Abandoned Cart List & Email Notification

Abandoned Cart List & Email Notification

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This app is available for Shopware 6
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  • 2Hats Logic Solutions Private Limited
  • 2.1.3
  • 22 Jun 2021
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  • 5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.2
How often do your customers leave the cart? According to surveys, the average abandonment rate... more

Product information


  • Easy to install and configure
  • 20% more conversion with Ability to view users with Abandoned carts and cart items.
  • Built-in persistent cart feature so you don't have to pay for another plugin.
  • Free updates for upcoming features


  • The plugin comes with a built-in persistent cart, so even after logout the items in cart remain available for the user the next time he logs in.
  • The plugin has the ability to list users who have items left in the cart and also list the items in their cart.
  • The plugin sends email reminders to users to complete their purchase on set intervals for the items they leave in their carts.
  • Shows the list of abandoned cart orders that were completed
  • Intervals of emails can be set based on hours or days.
  • Up to 4 different coupon codes can be used for 4 different email reminders giving you high marketing capability.
  • The email format can be saved and customized using email templates from Shopware backend.
  • Could set up to 4 email templates for reminder mails.
  • The email sending can be disabled anytime or intervals can be set to suit the needs of your store.
  • Friendly and Marketing subject lines can be used for emails.
  • GDPR compliant plugin


How often do your customers leave the cart?

According to surveys, the average abandonment rate in sales is 70 percent and straight purchases are 30%.  This means there is a high abandonment rate in online purchases as well where customers leave their carts with products without completing the order for various reasons like:

- thinking about another product

- want to check and compare with other web-stores

- get distracted in the middle of completing the order

- a bad network etc. 

Rarely does customers come back to the abandoned carts and fulfil the order. In case of Shopware it doesn't come with a persistent cart either which makes it difficult for a user to easily get access to the product they were looking at.

How Abandoned Cart Notification Help Solve the Issue and Boost Conversion?

Our abandoned cart plugin comes with a persistent cart feature out of the box. This can go a long way in better conversion since Shopware doesn’t have this feature.

But our plugin comes with even more features. The plugin shows you a list of users who have items left in the cart and also show you which items are there in the cart. So you can plan a different marketing strategy to increase conversion. The plugin sends out reminder emails to customers (who finish the first step of checkout or login) about the products they left in the cart without completing the order. The store owner can set the intervals in which these friendly reminders should be sent. Because of this limit, it never becomes annoying for the customer. The store owner can set intervals based on hours as well as days. The number of interval days is comma-separated values like 2,5,15. If its set like this – the plugin will send emails on the second day, 5th day and 15th day after the user abandon the cart. Then it doesn’t send any more emails. If the store owners just want to send one reminder, they can set it as one number.

The email template is completely customizable with your marketing subject line or text with a list of products and a link to complete the order. You can also set different coupon codes for different emails, up to 4 different coupon codes can be set for different emails. The store owner can set up coupon codes and send it via these emails to make the decision easier for the customers. This can increase the conversion by 20% and thereby increasing the revenue by 20% - which is remarkable.

The plugin also shows a list of abandoned cart orders that were completed with the help of reminder emails. This is a great insight.

This is also a great customer experience because who doesn’t like a friendly reminder and follow up about their favorite products that they left out in the cart? Definitely a sales booster!

Please note that our plugin doesn't work together with this plugin - https://store.shopware.com/scha168342403750/zusaetzliche-felder-eingabefeld-textfeld-auswahlfeld...-fuer-jede-bestellposition-lite.html

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the plugin work even if the user is not logged in? Yes, if a guest user passes the first step of checkout entering name and email address that user will also be in the list.
  • Can I view the list of users who left items in the cart? Yes, absoliutely. Along with the items and their quantities.
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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 2 reviews:


Super Plugin und 1A Support!

3 Apr 2020

Das Plugin funktioniert super erfolgreich und der Support ist echt 1A. Sie haben sogar eine vorgeschlagene Erweiterung umgesetzt und antworten immer schnell auf Rückfrage. So muss das sein!


An must have

6 Dec 2019

Wir kennen auch das Problem der stornierten Bestellungen. Mit diesem Plugin erhalten Käufer eine E-Mail-Erinnerung. Funktioniert gut, der Service ist 100%. Eine Anpassung wird so schnell wie möglich vorgenommen und Kontakt sehr freundlich! Einmal kaufen und kein Abonnement. Ein Kauf über die Erinnerung mit diese Plugin, die Kosten fallen wieder an. Bereits mehrfach passiert. Empfohlen.

Simon Kooij


Installation manual


Step 1: Purchase the plugin from https://store.shopware.com.

step 2: Login to you shopware backend

step 3: Go to Configuration->Plugin Manager

step 4: Cick the My purchases button to open a login window (if not already logged in). Enter the Shopware ID associated with the domain from which you are working.

step 5: After login, you will see an overview of all plugins associated with your domain and Account. Download the plugin.

step 6: Click on Installed button will open a page with installed, Uninstalled, Inactive plugins

step 7: Find AbandonedCart plugin from Uninstalled section

step 8: Click install button and activate the plugin.


1) Setting the email interval days

  a) Go to Configuration -> Plugin manager-> installed -> Abandoned Cart Notification->edit 

        set Abandoned Cart Notification Mail Interval Days or hours: 

2) Email Template editing

Configuration -> Email templates -> User emails -> ABANDONEDCARTNOTIFICATION (edit)

*Our plugin offers 4 email templates. 

For each interval we set, we can set a separate email template(upto 4). The email templates will be sent in the order from 1 to 4.

To set the email template, go to Configuration-> Email Management-> Email Templates. Here under User E-Mails you can see the list of templates that can be edited.

Shopware default cronjob setting for AbandonedCartNotification plugin

1) Go to configuration -> Basic settings -> System -> cronjobs-> AbandonedCartNotification (Edit) Note: The Cron plugin must be activated in order to run any Shopware cronjobs.

Important points to be noted:

 1) The notification emails will send only if:

   - Abandoned cart notification confirmation checkbox checked.

   - Notification interval days in plugin configuration is valid (Day interval should be comma-separated (eg: 1,5,10))

   - The email will not be sent for 0 intervals.

   - Notification interval days reached by the abandoned cart

   - Cronjob status is active in (Configuration -> Basic settings -> system -> cronJobs)

   - Interval should be matching with Notification interval days in the plugin configuration

   - Please check the Next execution field also.

   - Do not rename the action name

   - Crontab entries will be reset after reinstall. so please configure it according to your needs after install and reinstall.

2) Persistent cart feature works only if:

   - If the user is logged in

3) Regarding spam

From where we stand the hostname is very important in terms of spam protection. The hostname should basically match with the mail host. The receiving server of your customer, for example, checks whether the hostname and SMTP host refer to each other and are accessible. Is one of these conditions is not true, the server may define your mail as spam and/or block it.


4) For new language shops

If you are creating a new language shop, please create translation for email template from Admin side -> configuration-> email templates-> User emails-> aBANDONEDCARTNOTIFICATION.

Plugin update instructions


1) By default, the cron interval is one day. If you are changing the Abandoned Cart Notification Mail Interval Type to Hours, please change Configuration-> Basic settings-> System -> Cronjobs -> AbandonedCartNotification -> Interval  to 1 hour  and also change the server cron settings if you have any cron settings.

2) If you are already using our plugin you need to add the following lines of code in your email templates just before the "Complete order now" button or wherever you want to show the discount code. otherwise, the code will not be shown in the email. For new customers, no need to add it will be automatically added.

Email template path:

Configuratin->Email management->Email templates->User emails ->aBANDONEDCARTNOTIFICATION

   a) For English template

    i) Plain text template

   {if $discountCode}

     You can use the following voucher code to get your discount.

     Voucher code: {$discountCode}


   ii) HTML template

    {if $discountCode}

         <p>You can use the following voucher code to get your discount.</p>

         <p>Voucher code: <strong>{$discountCode}</strong></p>



Version 2.1.3

 Hourly email settings not working issue fix.

Version 2.1.2

Added option to show item price based on customer group and discounts.

Version 2.1.1

Added missing translation

Version 2.1.0

Add four e-mail templates for each notification. User can customize the notification as they want 

Version 1.2.2

A rare bug found and fixed

Version 1.2.1

Optimization of the plugin configuration reader code.

Version 1.2.0

Added an option for the store owner to keep the "Get abandoned cart notification emails" checkbox in registration form checked/unchecked by default.

Version 1.1.9

Bug Fix: 'Cronjob interval reset' issue on the plugin update.

New :

- Abandoned cart orders listing in descending order

- Abandoned cart users listing in the descending order of created date.

Version 1.1.8

For user-friendly customization of email templated added a few new variables. 

Version 1.1.7

Change of German label "Öffnungszeiten" to "Std" in the plugin configuration.

Version 1.1.6

- No major feature changes

- Some shop context-related issue fixes

Version 1.1.5

Condition added to ensure that the product does notappear in the abandoned cart once it has been removed from the shop

Version 1.1.4

A condition has been added to ensure that emails are not sent if the customer is not found (removed from the store).

Version 1.1.3

Inherited configuration settings for multi stores

Version 1.1.1

Added the feature to list the orders which are received from the email sent.

Version 1.1.0

The feature to show a list of completed abandoned cart orders added

The feature to set hourly reminders are also added

Version 1.0.3

 - Button style fixes in email template for Windows Outlook.

 - Set default email template (German / English) automatically based on the default shop language.

Already installed users please follow these steps:

Step 1: Delete aBANDONEDCARTNOTIFICATION email template from

Configuration->Email templates->User emails->aBANDONEDCARTNOTIFICATION

step 2: Install the update

step 3: Reinstall the plugin.

Version 1.0.2

Feature added:  Enable / Disable "Receive Abandoned cart notification emails" confirmation from users.

Fixes: Security improvements and code quality improvements.

Version 1.0.1

Updated plugin by adding Vue.js and removing Ext.js

Version V.1.0.0

Added the feature for abandoned cart email

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