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Propertylist for Shopping Experiences

Propertylist for Shopping Experiences

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  • Biloba IT
  • 1.0.0
  • 18 Jan 2021
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  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – –
You want to offer your customers a clear listing of properties? With the property list for... more

Product information


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Clean and clear display of properties as A-Z or standard list
  • Setting option in the plugin configuration for exclusive alphanumeric sorting which overwrites all other sorting types


  • Clean and clear display of properties as A-Z list or as standard listing.
  • The plugin configuration has a setting option which allows to always sort alphanumerically only.


You want to offer your customers a clear listing of properties? With the property list for Erlebniswelten plugin, properties of your choice are displayed as a list in a category selected by you. In addition, it is possible to navigate with the help of the alphabetical and numerical list to a filtered product list according to the selected properties. The properties are sorted either from A-Z or by position, depending on the sorting type, and furthermore, the properties by click will only display products that have those properties.

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Installation manual

Install and activate the plugin. Important note:

  • To get a filtered product list after selecting a manufacturer, you need to create an additional category with certain settings. Please proceed as follows: 1. you must create a group in the dynamic product groups, which contains all products from your shop. 2. create a new category below the first category level. 2. create a new category below the first category level (subcategory under catalog #1). Set this category to active, but not visible in the navigation. Assign the layout "Default Category Layout". 3. Assign the Dynamic Product Group to the category.
  • In addition, create a new experience world in the experience worlds to which you select the new element for the property list. There you must then also assign the newly created category as the target page.

The plugin offers the following configuration areas:

  • CMS element in experience world
  • Plugin configuration setting option to always display A-Z sort order

Configuration options for the new CMS element in the world of experience

  • Selection of the desired property group from
  • Selection of the desired categories on which the filtered product list is to be displayed.

Finally, you should always go to Settings/System/Caches & Indexes and click on the Clear Caches button, after which the property list should be visible within the category in which you added the experience world layout.

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Version 1.0.0

  • Initial version of BilobaCMSPropertiesList

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