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Plugin details
  • Swp6774160730382
  • BuI Hinsche GmbH
  • 5.05.29
  • 17 Aug 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.2
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.4
    5.6.6 – 5.6.9
With our plugin "Product options" you have even more possibilities to offer your customers... more

Product information


  • use as product configurator or as parts list article
  • complete individualization of articles possible
  • preselection of an option possible
  • calculation per character possible (characters can be excluded)
  • assigned options are grouped and displayed in the backend of the article


  • price calculation for volume, area or length possible (Basically any calculation is possible that provides a factor for the article price). This flexibility is provided by a formula parser.)
  • 4 Display options
  • options can be copied from article to article
  • subsequently added options of a group can be assigned to all articles that use this group with one click


With our plugin "Product options" you have even more possibilities to offer your customers choices. These options can be assigned per article variant. This plugin is especially suitable to customize products. For each option you can define a price increase or decrease, which will be displayed and charged directly to your customer. It doesn't matter whether this different price is calculated once or several times. The offered options are independent of the stock, in this case the stock is not kept. Should an option exclude another one, this can also be illustrated by depositing a blacklist. Since this plugin is extremely extensive and flexible, the most important functions are summarized here:

  • Live calculation of the option prices in the shop incl. the final price
  • Blacklist: The options can exclude each other

  • Define mandatory fields: these are options that have to be filled in
  • One-time prices: the price is independent of the order quantity of the article
  • Options can also contain real articles (the article price can be used as option price)
  • Options and groups can be deposited pictures (for this a Template adjustment is necessary)

  • Resort option values in the groups by Drag and Drop

  • Prices per volume, area or length possible

NEW from version 5.05.20

From this version on we have extended the already very extensive plugin with many more functions. New is that options can be preselected or a calculation per character (e.g. per letter) is possible. Even single characters can be excluded. The options display has been extended from two to four options. In the backend and in the Usebility, we have improved the display of the options on the article. These are now displayed in groups. This makes many options clearer. Furthermore, from this version on options can be copied from article to article (or several). In addition, there is no need to reassign a group if you want to add an option afterwards. This added option can be transferred to all articles using this group with a single click.

You see, the already megaplugin has been made even better and more extensive. With this almost all possibilities for an individualization of your products have been created.

FAQ - Questions and Answers about our Plugins

To which shop versions and plugins is the plugin compatible?
  • We do our best to make sure that all our plugins are compatible with the current shopware version as soon as possible. Decisive for us is the Shopware Community Edition with Standard Template. We can only guarantee compatibility with our own plugins if the functionalities are not mutually exclusive. We cannot guarantee compatibility with 3rd party plugins, including Shopware Premium plugins. If you have any problems, please contact our support, we will be happy to help you. Please note, however, that any compatibility adaptation to other plugins is subject to a charge and will be billed according to the real costs incurred! We would be happy to make you an offer.

Support for open source plugins?   

  • We offer support for all our plugins and are happy to help you with any problems. Please understand that we can only offer free support for unmodified plugins! This means for you that as soon as changes have been made to the plugin, which have not been authorized or made by us as manufacturer, any claim to free support and warranty expires. All resulting expenses will be billed by us according to the actual expenses incurred!

There is a trial version of the plugin    

  • For all our plugins you can get a 30 day trial version to view and try out the functionalities in peace.

Can I customize plugins?   

  • If a plugin does not fulfill your wishes or not completely, we can also extend it according to your ideas. You are welcome to call us or send us a short mail with your wishes.

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 2 reviews:


Hervorragendes Plugin, welches den Shop um wichtige Elemente bereichert!

23 Jan 2020

Die Bedienung ist intuitiv, genauere Informationen bietet die Dokumentation.
Falls man nicht weiterkommt, hilft der herausragende Support weiter - der verdient eigentlich sechs Sterne, da auch individuelle Anpassungen vorgenommen werden. Ein sehr schneller, freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Kontakt. Uns wurde sehr zuverlässig weitergeholfen - wir freuen uns, einen verlässlichen Partner gefunden zu haben. Die Funktionsweise des Plugins erfüllt alle unsere Ansprüche. Eine klare Empfehlung.


Funktionalität okay, aber bei Deinstalltion zerstörerisch...

6 Jan 2016

Habe das Plugin kurz getestet und für mich festgestellt, dass es für mich nicht zielführend ist.
Die Bedienung ist relativ schwierig, da wie ich finde, recht intransparent...
Dokumentation ist ausreichend.
Reagiert prompt!


Installation manual

You can find our plugin manual for the plugin here.


Version 5.05.29

Problem solved when the last option is an exclusion option that was excluded from a previous one.

Version 5.05.28

Troubleshooting with display of the options in the order at upload option.

Version 5.05.27

  • when deleting a group on an article the sorting of other article assignments was affected
  • Javascript adapted, because in the wizard after reset only save was possible
  • Adaptation to Shopware Storytelling

Version 5.05.26

  • Articles can be marked so that they are not purchasable, but only available as an option
  • bugfix multiple modification works again
  • bugfix in wizzard when blacklist hidden was selected
  • bugfix in the wizzard that appeared in interaction with variants
  • bugfix Price for attached articles was always displayed as gross price

Version 5.05.25

  • In the article overview in the backend you can see to which product options have been assigned.


  • The display error with hidden options (blacklist) was fixed.    

  • Furthermore the error has been fixed that if you have sorted a set for an article and assigned this set to another and deleted it again, this sorting order has been reset to default.    

  • Corrected scale price calculation in combination with basic items.

Version 5.05.24


documents shows options

Version 5.5.22

  • Bugfix directory not allowed by security setting
  • Bugfix The price of the attached item is displayed correctly in the backend
  • Set can no longer be deleted if still assigned to article
  • Appended articles are deducted from stock
  • Preselection can now be overwritten on article
  • Blacklist is configurable per set or via all options
  • Attached article has a price display in the frontend

Version 5.05.21

  • articles with 0% VAT assigned as an option are now correctly output in the documents.
  • button to copy variants fixed
  • missing type Quantity updated

Version 5.05.20

Conversion to new plugin base

many new features

Version 5.05.08


  • in checkout the options were no longer displayed when changing the quantity
  • display error iphone with dropdown selection fixed


  • enlarge drop-down images

Version 5.05.07

From now on, images can also be displayed in a multiselect selection. Furthermore it is possible to copy options from an article. 

Version 5.05.06

Bugfix regarding vouchers 

Version 5.05.05

bugfix when reloading article numbers

Version 5.05.04

bugfix - delete from single-price-options

Version 5.05.03

Bugfix: * update error fixed* Error in the configurator delete in connection with a blacklist* in the shopping cart the product--essential will not be overwritten anymore* changed magnifying glass function
Feature: * limited gross price input in the backend possible* Adaptation to storytelling (hides options by default, must be configured in detail) 

Version 5.05.00

adjustment to shopware 5.5.x 

Version 5.03.23

Vouchers are noted with

Version 5.03.22

* Error which occurred during the backup of the e-mail template, fixed

Version 5.03.20

block name='frontend_detail_data_orderumber' is no longer overwritten

Version 5.03.19

- Bugfix Optionsübersicht Backend

Version 5.03.18

- Bugfix für Pager auf Optionsübersicht

Version 5.03.17

multiple changes possible

Version 5.03.16

flag on article in listing and key in table added

Version 5.03.15

adaptation to licence

Version 5.03.14

Ordering out of listing is not possible

Version 5.03.13

different bugfixes    

Version 5.03.08

troubleshooting image assignment in e-mail confirmation

Version 5.03.07

bugfix concerning hidden blacklist

Version 5.03.06

adaption to shopware version 5.3.x

Version 5.03.04

Version 5.03.02

Version 5.02.22

Version 5.02.20

Version 5.02.19

Version 5.02.18

Version 5.02.17

Version 5.02.16

Version 5.02.15

Version 5.02.14

Version 5.02.10

Version 5.02.09

Version 5.02.07

Version 5.01.07

Version 5.02.06

Version 5.02.04

Version 5.02.03

Version 5.01.04

Version 5.01.02

Version 5.01.00

Version 4.01.00

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€ 396.00* € 495.00* Promotion valid until 04/12/2020 23:59

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