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Manufacturer and brand lists

Manufacturer and brand lists

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This plugin is available for Shopware 5
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Product information

Do you have many products from different manufacturers in your program? You would like to offer your customers a sorted list of all manufacturers of your products?

The manufacturer and brand list plugin adds this essential SEO function to Shopware! It displays all manufacturer logos as tiles or all names as an alphabetically sorted list with jump marks. Especially in the SEO it is important for Google to know which manufacturers and brands are present in your shop. Help Google to find all important information.

The setup is very easy: Install the plugin, create an article category under which the manufacturer list should be displayed and select it in the plugin settings - done! A list of all manufacturers or brands is displayed in the shop!

Planned features

  • Freely selectable navigation point for the manufacturer and brand list
  • Clear list of all manufacturers or brands
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with the Responsive Theme
  • Different layouts: list or grid
  • Grid: Shows the manufacturer or brand images in multiple columns (configurable)
  • List: Alphabetically sorted list of manufacturers or brands with jump marks
  • Optimized for Google SEO
  • Individual manufacturers can be hidden per subshop
  • Manufacturers without articles can be hidden
  • Manufacturers without items in stock can be hidden
  • Individual manufacturers can be highlighted
  • Support of the "Extended Menu" plugin of Shopware AG - manufacturers can be displayed directly in the navigation
  • Detail List Tab can be switched on/off
  • Description can be switched on / off
  • Number of products can be switched on / off
  • Compatible with the Biloba AMP Plugin

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