Variants as a table

Variants as a table

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  • 1.2.8
  • 20 Aug 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from Maxi Arnicke
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
The plugin lists all variants of an article in a table in the article detail. The advantage of... more

Product information

The plugin lists all variants of an article in a table in the article detail.

The advantage of the tabular representation is that it does not require clicking through different selection fields.

The customer has all variants and differences at a glance and can add the product to the shopping cart with just a few clicks.

Fully responsive

The table can be hidden on different devices or displayed in a mobile-friendly layout.

The default variant selection may still only be displayed on mobile devices.

Customizable columns

The columns can be adjusted for each article.

Each column can show existing properties and also free text fields.


Configuring the table columns

The columns displayed by default are determined by the settings in the Plugin Manager. These settings apply to all items.

To change the columns for a single article, you can use the 'Custom columns' option under 'Edit item > Variants > Table'.

Displaying graduated prices in the table

All prices of the variants of a product must be created with the same number of prices and from / to quantities.The plugin can not display graduated prices that are created in a differently way.

Text blocks

All text blocks for this plugin can be found under this path: 


Important note regarding compatibility

This plugin has been tested in a default Shopware 5 installation. If you are using additional plugins or a different theme, please make sure to test the plugin first before buying. You can use the free test license for this.

Are you missing a feature or do you have suggestions to this plugin? Feel free to contact me via the following email if you have any questions:

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Installation manual

The plugin can be installed using the Plugin Manager (to be found under Settings > Plugin Manager). 

The plugin requires the offcanvas shopping cart which can be enabled in the theme configuration (Settings > Theme Manager > My Theme > Configuration).

After installing or uninstalling the plugin, the backend must be reloaded for the changes to take effect in the backend.


Version 1.2.8

- Bugfix: Since last update the CSS styles of the grouping lines have not been displayed correctly  

Version 1.2.6

- Note button can now be shown or hidden for individual articles

- Added support for plugin 'SwpSampleOrder'

Version 1.2.5

- Bugfix: Column-Grid in the backend was not updated sometimes after deleting a column

- Bugfix: Variants with different number of prices can now be displayed in the table, missing prices are padded with placeholders

- Bugfix regarding plugin 'NnwebPriceOnRequest': Price column is now hidden if all variants 'Price on request' are active - this did not work in combination with row grouping

Version 1.2.4

- Width, height and length can now be displayed globally (Plugin settings > Displayed columns > Show width / height / length)

- Added Text blocks for width / height / length

- It is now possible to display a remember-button for each variant (Plugin settings > Quick Buy > Show remember button)

- Pseudo prices can now be displayed (Table > Show pseudo prices)

- Width of the price column can now be changed (Plugin settings > Appearance > width of the price column)

- Plugin 'NnwebPriceOnRequest': Price column is now hidden, if 'Price on request' is active for all variants

- Bugfix: Quantity selection as text field did not work if the minimum order quantity is greater than 1

Version 1.2.3

- Bugfix: Price on request can now displayed for individual variants (plugin 'nnwebPriceOnRequest') 

Version 1.2.2

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused the border color of table cells not to be changed

- Added compatibility for the Plugin 'nnwebPriceOnRequest'

- Improved compatibility with ThemeWare themes

Version 1.2.1

- New: Thumbnails can now be zoomed in

- Properties can now be displayed as a single column in the format "Property: Value"

Version 1.1.4

- Bugfix regarding compatibility with 'Scha1HidePriceInFrontend': Price in minimal Buybox can now be hidden by customer group 

Version 1.1.3

- New option added: deactivate shopping cart button if no quantity has been entered

- Added compatibility for the 'Scha1HidePriceInFrontend' plugin

Version 1.1.2

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where an incorrect value was displayed in the field 'Length' 

Version 1.1.1

- Appearance of the table can now be changed in the plugin settings 

Version 1.1.0

- Rows can now be grouped

- Added second sort field

- Sorting by free text fields is now possible

Version 1.0.0

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