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Foundation - our base plugin



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Shopware 6: Plugin status Shopware 6 Signet
There will be no Shopware 6 successor for this plugin. The functionalities of this plugin are already included in Shopware 6
  • 4.1.2
  • 6 Jul 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • Without Support
  • 5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.7
The plugin includes basic functionalities that where used in our plugins. AccessManager... more

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Ein MUST-HAVE wer gute Plugins benötigt...

31 Oct 2019

Wer gut durchdachte und nützliche Funktionen benötigt, kommt ohne diesem Plugin nicht aus ;)

Net Inventors GmbH
1 Nov 2019

Vielen Dank für die Bewertung, eine gute Basis ist immer wichtig.


8 Mar 2019

Klasse Support Team


Tolle App,funktioniert toll und die Installation war einfach

17 Nov 2018

Hilfreiche und nützliche App, vielen Dank.


Installation manual

Install this plugin using the Plugin Manager.


Version 4.1.2

[#34657] Mail texts are not translated

Version 3.3.2

[#34656] Mail texts are not translated

Version 2.5.2

[#34617] Mail texts are not translated

Version 4.1.1

[#34562] Fixed problem with creating MailTemplates

Version 3.3.1

[#34561] Fixed problem with creating MailTemplates

Version 4.1.0

[#34398] Added a new event to be able to change translations for a MailTemplate

Version 3.3.0

[#34397] Added a new event to be able to change translations for a MailTemplate

Version 2.5.0

[#34300] Added a new event to be able to change translations for a MailTemplate

Version 4.0.9

[#33907] Fixed problem at uninstalling plugins

Version 4.0.8

[#33002] Fixed problem with update scripts not being executed

Version 4.0.7

[#32843] Fix for missing completer in e-mail editor

Version 4.0.6

[#32826] Compatibility with plugins without plugin.xml

Version 4.0.5

[#32760] Technical problem with NetInventors plugins without plugin settings fixed

Version 4.0.4

[#32686] Fixed an issue in the backend module when a shop is installed in a subdirectory

Version 3.2.5

[#32447] Fixed an issue in the backend module when a shop is installed in a subdirectory

Version 4.0.3

[#32471] Fixed potential problem with the registration of template paths for Net Inventors plugins

Version 3.2.4

[#32470] Fixed potential problem with the registration of template paths for Net Inventors plugins

Version 2.4.16

[#32466] Fixed potential problem with the registration of template paths for Net Inventors plugins

Version 4.0.2

[#32347] Fixed a potential bug when opening the plugin settings

Version 4.0.1

[#32276] Fixed an error in service PluginManager

Version 4.0.0

[#32036] Adjustments for SW5.6

Version 3.2.3

[#32160] Avoidance of issues by duplicate event listener priorities (Enlight_Controller_Action_PostDispatchSecure)

Version 2.4.15

[#32157] Avoidance of issues by duplicate event listener priorities (Enlight_Controller_Action_PostDispatchSecure)

Version 3.2.2

[#32136] Improved caching mechanism for shop instances in the shop service

[#32137] Adjusted view autoloading

[#31325] Added custom icon for backend menu entry "Net Inventors Plugins"

Version 2.4.14

[#32126] Improved caching mechanism for shop instances in the shop service

[#31953] Adjusted view autoloading

Version 3.2.1

[#31995] Added NetiPhpExcel for export

[#31326] Update Year in Footer

[#31327] Cleanup some unused files

Version 2.4.13

[#31711] Added NetiPhpExcel for export

Version 3.2.0

[#29650] New Backend view for installed Net Inventors plugins, including integrity check for plugin files 

Version 3.1.1

[#31128] Problem solved in the plugin config reader, that occurred, when inactive/uninstalled plugins were requested 

Version 2.4.12

[#31028] Problem solved in the plugin config reader, that occurred, when inactive/uninstalled plugins were requested 

Version 3.1.0

[#30875] Implements before and after update 

Version 3.0.6

[#30818] Compatibility netipagingcombobox

Version 3.0.5

[#30774] Removed stale code that caused problems in SW5.5.5+ 

Version 3.0.4

[#30659] Extension of the basket service with the possibility of splitting up by tax rates 

Version 3.0.3

[#30300] Fixed an error in PHP < 7.0 

Version 2.4.11

[#30299] Fixed an error in PHP < 7.0 

Version 3.0.2

[#30293] Template inheritance optimized[#30291] Mail templates can now be linked to order or payment statuses[#30292] Text indexes can now be created 

Version 2.4.10

[#29835] Template inheritance optimized[#30279] Mail templates can now be linked to order or payment statuses[#29830] Text indexes can now be created 

Version 3.0.1

[#30115] Rename of shop alias 

Version 3.0.0


[#29632] Removed custom license check[#29633] Removed frontend controller 

Version 2.4.9

Roll back "[#29564] Fix errors with "Infinite Scrolling" in production mode" 

Version 2.4.8

Roll back "[#29545] Text indexes can now be created". 

Version 2.4.7

[#29564] Fix errors with "Infinite Scrolling" in production mode[#29545] Text indexes can now be created.

Version 2.4.6

[#29490] Compatibility adjustment for the "Amazon Pay" plugins

Version 2.4.5

[#29062] Switch to PostDispatchSecure events [#29045] Added data sanitation to MailTemplateData struct.

Version 2.4.4

[#28893] Minor adjustments

Version 2.4.3

[#28696] Fix another session problem

Version 2.4.2

[#28688] Fixes an error in the session if it instantiated too early

[#28689] Prevent exception when trying to send mail from backend/API

Version 2.4.1

[#28636] Use backendsession on api requests

Version 2.4.0

[#28562] Compatibility adjustments für Shopware 5.4 concernig removed secure shop configuration[#28179] Mail header and footer will now be added to plain text mail templates on installation (applies only to Net Inventors plugins)[#28358] Mail templates from the Resources folder were not updated in the Plugin Update

Version 2.3.10

[#28538] Fixed some session-related issues in other Net Inventors plugins

Version 2.3.9

[#28397] Enhance license check

Version 2.3.8

[#28183] Templates of Neti plugins are now automatically registered to prevent any smarty security mode issues.

Version 2.3.7

[#28188] Prevent warning on license check if a plugin has no license.php

Version 2.3.6

[#27965] Performance improvements

Version 2.3.5

[#27521] Adding a tax service[#27635] ExtJs Attribute save - add callback

Version 1.10.4

[#27320] Optimize availability check for plugins

Version 2.3.4

[#27277] Optimizations of the mailer service

Version 2.3.3

[#27159] Improve support mail handler[#27133] Improve license handling

Version 2.3.2

[#27069] Replace usage of the deprecated foundation service "Helper"

Version 2.3.1

[#27100] Bugfix in the license check

Version 2.3.0

[#27034][#26580] Improve Shopware 5.3 compatibility

Version 2.2.2

[#27067] Emails can now be sent with bcc recipients

Version 2.2.1

[#27020] Internal changes[#27056] Fixed a problem with sending emails in cronjobs

Version 2.2.0

[#26578] Modularisation of the helper service[#26550] ModelEntity: setCreateDate() moved from __construct() to onPrePersist(). setChangeDate() was removed from onPrePersist()[#26833] Fixed an issue with the optional field[#25883] Implement class to handle cookies

Version 2.1.10

[#26721] Fixed a problem when trying to deactivate an unlicensed plugin

Version 2.1.9

[#26310] Add confirm Message to grid association[#26491] Individual internal adjustment[#26338] Deletion of the Doctrine model cache on plugin installation and update

Version 2.1.8

[#26306] Extends Shopware.grid.Association[#26307] Prevent "Duplicate foreign key constraint name"

Version 2.1.7

[#26286] Add schema support for foreign keys from not plugin entities[#26268] New ExtJS grid field, that can contain multiple ocjectsOptimizations in the mailer service

Version 2.1.6

[#26256] Support Mail changed

Version 2.1.5

[#26207] Fix getValue if media selection is loaded as attribute[#26124] Backend View: Only Tree-Leaves (articles) selectable[#26097] Modify fieldset init at shopware container[#25925] Additionally scan "Resources/mails" for mail config[#26063] Add further customer data to mail context[#26096] Add autoload to pagingcombobox[#26210] Extension of the SendMailTemplate service, new possibility to add attachments

Version 2.1.4

[#25720][#25870] Add export action to controller and ExtJS view[#25988] Translate support/help text for attributes[#25914] Optimization of the availability check of other NetInventors plugins

Version 2.1.3

Compatibility adjustment for Shopware >= 5.2.15[#25725] Correction in the plugins mail form (backend)

Version 2.1.2

[#25720] Fix menu children for SW 5.2.13 - 5.2.14

Version 2.1.1

Bugfix in the plugin.xml

Version 2.1.0

Backporting SW-16671, SW-16038, und SW-16203 (applies only to NetInventors Plugins) to ensure backwards compatibility.[#25656] Add Mail Template Selection and MailSend service[#25657] Add extension for Shopware Components[#25703] Add Helper for PluginConfig reader[#25648] Add events to application controller for better filtering[#25637] Fix for backend menu children[#25710] Assign request data to the frontend view[#25672] Added Helper for get data for article creation

Version 2.0.16

[#25561] ExtJs: DateTimeFieldInternal optimizations and extensions

Version 2.0.15

[#25344] CLI Helper getActiveShop[#25202] new functions ins helper service

Version 1.10.3

Fix possible issue on API calls

Version 2.0.14

Internal adjustment

Version 2.0.13

Internal corrections

Version 2.0.12

[#25151] Internal corrections

Version 2.0.11

Internal corrections

Version 2.0.10

Internal adjustments

Version 2.0.9

Optimizations in the registration of cronjobsCreated interfaces for ServicesNew helper service for recurrent functions

Version 2.0.8

REST API issue in connection with Pickware solved

Version 2.0.7

[#24787] Internal security improvements

Version 1.10.2

[#24780] Possible issue on API calls solved

Version 2.0.6

[#24760] Internal security improvements

Version 2.0.5

[#24730] Optimized license handling in the backend

Version 2.0.4

[#24671] Functional conflict solved

Version 2.0.3

[#24596] Various internal adjustments

Version 2.0.2

[#24590] Correction in the install routine for cronjobs

Version 2.0.1

[#24560] Lizense issues solved
various optimizations

Version 2.0.0

[#24185] Refactoring for the usage of the new plugin system

Breaking Change - Update von Version 1.x auf 2.x

Stelle sicher, dass ALLE verwendeten Net Inventors Plugins für deine Shopware Version (5.2.6) von uns freigegeben wurden. Falls Plugins noch keine Versionsfreigabe haben, werden diese nach dem Update von Foundation nicht mehr funktionieren - bitte deaktiviere die Plugins in diesem Fall. Wir arbeiten sehr hart daran alle 40 Plugins für Shopware ab Version 5.2.6 bereitzustellen.

Um dieses Plugin von 1.x auf 2.x zu aktualisieren führe folgende Schritte durch:

  1. deaktiviere ALLE Plugins von Net Inventors inkl. Foundation
  2. Aktualisiere das Basis Plugin "Foundation"
  3. Aktualisiere alle weiteren Net Inventors Plugins
  4. Aktiviere Foundation
  5. Aktiviere alle weiteren Plugins
  6. Shopware Cache löschen nicht vergessen ;-)

Bei Fragen stehen wir dir gerne zur Verfügung.

Version 1.10.1


Version 1.10.0

[#23737] Implementation of new backend components

[#23056] New internal helper class

[#23858] The "userLoggedIn" feature has been moved to our free plugin NetiToolKit

Version 1.9.10

[#23733] Maintenance release for compatibility with NetiToolKit 

Version 1.9.9

[#22158] Problem solved in the support form
[#23622] Optimizations in updating plugin

Version 1.9.8

[#23475] Removal of deprecated EventListeners on plugin updates

Version 1.9.7

[#23454] Fixed a problem that caused values to be saved to the database with extra quotes

Version 1.9.6

[#23056] New class "EnvironmentHelper"

[#22582] New class "ShopFix"

Version 1.9.5


Version 1.9.4

[#23035] new helper function impleemted

Version 1.9.3

Version 1.9.2

[#22882] Optimizations in the FileHandler

Version 1.9.1

[#22858] Optimizations in the central license check

[#22825] Caching in the license component

[#22634] Positioning of new main menu items

Version 1.9.0

[#22064] Optimization of the backend menu helpers
[#22071] Modularization of the setup components
[#22251] Optional separate mail footer for SW4
[#22435] New component for file operations
[#22576] Correction for email templates without HTML component
[#22578] New abstract class for Doctrine models
[#22612] Style adjustments of the support form

Version 1.8.5

[#22542] Hotfix for Zend_Session_Exception if no customer is logged in.

[#22544] $netiUserData will now always be assigned to the Template if a cutomer is logged in.

Version 1.8.4

[#21977] New plugin configuration setting to provide user data globally for the template

[#22045] Optimizations in the installation routine

Version 1.8.3

[#22001] Setting header and footer in mail templates

[#21986][#21987] Optimizations in the Plugin settings

Version 1.8.2

[#21976] New base class for Plugin components

[#21527] Adjustments in session access

Version 1.8.1

[#21716] bugfix in mail installer

Version 1.8.0

[# 21667] new library: PHPExcel

[# 21513] adjustments in the license check

[# 21511] correction loop for Doctrine MODELS

[# 21510] Log function

[# 21341] widget support in ViewHelper

[# 21219] Changes in mail templates are now taken during updates, if not yet processed by the shopowner

Version 1.7.2

[#19589] Display errors fixed

[#21420] Customer specific extension

[#21422] Logging in development mode

Version 1.7.1

[#21177] [#21200] Fixes in core components

Version 1.7.0

[#20474] Conexco detection in Shopware 5

[#20633] [#20634] Internal extensions

Version 1.6.2

[#19907] [#19617] [#19830] internal improvements

Version 1.6.1

[# 19207] Automatic fix a sporadic Doctrine problem

[# 19247] Expansion of the support mails

[# 19403] Global availability of the login status

Version 1.6.0

[#18600] Performance boost on Plugin installations and updates

[#18786] Adjustments in the support mail template

[#18769] Bugfix 

[#18515] [#18788] new internal functions

Version 1.5.3

internal adjustments

Version 1.5.2

[#17108] New component containing article based functions

Version 1.5.1

- Development features

Version 1.5.0

[#16484] [#15484] functional extensions

Version 1.4.2

[#16283] Issue in mail installer resolved

Version 1.4.1

Bugfix in installation and update methods

Version 1.4.0

[#15485] CSV library implemented (e.g. for Excel exports)

[#16192] Shopware 5 - Adjustments

[#16234] Improvement of the update handling of our plugins

Version 1.3.0

[#15754] Template-Switch for Conexco/Shopware4/Shopware5 implemented

[#16020] Optimizations in the usage of ACL

[#16031] Debug mode for more helpful error messages (shows stacktrace on exceptions)

[#16032] Revision of the support form mailing, automated ticket creation

Version 1.2.0

[#15715] Error prevention for the usage of multiligual configuration elements

[#15811] Implementation of a quick install method

[#15812] Optimization of the license checks

Version 1.1.0

Installation methods improved

Multilanguage module extended

Support form has been linked to our ticketing tool

Version 1.0.3

Bugfix in the install method

Version 1.0.2

Optimization in the snippet installation method (Shopware < 4.2.0)

Version 1.0.1

Autoloading of internal classes has been optimized

Version 1.0.0


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