Advanced Article-Configurator

Advanced Article-Configurator

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  • 16 Jul 2019
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Article configurator With this plugin, you can easily create a more user-friendly interface for... more

Product information

Article configurator

With this plugin, you can easily create a more user-friendly interface for configurator-articles!
  • Easy and modern configuration for variant-articles
  • Alternative texts for articles, groups and options
  • Adjust the position of groups and options
  • Many more settings!

The exact setup of an variant-article is explained in detail in the "Installation" section :)

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 1 reviews:


Top Konfigurator

24 Mar 2020

Danke für den nützlichen und vorbildlichen Konfigurator. Macht genau das was er soll.
Die Dokumentation dürfte noch ein bisschen besser sein damit man nicht immer nachfragen muss.

Bitte weitere solcher tollen Komponenten.


Installation manual


1. Download the Plugin
2. Install and activate the Plugin
3. Clear the Cache
4. Compile the Theme
5. Reload backend

After this, you can start with the setup of and configurator-article.

Setup of an configurator-article

Step 1: Create variant article

In the first step, a standard varaint-article with groups and options has to be created. Keep in mind, that the options must be selectable to be shown in the configurator. If the options are not active or have an instock of 0 while the "on sale" setting is activated, they are not displayed in the actual configurator. Instead, a warning for the customers will be visible.

Step 2: Article settings

Next, you have to chose "Konfigurator" as the Article-Template.
  Additionally, you can define an alternative article title in the attribute "Alternative title", which will be shown on the finish-site. This setting is optional.

Step 3: Variant-group settings

After that, we will edit the settings of every group. Here, it's necessary to assign a layout to each group. If there is no layout for one group, an message will be displayed in the configurator, making it impossible to buy the article.

At the moment, you can chose between "2-spaltig" and "3-spaltig" for the layout. The options will therefore be displayed in 2 oder 3 columns.
 The following settings can be set optionally through the attributes:
  • "Alternative group-name": Define an alternative grou-name, which will be displayed instead of the actucal group-name in the frontend.
  • "Position": Define a number for the position of the group. If this attribute is set, the groups will be sorted descending by this number.
  • "Use article-iamges": If there are article-images already assigned the the options, you may activate this option to use these images as option-images instead.

Step 4: Option settings

 The attribute "Option-image" has to be set properly, in order for the configurator to work. Otherwise, the image will be missing.
 The other settings are optional again:
  • "Alternative option-name": Like in the group-settings, use this attribute to define an alternative option-name.
  • "Position": Also similar to the groups, this attribute can be used to define an position, while the options will be sorted descending by this number.
  • "Additional price": Use this attribute to inform the customer, that a certain option will result in a higher price. Keep in mind, that this setting is only optical and does not change the actual price defined in the backend. The currency is automatically picked by the shop.


Version 1.0.0

Release of initial version.

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


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