1.3

PT-11102 - Improve error handling when executing the cron job
PT-11098 - Add RichSnippet for the subscription price

Version 6.1.2

PT-10781 - Sets the meta data "itemprop.price" correctly

Version 6.0.3

PT-10935 - Improved termination of endless subscriptions

Version 3.0.2

PT-10935 - Improved termination of endless subscriptions

Version 6.1.1

PT-10589 - Improve Elasticsearch 6 compatibility
PT-10717 - Improve displaying of variant text in cart
PT-10772 - Corrects display of subscription price in account
PT-10773 - Fixes in the subscription e-mail
PT-10784 - Data saved correctly after cycle change
PT-10885 - Improved address migration
PT-10935 - Improved termination of endless subscriptions

Version 6.1.0

PT-10412 - Shopware 5.6 compatibility

Version 6.0.2

PT-10270 - Solves an issue with login and recurring orders
PT-9816 - Solves an issue displaying the subscription discount

Version 3.0.1

PT-10216 - Solves an issue with recurring orders

Version 6.0.1

PT-10216 - Solves an issue with recurring orders

Version 6.0.0

PT-10111 - Solves an issue displaying prices for different customer groups

Version 5.0.3

PT-10099 - Solves an issue setting the intervals

Version 5.0.2

PT-10077 - Optimize discount display in listings

Version 5.0.1

PT-10024 - Solves an issue regarding visibility when subscription is deactivated

Version 5.0.0

PT-9653 - Improve performance and small bug fixes
PT-9743 - Added three new variables for the template to add AboCommerce base prices

Version 4.0.0

PT-8977 - Subscription only product can no longer be put in the basket via the product number on the basket page
PT-9009 - Improved price display in listing and on detail page
PT-9164 - Shopware 5.5 compatibility

Version 3.0.0

PT-7188 - Fix english translation
PT-7462 - Offers a way to change payment method, delivery and billing address for running subscriptions
PT-9089 - Solves an issue with facet filter status when updating the plugin
PT-9212 - Fix incorrect sql syntax
PT-9231 - Optimize recurring orders
PT-9235 - Implemented subscription termination confirmation in account
PT-9263 - Use now the right price for the customer group or the default
PT-9276 - Solves an issues with endless subscriptions via cron job
PT-9280 - Fix compatibility with graduated prices
PT-9282 - Improve handling of several subscriptions of the same product in the cart
PT-9384 - Fix problem on recurring orders if the subscriptions product was bought multiple times with different durations

Version 1.5.1

PT-9231 - Optimize recurring orders

Version 2.0.4

PT-9212 - Fix error with product price groups
PT-9231 - Optimize recurring orders
PT-9263 - Improve calculation for customer group prices

Version 2.2.1

PT-9233 - Fix problem on update

Version 2.2.0

PT-4376 - Subscriptions can now be defined without specific end date
PT-8336 - Fix displaying of product price on recurring orders
PT-9110 - Fix product quantity selection

Version 2.1.3

PT-9106 - Solves a problem with SSL and recurring orders

Version 2.0.3

PT-9106 - Solves a problem with SSL and recurring orders

Version 2.0.2

PT-9013 - Fix recurring payments

Version 2.1.2

PT-9013 - Fix recurring payments

Version 2.0.1

PT-9007 - Solves an issue with firefox compatibility

Version 2.1.1

PT-9001 - Solves an issue with firefox compatibility

Version 2.1.0

PT-8810 - Shopware 5.4 compatibility

Version 2.0.0

PT-4836 - Fixes a problem with quantity selection on abo products
PT-4718 - Fixes bug which stops the execution of the Cronjob if an error occurred
PT-6395 - Add compatibility with CustomProducts
PT-8008, PT-8177 - Update of snippets
PT-8052 - Improve displaying of account navigation
PT-8125 - Migration to the Shopware 5.2 plugin system
PT-8298 - Fixes an display issue for quantity selection when switching variants
PT-8803 - Fixes an display issue with delivery quantities when using abo
PT-8909 - Considers limits on abos in the basket
PT-8943 - Fixes an issue where display of delivery quantity is confusing

Version 1.5.0

PT-7897, SW-16633, SW-16690, SW-16691, SW-18896 - Shopware 5.3 compatibility
PT-7070 - Filter compatibility with Product Streams

Version 1.4.2

PT-4444 - Bugfix: Implement SecureUninstall
PT-5487 - Bugfix: Execution of CronJob
PT-5562 - Bugfix: Translations
PT-5716 - Bugfix: Prices in eMail template
PT-5867 - Bugfix: Extension of the theme
PT-5875 - Bugfix: Logo and naming
PT-6396 - Bugfix: Changing an address of subscription
PT-5964 - Feature: Information about the subscription on document template

Version 1.4.1

PT-6156 - Bugfix: Menu icon

Version 1.4.0

PT-5422 - Feature: Shopware 5.2 compatibility

Version 1.3.0

PT-3459 - Bugfix: Add template blocks
PT-4157 - Bugfix: Price calculation customer group prices on recurring orders
PT-4158 - Feature: Change shipping address of a subscription
PT-4176 - Bugfix: Badge in search listing
PT-4179 - Bugfix: Abo discount in off canvas cart
PT-4276 - Feature: Option product price at recurring orders

Version 1.2.6

PT-3489, PT-3643 - Bugfix: Shopware 5.1 compatibility

Version 1.2.5

PT-3213 - Bugfix: Styling offCanvas cart
PT-3332, PT-3365 - Bugfix: Snippet errors

Version 1.2.4

PT-3247 - Feature: Sort by customer group, e-mail und item name. Search for customer groups

Version 1.2.3

PT-3019 - Bugfix: Corrected displaying of filter
PT-3180 - Bugfix: Corrected calculation of price per delivery

Version 1.2.2

PT-2827 - Feature: Displaying of the customer group in the backend module
PT-2985 - Bugfix: Missing additionalText in recurring orders
PT-2982, PT-3161 - Bugfix: Compatibility with CustomProducts

Version 1.2.1

PT-3045 - Bugfix: Error on installation
PT-3068 - Bugfix: Removed unnecessary ajax call

Version 1.2.0

PT-2897 - Shopware 5 compatibility

Version 1.1.2

PT-2126 - Fix: Show backend user when subscription expired
PT-2494 - Fix: Show variant name in checkout

Version 1.1.1

PT-2487: Fixed error with variants
PT-1997: Fixed error with SSL
PT-1925: Added missing translations
PT-1465: Fix 'highlight' article feature

Version 1.0.8

Version 1.0.7

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