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Expected release: Nov 2020
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  • Borucinski Grafix
  • 1.5.9
  • 18 Apr 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
This plugin is an addon (extension module) to our Product Configurator. "Multiupload" extends... more

Product information


  • Upload of multiple files by selection or drop-down already in the detail page
  • Modern and fast handling - completely without reloading the detail page
  • Freely definable limitation: number of files, size, file types - each per product
  • Spliting of uploads into separate groups e.g. front, back, ...
  • High upload security: limits validation and "hash encryption" accessible only to the shop operator


This plugin is an addon (extension module) to our Product Configurator. "Multiupload" extends the configurator by the possibility to upload several customer files comfortably and thus to attach them to the configuration and finally to the order. In compliance with definable limitations as well as important security standards (validation) for file transfer and storage.

Multiupload is an important component of product personalization.

If graphic files, motifs or logos are required for the production of an individual product. Sketches, drawings, drafts, PDF documents, text files, etc. can also be uploaded if required for production according to individual customer requirements. These files are uploaded dynamically (without browser refreshing) immediately to the server - but can also be deleted immediately - also without "browser refresh", which makes the upload particularly fast and convenient for the customer. The upload is fully integrated in the configurator, so that optional price surcharges for file handling can also be calculated. For better usability, the upload in the shopping cart or checkout has been completely omitted.  A subsequent upload in the order history is planned for this purpose.

With a product personalization (configuration) it is also necessary that the upload is available depending on certain product options e.g. only for a very special production and not permanently for each option. This allows Multiupload in combination with the "Dependency" methods in our product configurator.


  • Input control (dynamic validation) of limits that the shop operator can define PER PRODUCT
    • minimum number of uploads. If the minimum number is not reached, the configuration cannot be completed (as required)
    • maximum number of uploads. What is the maximum number of files the customer may upload?
    • maximum file size. Exclude files that are too large
    • permitted file types. Which files (jpg,png,pdf,zip) may the customer upload?

  • Spliting of uploads to several groups, e.g: front, back, ...
    • each group can define its own limits (see above).
    • the group spliting is also visible in the price calculation/checkout and in the order

  • The shop admin can download the customer files (the uploads) to his computer via secure download links per order item.

  • A subsequent upload in the order history is also planned.
    • the customer shall be given the opportunity to upload the file corrections in the order as long as the order is still open
    • the original files are retained (not overwritten)

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  2. Parametrix: Dimensioning, price calculation (length and area calculation)
    With versatile calculation options and price graduations

  3. Designer: personalized design and visualization for plotting, printing/printing, embroidery, inscription, engraving, etc.
    Matched to Parametrix, if the area to be labelled is to be freely defined and priced by the customer



Installation, the first steps, operating instructions and other information can be found in our new Multiupload manual (in German language).

View Multiupload manual (in German language)

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 3 reviews:


Tolles Plugin, Toller Support.

2 Dec 2019

Genauso wie der Produkt Konfigurator (vom selben Entwickler) ein 1A Plugin, mit sehr schnellem und hilfreichen Support. Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!


Gutes Tool, hat mir sehr gut geholfen. Danke weiter so!!!

20 Nov 2019


Ein tolles Addon für den Produktkonfigurator, das es in dieser Form von keinem anderen Anbieter gibt.

29 Oct 2019


Installation manual

Installation guide

Installation, the first steps, operating instructions and other information can be found in our new Multiupload manual.

View Multiupload manual (in German language)


Version 1.5.9

"Repeat order" for multiupload files corrected, all upload files (not only one) will be taken over.


If you are updating from 1.5.7 or earlier, please click the plugin button "Reinstall" in the plugin manager, your data will NOT be lost.

Version 1.5.8

PREMIUM-FUNCTION "Repeat order" in "My account > Orders" now possible.

- Multiupload customer pictures, which were uploaded with "Multiupload" Addon, will be taken (but not copied)


Please reinstall the plugin in the Plugin Manager (click 1x "reinstall" button), your data will NOT be lost. 

Version 1.5.7

The image format "BMP" is passed without "Mime-Type" validation. 

Version 1.5.6

Fixed problem with saving multiple upload files via drag & drop.

Version 1.5.5

Extension of the multiupload by the data type "mutliupload-designer". For the upload of customer image files (logos, motifs) in png/jpg format. Especially for the use in the addon "Designer". 

The defaults are similar to the normal multiupload - but with a special default "width" for the width (size) of the thumbnails (= preview and selection of uploads).

Example for multiupload default for the Designer:



1. "width":135 (width of thumbnails=135px)

2. types: "png,jpg" (data types of image files are currently limited to PNG and JPG formats)

3. several option groups with image files per configuration can be defined and thus several motifs can be inserted into the canvas (design area) by the customer, e.g. logo or motif.

Special usability advantage: in the multi-upload specification, per OPTIONS GROUP can also allow multiple upload files - this allows the customer to insert multiple images (different graphics) and then try out one image after the other in the design area. Even if multiple uploads are allowed, ONLY ONE image can be used in the design area or only one of the images can be selected at a time. 

Version 1.5.4

1. fixed problems with missing articleId in table s_articles_attributes.

2. improved compatibility with variants and the Ajax variant change.

Version 1.5.3

Refinement of the plugin logger for better tracking of possible upload problems.  For example, if essential article datas are missing in the shop.

Version 1.5.2

Files with problematic (unregistered/unstandardized) MIME types (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Postscript, or Adobe Photoshop) are passed without MIME validation. 

Version 1.5.1

Small correction of the MIME type list for the file type "CSV": the MIME type "text/csv" was replaced by "text/plain".

Version 1.5.0

1. New and corrected MIME types.

2. Display for wrong MIME types improved.

3. File extensions used by the customer during upload may also be capitalized.

4. All MIME types that are not registered in the plugin will be let through. So all rare MIME Types, which are used in your industry, will be let through without MIME Type checking. 

Version 1.4.0

New MIME types included and corrected:

'xls' => 'application/',

'xlsm' => 'application/',

'xlsx' => 'vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet',
'csv' => 'text/csv',

Version 1.3.0

1. Multiupload RESET when firing the 'AddArticle' event (by clicking on the button 'add to basket').

2. Upload files check of MIME types, following MIME types are checked:

'png' => 'image/png',

'jpg' => 'image/jpeg',

'jpeg' => 'image/jpeg',

'svg' => 'image/svg+xml',

'gif' => 'image/gif',

'bmp' => 'image/bmp',

'pdf' => 'application/pdf',

'zip' => 'application/zip',

'tiff' => 'image/tiff',

'mp3' => 'audio/mpeg',

'mp4' => 'video/mp4',

mov' => 'video/quicktime',

'dxf' => 'application/dxf',

'xls' => 'application/msexcel',

'doc' => 'application/msword',

'docx' => 'application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document',

'ai' => 'application/postscript',

'eps' => 'application/postscript',

'ps' => 'application/postscript',

'txt' => 'text/plain',

The aim is to prevent malicious files that can be uploaded. It is prevented that a dangerous file with a harmless file type is masked, that e.g. an executing 'exe' file is renamed into a "jpg" file and uploaded.

Version 1.2.0

Improvement of file type validation - manipulation of file types during file selection by the user no longer possible. 

Version 1.1.0

Internal optimization of the amount of data exchanged between the Product Configurator and Multiupload.

Version 1.0.0

First Initial Release

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