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Bind / block customers on sales channel (Customer Scope)

Bind / block customers on sales channel (Customer Scope)

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  • ACRIS E-Commerce GmbH
  • 1.0.0
  • 12 Oct 2020
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Short description The plugin allows to limit the customer scope to sales channel. Scope of... more

Product information


  • Enables the logical separation of login/customer between different domains (= sales channels)
  • Login / Limit customers to one or more sales channels
  • allows that logins are not automatically possible on other sales channels.


  • Define customer scope per sales channel
  • The following functions have been additionally adapted: Forgot password Function, registration, e-mail address change


Short description

The plugin allows to limit the customer scope to sales channel.

Scope of functions

In the plugin settings you can configure for which sales channels customers should be blocked by other sales channels.
The blocking affects the following areas:
  • Login
  • Forgotten password Function
  •  Registration - Check for existing e-mail addresses only in your own scope
  •  Change e-mail address - check for existing e-mail addresses only in your own scope


After the installation the plugin settings must be configured accordingly.

Settings -> System -> Plugins -> ACRIS Customer Scope -> Configuration

  • Select the first "Sales Channel" and then select "Block customers from following sales channels" and SAVE.
  • Then select one of the "locked sales channels" and set the other "Lock sales channels" and SAVE.

Known limitation, the plugin works best when ...

  •     .... if the customers (accounts) are only created after the activation of our plugin, because the store assignment can be saved correctly.
  •     ... the sales channels are different DOMAINS.

    With sales channels with the same domains, there can be session problems, because in the standard Shopware "registers" customers in all sales channels with the same domain

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to customer accounts when the plugin is uninstalled? If the plugin is uninstalled and users have logged into multiple sales channels while our plugin was active, this will cause a "conflict". This conflict is caused by the fact that in Shopware Standard only one e-mail address (as customer account) is allowed. Therefore, after uninstalling our plugin, a manual cleanup of the customer accounts may be necessary.
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Customer reviews

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tut was es soll...

26 Nov 2020

Wir sind zufrieden, das Plugin tut, was es soll und ist einfach zu bedienen. Zum Support können wir nichts sagen, da wir diesen noch nicht brauchten. Über den Preis lässt sich sicherlich etwas streiten ;)


Installation manual

The installation of the plugin is very fast and uncomplicated.

  • Plugin Manager via Settings > System > Plugins
  • Upload, install and activate the plugin


Version 1.0.0

  • Veröffentlichung, Store Release

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