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GLS Paketshop Finder

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  • Site Concept
  • 1.0.1
  • 7 Nov 2018
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Using the plugin "GLS Paketshop Finder" , customers can choose their desired GLS parcel shop as... more

Product information


  • More comfort for your clients
  • Professional shop appearance
  • Competent and fast support
  • Future-proof thanks to updates
  • Available for GLS Shops in Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark and Belgium


  • Direct selection of a GLS parcel shop as delivery address in the order process
  • Parcel shop search using billing address and interactive map
  • shipcloud connector Plugin also required
  • All additional advantages apart from the choice of the transport service provider of the shipcloud connector plugin can be used (additional information can be found at the shipcloud connector plugin)


Using the plugin "GLS Paketshop Finder", customers can choose their desired GLS parcel shop as shipping address for purchases in your shop. After entering the billing address, the customer can use an interactive map to identify the nearest GLS parcel shop and select it for his order. This function is available for GLS stores in Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark and Belgium.

More comfort for your clients

The corresponding GLS shop ID and address will be transmitted to your Shopware backend and you can create the shipping labels as usual and initiate the shipping to the GLS parcel shop.

The name of the customer will remain also on the label and the package will be stored for him at the GLS parcel shop. Thus, you enable another convenient ordering function for customers who like to pick up their packages flexibly and do not want to depend on a delivery window of a transport service provider.

To use the "GLS Paketshop Finder" the Shopware plugin "shipcloud connector" and a shiploud account is required. You do not need to sign an additional contract with GLS.

More information about shipcloud can be found here.

More information about the shipcloud connector can be found here.

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Installation manual

1. Installation using plugIn manager

2. Manual installation: Please copy the plugin folder to: „/custom/plugins"


Version 1.0.1

- New faster connection to the GLS database
- Changed "GLS Paketshop" to "GLS PaketShop"- By switching between different GLS shops only the latest stays active in the map

Version 1.0.0

- GLS-Paketshop search in check out, incl. interactive map search
- automatic transfer of GLS shop ID to your shopware backend
- To use this plugin you will need the shopware plugin shipcloud connector and a shipcloud account



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