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Recipes for Shopping Experiences

Recipes for Shopping Experiences

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Offer your visitors and potential customers significant added value compared to other shops!... more

Product information


  • Sell ​​your groceries, baked goods, cookware and other cooking accessories with the help of delicious and healthy recipes
  • user-friendly, responsive presentation in a modern design
  • easy setup
  • possibility to integrate your own images


  • easy setup of the plugin in just a few steps
  • possibility to use your own images
  • user-friendly design of the recipe areas
  • matching to your shop possible through individual color adjustment


Offer your visitors and potential customers significant added value compared to other shops! Sell ​​your groceries, baked goods, cookware and other cooking accessories with the help of delicious and healthy recipes. This increases the customer's well-being and stimulates his desire to buy. Our plugin for the Shopware worlds of experience does this work for you.

With the presentation of recipes, convey your customers which delicious recipes they can prepare with the help of your products and in this way promote conversion in your shop. You can adapt the recipe areas perfectly to your shop by setting the desired highlight color as you wish. You also have the option of using your own images for the recipes.

Recipes for your Shopware shop

What can the plugin do for the Shopping Experiences? With our plugin you can quickly and easily create a small recipe world in your shop. If you wish, you can present the cooking tips via the Shopping Experiences and show them to your customers. The first ideas are created in just a few simple steps. Place the recipe ideas exactly where your customers are and let your customers browse through appealing recipes!

When creating a recipe, you can:

  • Title assigned
  • Mention time and quantity
  • Set several tags
  • Use your own images
  • Add ingredients
  • Store detailed preparation steps
  • Place useful tips
  • List suitable products with the recipe

A preview function guides you through the creation of your recipe. The whole thing can also be extended to beverages. Your favorite cocktail is sure to please others too!

Besides, we offer you an additional field to implement further ideas. Our product fields are suitable for cross-selling. This saves your customers having to search for your products.

With our responsive Shopware plugin you can create your small or large recipe world for Shopware 6. Whether cooking or baking recipes. Your imagination is the limit. Recipes for lunch, dinner or a healthy breakfast in the morning. Healthy and delicious!

  • Upload your own recipe ideas
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices / desktop PCs
  • Linking baking and cooking recipes with products (upselling / cross-selling)

Our plugin is designed in such a way that it is perfectly tailored to your online shop from day one. You can provide your customers with new ideas in just a few steps.

Support and assistance

If you have any questions, we, the Code 108 development team, are at your side with help and advice. A detailed documentation guides you through the first steps - from installing the Shopware plugin to integrating it into your shop. Do you need tips regarding the implementation? In our demo you will find ideas for the integration into your Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install the plugin? You find the installation instructions in the plugin documentation: Documentation
    If you have any questions, please write us a message at any time.
  • Will the plugin also be compatible with future Shopware 6 versions? Our plugin is constantly being developed so that you can also use it with future Shopware 6 versions.
  • Who can I contact if I have problems installing the plugin? Please send us a message to We will then get back to you shortly and support you with the installation of the plugin.
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Installation manual

The complete description as well as setup, settings and FAQ of the plugin can be found following this link:


Version 1.0.0

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