Advanced Registration

Advanced Registration

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Plugin details
  • Pixel66598390496
  • Pixeleyes GmbH
  • 1.1.2
  • 23 Jul 2018
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
The plugin "Advanced Registration" offers features to extend the registration. Activate account... more

Product information

The plugin "Advanced Registration" offers features to extend the registration.

Activate account by activation key:

With the plugin, it is possible that the customer after registering his account by a sent activation key must first unlock.

Otherwise he can not log in. This has the advantage that no one can log in with pseudo-email addresses. The registration confirmation email contains an activation key, which the customer must verify.

The following procedure is required when registering:

1.Customer enters his data in the registration form

2. Customer clicks on Register, customer is created but not yet activated.

3. Customer receives confirmation email including activation key

4. Customer must then log in and specify the activation key

5. After verification (email, password and activation key), the customer will be activated

In the backend, you can also manually enter an activation key for a customer or delete it.

Important info: This plugin works only with normal accounts, not with the setting "no customer account".

In addition, you also have additional features in the plugin:

Request cancellation of the account:

If you activate this feature, the customer has the possibility in his account to request the deletion of his account.

You as a shop owner will receive an email and then have to delete the customer manually.

In addition, you can enter the ID of the store page in the plugin setting so that you provide information to the customer regarding the deletion of the account.

In the backend, you can also manually deactivate the customer deletion.

Important Info: The plugin does not delete the customer, this must be done manually by you.


This feature can be used to set how the customer should be forwarded after logging in

Forwarding My Account (default)

Forwarding always to the shopping cart

Forwarding Shopping Cart Variant 1 (If article in shopping cart, otherwise to start page)

Forwarding Shopping Cart Variant 2 (If article in shopping cart, otherwise my account)

Forwarding Order Process Variant 1 (If article in the shopping cart, otherwise to the start page)

Forwarding Order Process Variant 2 (If item in shopping cart, otherwise my account)

All settings are possible in the plugin, per subshop. Thus you can activate the deletion in one shop, in the other the registration with verification by the activation key.

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Customer reviews

Installation manual

1. Easy to install via the plugin manager
2. The plugin creates a new email template "sPIXELDELETEACCOUNT" that you can customize according to your wishes.
3. In the plugin settings you still have to enter the ID of the shop page, for information regarding the deletion of the customer account, if you activate this feature.


Version 1.1.2

Problem beim registrieren behoben

Version 1.1.1

Entfernen von nicht mehr benötigten Events.

Es ist daher zwingend notwendig, das Plugin neu zu installieren , alle Caches leeren und das Theme neu zu kompilieren

Version 1.1.0

Erstveröffentlichung des Plugins

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Current version:


€ 69.00 *

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