Environment Tools (Stage / Live)

Environment Tools (Stage / Live)

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  • 7 Mar 2016
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Are you working with multiple instances of a shop? (local / staging / live)  Then you may... more

Product information

Are you working with multiple instances of a shop? (local / staging / live) 
Then you may encounter the problem of identifying your instance. 
Accidentally changing things on a live instance can be very annoying.

»Environment Tools« will help you to quick identify your instance.


- Define a name for your instance in backend
- (alternative) Define the name via a Environment Variable (Apache / nginx)
- Display a notification in frontend (Optional)
- Optionale Darstellung im Backend
- Use an alternative Backend Theme (Black Background)

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Installation manual

After plugin installation you have to go to
Basic Settings » Additional Settings » Environment Tools
to configure your preferences.
Caution: After changing a value, you have to reload the page.

If want to define the instance name by a Environment Variable, you have to activate the option in the settings. After that you have to define your instance name on the Variable SHOPWARE_INSTANCE at your webserver.

.htaccess (Apache)


php-fpm (nginx)
fastcgi_param   APPLICATION_ENV  production;


Version 1.0.0

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