SEO Filter Landingpages

SEO Filter Landingpages

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  • Tonur93407473133
  • Repertus GmbH
  • 3.6.4
  • 8 Oct 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.4
You want to have specific filter pages indexed by search engines, such as Google, so that your... more

Product information

You want to have specific filter pages indexed by search engines, such as Google, so that your products can be found in conjunction with their filtered properties? No problem! With our plugin "SEO Filter Landingpages" you can create landing pages, which are found by search engines. This page can be assigned a custom title, a meta description and additional content. At creation the plugin generates a speaking URL without the usual filter parameters, which of course can be changed at any time to your needs. Ideal for promoting products on various social media channels.


  • Google indexable product filters
  • Speaking filter URL
  • More attention for your products
  • Increases traffic
  • Freely definable SEO attributes (titles, metadata, etc.)
  • Individual banners and descriptions
  • Compatible with the Power Ajax Filter Plugin

If customers in your shop filter the products, our plugin checks whether a landing page has been created for the set filters. If this is the case, all additionally stored contents are retrieved and displayed accordingly.

This plugin is optimized to be used with the Shopware Responsive Template. It is also possible to adjust this plugin to other themes thanks to the flexible Template Engine.

With a plugin version 3.0.0 or higher, all our plugins require the Repertus Runtime Plugin. The Runtime has to be installed before you install or update another Plugin. You can download it via the Shopware Community Store for free.


Most questions may be answered in advance. Therefore we offer for each plugin a user manual to download and additionally collected the most common questions in our FAQs.

Visit our support section!


Every installation or update of a plugin in your Shopware Shop constitutes a change of the software. Despite our quality assurance measures implemented by Shopware, we can not rule out that problems may arise during the installation or the update in exceptional cases.

We recommend testing new plug-ins and installing updates from already installed plug-ins in a suitable test environment, and not importing them directly into the live environment and regularly creating backups of your live environment.

About Repertus

Repertus is your software development and service company based in Berlin.
Our portfolio of services ranges from the standard e-commerce software to innovative, custom-made plugin solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

Please contact us.

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 5 reviews:


Great plugin and support

9 Jun 2020

This plugin is a great SEO addition to every webshop. Works perfect and we love the automatic SEO page generation.


Individuelle SEO Landingpages nach Maß -> absolute Kaufempfehlung!

26 Apr 2019

Das Plugin ist leicht zu bedienen und erfüllt alle Anforderungen an modernes SEO. Der Support von Repertus reagiert vorbildlich auf alle Anfragen und stets im Sinne auch individueller Kundenwünsche. Das Plugin ist mittlerweile zum festen Bestandteil unserer SEO-Strategie geworden. Daher absolute Kaufempfehlung für ein sauberes Setup individueller SEO-Landingpages!


Tolles SEO-Plugin

17 Dec 2018

Wunderbares Plugin, das genau das macht, was es soll! Ideale Lösung, um zusätzliche Landingpages für bestimmte Eigenschaften/Merkmale zu erstellen.

Bedienung ist super und der Support ausgezeichnet. Antwort kommt in der Regel noch am selben Tag, das sieht man auch nicht überall.

Klare Kaufempfehlung.



2 Nov 2017

Super Plugin, mit dem man SEO-Filter-URLs erzeugen kann. Dank des sehr guten Supports, der schnell Anpassungen und Updates vorgenommen hat, funktioniert es jetzt auch mit dem neuen Ajax-Filter von Shopware 5.3.


Ein hervorragendes Tool für Longtail SEO und Kampagnenoptimierung

30 Sep 2016

Zalando macht es vor. Wenn man das volle Potential der Longtail-Keywordoptimierung in seinem Shop ausschöpfen möchte, dann sind Filter Seo-Seiten ein sehr effektives Mittel. Schon lange haben wir auf die Funktionalität in SW 5 gewartet aus Filter-Seiten, SEO-optimierte Landingpages
zu generieren. Aber nicht nur aus SEO-Sicht bietet das Plugin einen großen Mehrwert.
Für Perfomance-Kampagnen wie z.B. Google Adwords sind Kategorieseiten ein beliebtes Einsprungsziel. Mittels dieses Tools, kann man sehr einfach Filter-Kategorieseiten
generieren und auf die entsprechenden Anzeigengruppen optimieren. Somit erhöht man den Qualitätsfaktor. Alle generierten Seiten sind Unique mit eigener, sprechender URL, sowie pflegbarer Meta-Daten.

Der Support ist sehr positiv hervorzuheben und für neue Anregungen offen. Sinnvolle Verbesserungswünsche werden sehr schnell in Plugin-Updates aufgenommen. Man merkt, daß der Entwickler mit Herzblut dabei ist.

Wir sind sehr zufrieden und können das Plugin bestens empfehlen!


Installation manual

For all our plugins from version 3.0.0 onwards the Repertus Runtime is required. You can download the plugin here.

Simply install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and complete plugin options if necessary.


Version 3.6.4

  • Fixes a possible problem related to manufacturer pages

Version 3.6.3

  • Landingpage active flag is considered again.

Version 3.6.2

  • #-Sign removed in breadcrumb.

Version 3.6.1

  • Provides compatibility with PHP 8

Version 3.6.0

  • Provides compatibility with Shopware 5.7.

Version 3.5.8

  • Resolves a possible problem while generating landingpages.

Version 3.5.7

  • Resolves a possible problem in which incorrect translations of the meta data were displayed due to incorrect selection of a landingpage.

Version 3.5.6

  • resolves a possible problem in which the url template from the rule is not taken while generating landingpages automatically

Version 3.5.5

  • Compatibility to SW 5.5.10 (Pluginlogger)

Version 3.5.4

  • performance improvments for "automatically generating landingpages"
  • added command, which checks up if products for a landingpage can be found. If  a product can be found the landingpage will be enabled, otherwise it will be disabled.

Version 3.5.3

  • Fixes a possible problem that the virtual URL of a shop is ignored while generating the sitemap.

Version 3.5.2

  • Resolves a possible problem that can occur while generating landing pages automatically.

Version 3.5.1

  • Resolves a possible problem that can occur while generating the landingpages automatically.

Version 3.5.0

  • New feature: With the console command "repertus:landingpage:warm:http:cache" it is possible to warm up the HTTP cache for landingpages.

Version 3.4.4

  • Fixes a possible problem of umlauts in the landing page URLs
  • Increases the compatibility with the Power Ajax Filter plugin

Version 3.4.3

  • Resolves a possible problem in which calling a landing page was depending on the order of the filter parameters

Version 3.4.2

Resolves a possible problem with high loading times while filtering in connection with the Power Ajax Filter Plugin

Version 3.4.1

  • Fixes a possible problem when loading the filters in the backend.
  • Added the possibility to access category attributes during the automatic generation of landing pages.
  • Added a plugin setting to remove the automatic spaces before and after the placeholders.

Version 3.4.0

  • New Feature: "Automatic Landingpage generation"
    With the "automatic generation" you have the possibility to automatically generate several landingpages at once using rules.

    For more information please read our documentation

Version 3.3.10

  • Fixes a possible problem with the manufacturer parameters.

Version 3.3.9

  • Fixes a possible problem when generating meta tags

Version 3.3.8

  • Fixes a possible problem where the setting "Only use lower case letters in URLs" was not respected.

Version 3.3.7

  • Shopware 5.6 compatibility
  • Requires the Repertus Runtime Version 1.2.1

Version 3.3.6

  • Fixes a potential issue with creating landing pages if a path was set for the store.

Version 3.3.5

  • Adds the ability to separate the canonical URL from the request URL.
  • Improves the handling of internal parameters.
  • Adds more meta tags.

Version 3.3.4

  • Fixes a potential bug related to the Power Ajax Filter Plugin and filtering on a search page

Version 3.3.3

  • Fixes a potential problem when filtering on search pages

Version 3.3.2

  • Fixes a possible bug that could cause the rel = "prev" link to be shown instead of the rel = "next" link

Version 3.3.1

  • Pagination: rel = "next" and rel = "prev" Links have been added for landing pages
  • Fixed a possible bug that could cause additional parameter values to be added to the URL when browsing a landingpage.

Version 3.3.0

  • Provides compatibility with the Power Ajax Filter Plugin.
  • Fixes a possible bug that caused hreflang attributes to not get output correctly.

Version 3.2.3

  • Fixes a possible compatibility issue
  • Improvement in the Google Sitemap

Version 3.2.2

  • Fixes a potential bug related to reloading the articles using Ajax

Version 3.2.1

  • Fixes a potential issue where the keywords were not displayed when the plugin was active.

Version 3.2.0

  • Provides compatibility with Shopware 5.5.

Version 3.1.3

  • Fixes a possible error when fetching additional articles

Version 3.1.2

  • IonCube encoding removed

Version 1.1.21

  • Fixes a potential problem with the virtual URLs

Version 3.1.1

  • Fixes a potential issue when running the plugin update

Version 3.1.0

  • Added logic for price range filters

Version 3.0.6

  • Fixed bug when displaying the shopping worlds
  • Fixed a pagination error for landing pages without infinite scroll

Version 3.0.5

Support for landing pages with virtual URLs

Version 3.0.4

Fix: Treatment of landingpages with filter setting 'Live product reloading' corrected.

Version 3.0.3

Ajax Filter adjustments

Version 1.1.20

Adjustments for template files

Version 3.0.2

Support for ajax filter added

Version 3.0.1

Javascript can now be loaded synchronous and asynchronous
Notification for the Repertus Runtime added before the Plugin is installed or updated 

Version 3.0.0

Compatibility to Shopware 5.3

Version 1.1.19


Version 1.1.18


Version 1.1.17

Bugfix for lazy loading landigpages' articles

Version 1.1.16

- Bugfix: SQL-error with illegal filter urls

Version 1.1.15

- The breadcrumb name can now be specified

Version 1.1.14

robot meta tags are coma separated

Version 1.1.13

Fix: Reworked the update

Version 1.1.12

small adjustments

Version 1.1.11

Bugfix: Manufacturer pages

Version 1.1.9


Version 1.1.7

- applied css changes for mobile and tablet

Version 1.1.6

- Category-text can also be displayed in the Sidebar

- support for virtual URLs added

- In canonical can now contain „/“

Version 1.1.5

Meta tag improvment

Version 1.1.4

- edited several meta tags


Version 1.1.3

Bug fix

Version 1.1.2

Saving improved

Version 1.1.1

Bug fix

Version 1.0.1

Bug fix

Version 1.1.0



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