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“64% of customers with a positive customer service experience will promote your store through word of mouth. 47% will even make repeated purchases.“

Why Belco?

Belco provides the best customer service tool for your webshop. It’s the easiest and fastest way to provide an excellent customer service experience to your customers. With Belco your customer support is up and running within 5 minutes, by telephone or chat and that has a direct influence on your sales.


  • Always and everywhere in touch with your customers.
  • Multiple channels like chat, phone, social messaging and e-mail
  • Real-time insights in customer, product and order information
  • Chat, make and receive calls from the browser, mobile and desktop apps
  • No extra hardware or plugins needed
  • All channels in one inbox, no more separate systems
  • Improved customer experience, “Happy customers buy more”
  • Safe money on traditional chat & telephony solutions

How does it work?

  • Set up Belco and be reachable within 5 minutes.
  • You’ll receive your own business phone number that works instantly
  • Our chat widget will be installed on your shop automatically
  • Adjust the look-and-feel of the chat widget to your own identity
  • Pro-active triggers based on cart info, order history and time and so forth
  • Invite your colleagues to start collaborating on conversations


About us

Belco is a Dutch company, founded by Edwin Kruis and Eelco Wiersma. We are located in Leeuwarden and our software is hosted on European data centers. It’s our mission to make communication technology available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Software that helps building valuable long-term relations with your customers.

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For more information regarding our packages, check our pricing page.


Send us a message on our website or call us at 085-8885012, we'd love to hear from you!

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