Time control to automatically adapt your shop to seasons and events

Time control to automatically adapt your shop to seasons and events

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  • 14 Oct 2019
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The own shop better at events and seasons such. Adapting Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween,... more

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  • Adjustments to the stylesheet possible
  • Adjustments via Javascript possible
  • Automated by time control
  • Date from activation and date to deactivation can be deposited
  • Any adjustments possible


  • Ideal for Christmas to change the exact date of the header
  • The logo can be exchanged from a certain date
  • It can be a JS snowfall involved, which only snowing at a certain time
  • For Halloween, pumpkins can be integrated in your shop via JS, which disappear on time
  • Color adjustments for events throughout the shop are possible via CSS, an expiration date determines the end of the adjustments


The own shop better at events and seasons such. Adapting Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Autumn Time or New Year's Eve has been a bit difficult so far.

Especially as you had to constantly remember to change elements such as logo or the background of the Header / Footer Manual.

With this extension that changes now!

Create ten different extensions that are individually controllable by date and time.
As the extensions complement the CSS and JavaScript code, you have the freedom to change any detail of your shop.
Insert e.g. a new logo for Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc., with the CSS part of an extension you can overwrite your existing logo.

Or would you like it to snow on your shop for Christmas? No problem, set an extension that activates a JavaScript code in time for Christmas and ensures the snowfall.

We have designed this module as open as possible to give you all the freedom to customize your shop for your customers for all events and seasons.

Let your imagination run wild and show your customers that you are involved in events and seasons!
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Installation manual

The installation is completed with just a few clicks through the standard installation process by Shopware.


After installation you will find under "Settings -> Basic Settings -> Timing", all configuration options.An illustrated configuration guide can be found at:


If you have any questions about this module, bugs, extensions or requests for further modules, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Version 2.0.0

Added cache bugfix for productive mode as well as the subshop capability with possibility to disable it via the basic settings.

Version 1.10

Initialization routine of the template files changed

Version 1.0

V 1.0 Plugin created

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