Theme Saturn - Responsive Template

Theme Saturn - Responsive Template

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This theme is available for Shopware 6
  • coolbax
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  • cbax768239318874
  • coolbax
  • 2.7.2
  • 6 Aug 2021
  • de_DE
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.5
Theme Saturn  - Responsive Template "Theme Saturn" is a modern full responsive template,... more

Product information

Theme Saturn  - Responsive Template

"Theme Saturn" is a modern full responsive template, designed and developed for Shopware 5. It is a template for every type of shop, such as: fashion design, electronics, sports, furniture and apparel. The template also contains various enhancements from the house "Coolbax", which can all be optionally switched on / off. Thanks to sustainable programming and strict adherence to the Shopware conventions, a high quality standard is guaranteed.

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This is in the "theme Saturn" in it!

Many new features, enhancements and improvements have been added since version 2.5.0. The creation of an individual template is now even easier, is scheller and you are independent of agencies!

  • NEW: Choose from 16 fonts the two fonts
  • NEW: Global notification text for e.g. Holiday Notes
  • NEW: widget for the right, left and bottom of the screen
  • Connectivity to Google, Bing, Alexa and Pinterest
  • NEW: Integration of a text to the privacy policy
  • NEW: Extended color adjustment and background image possible
  • Integration of the plugin: breadcrumb extension (to the plugin)
  • Integration of the plugin: Sticky Menu Professional (to the plugin)
  • Individually configurable Top Bar
  • NEW: Change logo size for desktop, tablet & smartphone
  • NEW: Display category text above or below the listing
  • NEW: Show category banners via sidebar and listing
  • NEW: Various animations of the article images in the listing
  • NEW: Show Promotion Boxes above and below the sidebar
  • Individual arrangement of filters and automatic sending
  • Display of the delivery status already in the listing
  • Advanced configuration fields in the Categories modulel
  • NEW: integration info box, if variant selection is required
  • NEW: Display of ratings next to item description
  • Deactivated variants are displayed in gray
  • NEW: Extension of the footer up to four lines and 9 layouts possible
  • 25 payment methods and 13 shipping methods icons available
  • NEW: Banner can be deposited in the Offcanvas shopping cart
  • NEW: New element in shopping worlds "Banner Zoom"
  • Shopping Worlds: Mix Full-Width or Boxed Layout
  • 100% Full Responsive
  • 3 pre-made color templates available on request
  • Modern and clear design
  • Support & regular updates
  • und sehr viel mehr...

Individual design with just a few clicks possible

  • Determine the look with over 100 color areas
  • Design your shops with a background picture
  • Extend the footer by another three lines
  • Choose from 16 different fonts
  • Set the size of your deposited logo individually

The "Theme Saturn" is characterized by its professional design and its very user-friendly operation. It can be completely customized without any programming knowledge, which gives everyone the opportunity to make their shop unique and unique.

  • Sales-enhancing plugins and features integrated
  • 100% Responsive - optimized for all devices
  • Further development and updates of the template
  • Developed according to Shopware specifications
  • Detailed manual for the theme

22 free plugins included, which you should not miss!

This theme not only gives you a unique layout for your shop, but also includes 22 free plugins. With them, you have the opportunity on the one hand to customize your shop and to provide important information (eg shipping delay due to company holidays) in the right places, on the other hand you can use even more advertising space (for example promotion boxes). Some of these plugins are only available in our themes and can not be purchased in the Shopware Store.

General Settings

1. font:
Here you have the possibility to use two different fonts. The primary font is used for headings. With the secondary font you change all other texts, such as: B. Description texts and menu items.

2. Global notification text:
At the top or bottom of the screen, a global text for announcements (e.g., business holidays or sales promotions) is displayed.

3. Sidebar Widget:
At the left or right edge of the screen is a box for z. B. information or promotions attached. The box always stays in the same place when scrolling.

4. Footer Info Widget:
In the bottom of the screen, a box with z. B. your service hotline attached. The box always stays in the same place when scrolling.

5. Webmaster Tools HTML Tag Code:
Keep track of your website with a variety of Google, Alexa, Bing or Pinterest tools.

6. DSGVO data protection extensions:
In all places that process personal data, you should place a reference to the privacy policy - DSGVO since 25.05.2018.

Header settings

7. Top bar
Show your top three benefits prominently above your header. The text modules "description1", "description2" and "description3" allow you to adjust the benefits at any time.

8. Logo size
For each device, set the size of your stored logo individually

9. Sticky menu
Minimized header which is fixed at the top of the screen when scrolling and only disappears when the header appears in the visible area.

10. Breadcrumb Advanced
By means of a mouseover, on a category in the breadcrumb and a short dwell time, the respective subcategories are shown in a layer.

11. Scroll To Top Button
By pressing a button, your customers can get back to the top of the page in seconds. The button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Category Settings

12. General Settings
Here you can set further basic settings for the view in the categories.

13. Promotion Boxing in Sidebar
You have the option above and below the sidebar boxes with z. B. information or banners to appear. This information may be displayed on all categories of pages, forms and / or shop pages.

14. Filter in sidebar
Make your filters appear prominently in the left sidebar.

15. Change / zoom product image
When you mouse over, you can highlight the product images by animation. You have two possibilities for this (1st variant: picture zoom = enlargement of the picture / 2nd variant: picture change = display of the second article picture)

Detail pages settings

16. Infobox - Please select a variant
Display a message for variant products where customers have to choose a variant first. You can change the text by using the text module "DetailBuyVariantInfo".

17. Reviews in the description
Present your customer reviews, on the right, next to the item description.

Footer settings

18. Footer Template
Expand your footer to up to four lines. For each row you want to use, select a template. Each template may only be selected once. You can use the text modules to fill the columns with content.

19. Settings for payment methods and shipping methods
Define general settings for the payment and shipping methods Icon.

20. Display payment methods
Present prominently your payment methods, which you offer in your shop

21. Display shipping methods
Present prominently your shipping methods, which you offer in your shop

Checkout settings

22. Offcanvas cart
Here you can deposit a promotional banner for the Offcanvas cart.

News for the shopping worlds

Design your shopping worlds and landing pages with specially developed elements and adjustments by Coolbax. You add value to your shopping world / landing page and your customers experience a whole new shopping experience. The extensions, like the included plugins, are also included for free.

New predefined CSS classes
You now have the option to change the appearance of the text using a predefined CSS class. For this, you only have to enter the appropriate class and the text is stored as in the example.

New element for the shopping worlds
The new banner element for the shopping worlds will inspire you. Banner Zoom enlarges the image on MouseHover. You can specify for each banner individually how much it should be enlarged and how long the transition takes.

The Advanced Color Settings

The color scheme of the theme Saturn would be drilled again and extended by many more settings. Along with the settings that are already included in Shopware by default, you can make over 100 color changes. 

Ask questions Do you have questions about the plugin or the setup? Then feel free to visit our manual or write us directly to:

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Theme Mars Flat - Responsive Template
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Read, write and discuss reviews... more

Customer reviews

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Top Template

18 May 2016

Tolles Template, kreatives und kompetentes Entwicklerteam. Und sehr gute Betreuung vor und nach Kauf.


Installation manual

The software is installed via the Plugin Manager.

User Manual


Version 2.7.2

Various adjustments to PHP 8

Version 2.7.1

Fixed bug with multiselect fields

Version 2.7.0

- Adaptation to Shopware 5.7.x

- Fixed a bug when compiling themes

Version 2.6.8

Fixed hidden settings in the rider footer

Version 2.6.7

Incorrect display of product images eliminated (tablet view) when the "Variant images in listing as slider" plugin is active

Version 2.6.6

Fixed bug separating variants in documents

Version 2.6.5

Fixed bug when hiding icons in Top Bar

Version 2.6.4

Failed to reload items when individual filters are turned off

Version 2.6.3

Error at menu item - Service and Help - fixed in the header

Version 2.6.2

Fixed a voucher heading bug if Theme Display is enabled in the theme

Version 2.6.1

Plugin brought on new plugin structure

Version 2.6.0

Fehler mit den Shopseiten korrigiert

Version 2.5.9

Problem with fullscreen in shopping worlds (storytelling) fixed.

Version 2.5.8

Compatibility with Shopware 5.5 
Minor bugs in Theme Manager theme and settings fixed

Version 2.5.7

Extension of the setting options for the Sticky menu (color & logo)
Clearer versions Display in notepad, account, checkout, documents and e-mails

Version 2.5.6

Prämienartikel und Filter angepasst

Version 2.5.5

Service Bar wieder eingefügt

Version 2.5.4

Fehler in Einkaufswelten Element korrigiert

Version 2.5.3

Einkaufswelten Element hinzugefügt

Version 2.5.2

Fehler in der Suche korrigiert

Version 2.5.1

Verschiedene kleine Korrekturen

Version 2.5.0

Großes Update +++ Viele neue Funktionen und Einstellungen
Verschiedene Schriftarten zuweisen – Viele Schriftarten zur Auswahl
Sidebar Widget (für Promotion Aktionen)
Footer Widget (für Kontaktmöglichkeiten)
DSGVO Datenschutz integriert
Top Bar
Promotionboxen in der Sidebar integriert
Im Listing per Mouseover Artikelbilder wechseln oder zoomen
Bewertungen prominent neben der Artikelbeschreibung einblenden
Individuellen Footer gestalten
Zahlungs- und Versand Icons in verschieden Farben
Promotion im Offcanvas Warenkorb einblenden
Individuelle Farben einstellen
Viele Aktionen zeitgesteuert automatisch einblenden lassen

Und sehr viel mehr…

Wichtig: Nach dem Update Das Theme im Theme Manager aufrufen, neu speichern und kompilieren

Version 2.3.9

append und prepend aus den Blöcken entfernt

Version 2.3.8

Nicht bestellbare Varianten werden jetzt im Template grau dargestellt und können nicht mehr ausgewählt werden

Version 2.3.7

Probleme mit den Filtern behoben

Version 2.3.6

Neue Konfigurationsfelder in den Kategorien hinzugefügt:

NICHT in linker Navigation anzeigen

Topseller ausblenden

Version 2.3.5

Compatible with Shopware 5.3.0

Version 2.3.4

Adjustment of the delivery time

Version 2.3.3

Adjustment in the listing

Version 2.3.2

Version 2.3.1

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.2.9

Version 2.2.8

Version 2.2.7

Version 2.2.6

Version 2.2.5

Version 2.2.4

Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.2

Version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.0

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Theme Saturn + Variantenbilder im Listing als Slider 4 Extensions
With the plugins: "Image preview in the listing at Mousehover", "Accessories slider in the modal shopping basket", "Show related articles", "Info page for deactivated articles" and "Theme Saturn" create the perfect conditions for a new start of your online shop!
With the plugins: "Image preview in the listing at Mousehover", "Accessories slider in the modal shopping basket", "Show related articles", "Info page for deactivated articles" and "Theme Saturn"... read more »
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Theme Saturn + Variantenbilder im Listing als Slider

With the plugins: "Image preview in the listing at Mousehover", "Accessories slider in the modal shopping basket", "Show related articles", "Info page for deactivated articles" and "Theme Saturn" create the perfect conditions for a new start of your online shop!
Infoseite für inaktivierte Artikel
Zubehör Slider im modalen Warenkorb
Theme Saturn - Responsive Template
Bildvorschau im Listing bei Mousehover
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Info page for inactivated items
1x Info page for inactivated items
coolbax   € 39.90 *
Accessories Slider in modal cart
1x Accessories Slider in modal cart
coolbax   € 39.90 *
Theme Saturn - Responsive Template
1x Theme Saturn - Responsive Template
coolbax   € 299.00 *
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