JTL - Bogx Configurator Connector

JTL - Bogx Configurator Connector

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  • 1.1.1
  • 20 Sep 2021
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  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
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    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.3
With this plugin, connect the Product Configurator from Borucinski Grafix with the JTL... more

Product information


  • Display of the customer's configuration directly in the Wawi.
  • Availability of the configured options in the documents (invoice, delivery bill, ...)
  • Usage and further processing via workflows possible
  • easy setup - no need to customize the Wawi connection
  • no problems with the interface thanks to the use of the official JTL Connector


  • Compatible with Bogx configurator plugins such as Designer, Parametrix, etc.
  • Transfer order quantity from configurator to Wawi (accurate to 6 decimal places)
  • show surcharges
  • show own order codes (both single and from OCB)
  • transfer additional information (calculated weight, belt dimension, etc.)
  • Submit Designer Image URL
  • Transmit Multiupload File Names/URLs


With this plugin, connect the Product Configurator from Borucinski Grafix with the JTL Shopware Connector. You will receive all relevant data directly in your JTL Wawi for an order where a customer has configured an item individually. Thus, you can process the order completely in your Wawi.

By default, the information is stored in the Wawi in the note of the order item as text. Optionally, the data can be transmitted to the following places in Wawi:

  • attached to the item description
  • in the note of the order item
  • collectively in the order note

Use the data also in your documents. So you can also display the selected configuration on the order, invoice, delivery bill or even on supplier orders.
IMPORTANT: the integration into the templates is not part of the plugin and must be done by yourself or your service partner.

The product configurator is still set up normally via the Shopware backend. The transfer of data to the Wawi takes place via the official connection of JTL. A customization of the Wawi or the connector is not necessary.

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Customer reviews

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Tolles Plugin. Super telefonischer Support. Die Installation war in ein paar Minuten erledigt.

3 Jun 2021


Installation manual

  • Install the plugin only after the JTL Shopware Connector.
  • Then simply adjust the options to your requirements via the Shopware backend.  
  • Once the plugin is activated, orders will be submitted with the configurator information during Wawi matching

Caution: the configurator is not part of the plugin and must be purchased separately.

Electively, the data can be transmitted to the following places in Wawi:

- in the note of the order item

. The text can be found in Wawi in the order by right clicking on the item - note.

In the current Wawi templates, the item note can be inserted into the template via the variable InvoicePosition.Note.

Equivalently, the text can also be used in workflows.

- appended to the item name:

. Only for short configurations, as the number of characters is limited

- collected in the order annotation:

For each configuration item in the order, the configuration is attached to the order annotation

Tips on template customizations (not part of the plugin)

Please note: Template customizations are not part of the plugin. Please understand that we cannot provide support for the print template customizations. The best way to do this is to talk with your JTL service partner.

Use note of order item in templates

In the current templates you can find the variable for example in the invoice under the name InvoicePosition.Note

Use designer image URL:

You can enable the transfer of the designer image URL in the plugin settings.

Hide URL in text:

If you want to transfer the designer image URL to Wawi but not show it in the templates, you can use the following function instead of the simple variable (here on the invoice example):
RegExSubst$(InvoicePosition.Note,'Designer Bild: ([^¶\r\n \s]*)¶?','')

Display designer image in template:

To display the designer image in the template, add an image in the template within the Positions table. To do this, select "Formula" and use the following function to output the designer image URL (here using the invoice example):
Drawing(RegExMatch$(InvoicePosition.Note,'Designer Image: ([^¶\r\n ]*)',1))


If activated, the file names and/or URLs of the uploaded client files can also be transferred. In this way, you can send an email with the download links to an employee via the Wawi, for example.
You can define yourself how the transfer is to take place. The prefix is set once before the multiupload files/URLs. The following variables can be used for this:

{group_id}, {groupname}, {data_type}, {ocb}

default value: --{group_id}:

In the file template you can specify how the files are to be transmitted to Wawi. The following variables can be used:

{shop_url}, {backend_path}, {id}, {user_filename}, {ftp_filename}, {ftp_path}

Default value (download via backend): {shop_url}{backend_path}{id}|

Think of a separator (e.g. '|') if there can be more than one file.

Direct download: {shop_url}{ftp_path}{ftp_filename}|

CAUTION: The file is publicly accessible via the FTP path/name. This may pose a security risk. You should not share this with the client under any circumstances. Only use this if you know what you are doing!


Uninstalling the plugin

Caution: when you uninstall the plugin, the plugin restores the state from before installation by default. This can result in the JTL Connector deleting the item settings of the Bogx Product Configurator if they have not been synchronized with the Wawi (not part of this plugin). Please make sure you have a correct connector configuration (https://guide.jtl-software.de/jtl-connector/shopware/). To make sure that no data is lost, disable restoring the default configuration in the plugin settings.



Version 1.1.1

Bugfix: Quotation marks were not transmitted correctly

Version 1.1.0

FEATURE: Transfer Multiupload File Names/URLs

Version 1.0.1

FIXED: HTML entities are now decoded

Version 1.0.0

Shopware Store Release!

FEATURE: Indentation of multiline configurations

Version 1.0.0-beta2

FEATURE: Get order quantity from configurator

Version 1.0.0-dev

First Release of Plugin

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Current version:


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