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  • SWP01158
  • BuI Hinsche GmbH
  • 5.05.20
  • 13 Aug 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
Sample orders allow products to be offered as samples. It does not matter whether it is the... more

Product information


  • limitation of sample order possible
  • differentiation possible between stock-neutral or deducted from stock


  • Sample orders are possible (per article)
  • Prefix or suffix can be added to both item number and item description to distinguish samples from purchased items
  • Sample flat rate with corresponding price and tax rate can be set (distinction between "only sample in shopping cart" and "if sample in shopping cart" or "not at all")
  • Differentiation between surcharges for small quantities and surcharges for not large quantities filterable
  • Samples can be shipped free of charge
  • Maximum number of samples that can be ordered can be defined per order or per customer or generally
  • additional samples can be charged for
  • Settings of the main article can be copied to variants
  • Pattern name can be overwritten
  • Additional text for variants is included in the purchase order (variants)
  • Reference to pattern can be displayed in listing


Sample orders allow products to be offered as samples. It does not matter whether it is the main article or the respective variants.
With our plugin you can order samples easily and conveniently by adding a new button Sample order in the article detail view. In the listing the view can be supplemented by a label, which gives the reference to the possibility of a sample order. You can activate this sample option for each article and set a special sample price for it. Alternatively, the samples can also be offered free of charge. In addition it is possible to send the sample order free of shipping costs.
Special prefixes and suffixes make it very easy for you to recognize in the order whether it is a sample order or a regular order. You can define these prefixes or suffixes completely individually or leave them empty. This is possible for the article name as well as for the article number or both. The article name can also be completely overwritten for such samples to clearly separate the purchased article from the sample article in the order.
To prevent misuse, the possibility was integrated to define the quantity of samples per order or customer (depending on the configuration). It is also possible to offer only a limited number of samples free of charge and to calculate costs for quantities x or more. A possible example would be up to five samples per order for free and starting from the sixth a calculation of 1.00 € takes place. If the specified maximum number of samples is reached, the button is deactivated automatically, so that no more samples can be ordered.

What to keep in mind:

If an "Additional text" and "Overwrite name" are used or an entry is stored in both fields, the latter is applied ("Overwrite name").

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To which shop versions and plugins is the plugin compatible?

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There is a trial version of the plugin    

  • For all our plugins you can get a 30 day trial version to view and try out the functionalities in peace.

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  • If a plugin does not fulfill your wishes or not completely, we can also extend it according to your ideas. You are welcome to call us or send us a short mail with your wishes.

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 6 reviews:


Es gibt nicht viel zu sagen, einfach perfekt.

2 Jul 2020

Problem nach letztem Update wurde sofort behoben, neues Update stand nach einem halben Tag. Plugin läuft wirklich super und ist in seiner Funktionalität sehr umfangreich. Für Shops mit Musterversand sehr zu empfehlen.


Perfektes Tool

8 Feb 2020

Ein leistungsstarkes Tool für unseren Shop! Outstanding war allerdings die Betreuung und Beratung über Frau Hinsche. Dieses Engagement sucht seines gleichen und muss mit einer 1+++ bewertet werden.


Gute Benutzbarkeit - Kleine Nachbesserung

23 Dec 2019

Sehr gelungenes Plugin mit hoher Funktionalität. Bei Varianten muss leider im Backend jede Variante einzeln für eine Möglichkeit des Musterversand festgelegt werden (hoher Aufwand bei vielen Varianten).



21 Jul 2018

Plugin macht was es soll. Danke dafür!


Tolles Plugin

12 Sep 2016

Das Plugin bietet unserem Shop einen echten Mehrwert. Der Funktionsumfang ist klasse und in der Praxis wirklich gut nutzbar.



14 Dec 2015

Das Modul tut genau das was es soll.
Der Support ist erstklassig und reagiert sofort.

Das kann man nur weiterempfehlen.


Installation manual

documentation / installation / Configuration
If you have any questions or are unclear, please contact us ideally at Alternatively you can contact us directly via Shopware-account.

We will help you quickly and easily.

Unfortunately our documentation is currently only available in German. However, we are working on making it available to you in English as well.


Version 5.05.20

sample price must be entered with comma

Version 5.05.19

anjustment to paypal

Version 5.05.18

adaptation with regard to maximum sample order to 5.6.7

Version 5.05.17

From now on you can define per configuration whether a sample order is possible if the article is a sales item with stock level 0.

Version 5.05.14

template adapted for product export

Version 5.05.12

  • Prefix and suffix display in shopping cart

  • for sales items it is possible to order samples (depending on configuration)

Version 5.05.11

Equal treatment for discounts if sample price = 0 and free of charge.

Version 5.05.10

bugfix: if the session ID is empty after checkout

Version 5.05.09

Feature: A shopping cart which has been supplemented by a sample free of shipping costs will no longer be completely free of shipping costs. A shipping free shipping of samples will only be considered if it is a pure sample shopping cart. 
Please read the documentation as the shipping rules have to be adapted. 

Version 5.05.08

Fixed the following error message when reinstalling in Shopware 5.5.7:Unable to parse file "/.../.../.../shopware/.../custom/plugins/.../plugin.xml". Message: [ERROR 1871] Element 'requiredPlugins': Missing child element(s). Expected is ( requiredPlugin ). (in /.../.../.../.../.../ - line ..., column ...)

Version 5.05.07

Badge is included in search results (only for all results) 

Version 5.05.06

With this version it is possible to decide whether the sample articles are to be treated stock neutral or not. 

Version 5.05.05

new feature:The free samples can now be limited to "per customer". However, it is important that the number on which this is based does not take effect until this version is released. All previous orders do NOT count! 

Version 5.05.04

* With a pure net shop also the sample prices are issued net, if one is not yet announced.* Link to content page to display the price label in a transparent way in relation to the sample.* Correction of the max. number of samples with configuration "per customer

Version 5.05.03

price calculation for net customers corrected 

Version 5.05.02

This version fixes several problems:
- the basic plugin "Module-Foundation" is no longer needed- with minimum quantities, only 1x the sample is put into the shopping cart- for graduated prices it can be used now- Bugfix in combination with our plugin "area calculation". 

Version 5.05.01

error with maximum sample quantity customer fixed

Version 5.05.00

adaptation to Shopware 5.5.x

Version 5.02.13

The display of the article in relation to the input gross / net prices has been adjusted.

Version 5.02.12

In the ajax_add_article.tpl {if $sArticle.ob_attr_swp_sample_order_pattern == 1} correct. It was {if $sArticle..ob_attr_swp_sample_order_muster == 1} contained.

Version 5.02.11

further adaptation to shopping cart with regard to attribute fields

Version 5.02.10

1st bugfix (frontend)If you put a sample in the shopping cart and then wanted to call it up again from the shopping cart, the page could not be found.
2. bugfix (backend)An error message was displayed when assigning an article to which variants were assigned. The attribute fields were not loaded correctly.

Version 5.02.09

You can distinguish between gross and net prices for samples.

Version 5.02.07

Fixed a bug where the "meta" array key was not available when creating documents for the pattern.

Version 5.01.07

adaptation php7                                

Version 5.02.06

Kompatibilitätsanpassung in Zusammenhang mit EasyCoupon von Netinventors

Version 5.02.05

Batch "sample possible" can be switched on and off

Version 5.02.04

1. fixed tax calculation error sample flat rate for net customers
2. prefix and suffix are no longer forced (can remain empty, so to speak)
3. A reference to the possibility of ordering samples is given in the listing.

Version 5.02.03

additional text of the variants is copied to the variant name

Version 5.02.02

adaptation to Foundation-Plugin

Version 5.02.00

Provision of further functions such as the possibility to calculate samples, even for mixed goods baskets.

Version 5.01.15

If the configuration contains a standard package = 0, there is no output in the shopping basket.

Version 5.01.14

The debug output has been adjusted.

Version 5.01.13

Version 5.01.12

Version 5.01.11

Version 5.01.10

Version 5.01.09

Version 5.01.08

Version 5.01.07

Version 5.01.06

Version 5.01.05

Version 5.01.04

Version 5.01.03

Version 5.01.02

Version 5.01.01

Version 5.01.00

Version 4.01.03

Version 4.01.02

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