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Custom Price Text

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  • Add custom text before or after product prices
  • Showcase promotional offers and convey essential pricing information
  • Encourage users to purchase products through catchy text &amp; FOMO


  • Add custom price text before or after the product prices
  • Create multiple price text rules &amp; enter the text of your choice
  • Link custom price text rules to desired dynamic product groups
  • Create multiple dynamic products based on conditions: prices, quantity, dimensions, etc
  • Attach custom price text rules to multiple scenarios: order, location, shipping, etc

About the Extension

Add Custom Text to Your Product Price

Display custom price text before or after the product prices to highlight key product features, convey essential product information, or create FOMO, encouraging users to purchase the item. 

You can add text of your choice and create multiple rules to apply custom price text whenever you need to. Add text before or after product prices, e.g., “$5.00 per unit,” “$5.00 per sqm,” “Limited Time Offer $5.00,” “Introductory Price $5.00,” etc. 

Create Rules to Apply Custom Price Text Strategically 

You can create multiple rules to apply custom price text in desired situations. For each rule, you can set the priority and add a custom price text of your choice. You can also choose the text position, text color, and text background color. 

Each custom price text rule can be applied to specific products and linked with multiple other conditions through rule builders. To link price text rules to products of your choice, you can insert dynamic products into each. This ensures the rule applies to only selected dynamic products (products created by dynamic rules). 

Apply Price Text Rules to Dynamic Product Groups

Create multiple dynamic product groups and link them to custom price text rules. Go to Catalogues > Dynamic Product Groups to add new dynamic products.  From there, you can set conditions and sub-conditions based on product size, stock, product dimensions, categories, price tags, etc. This ensures custom price text is displayed only on products that follow certain conditions. 

Link Custom Price Text Rules to Further Conditions 

Through the rule builder, you can further control the conditions under which the custom price text is displayed. This allows you to streamline the custom price text and display it to the desired users. 

Go to Settings> Rule Builder to create as many rules as appropriate. As you create a new rule, you can choose tags and set multiple conditions based on the customer's order, order amount, customer group, address, shipping, payment, etc.

Handbook of Addify Custom Price Text


  • Available: English, German
  • Latest update: 20 May 2024
  • Publication date: 9 May 2024
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Category: Conversion Optimization


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