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Promotion calendar for special offer periods, holidays and campaigns

Promotion calendar for special offer periods, holidays and campaigns

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With this plugin you can create calendars for holidays, festivals, campaigns, discount... more

Product information


  • different calendars can be created for different time periods
  • variable number of doors per calendar
  • individual pictures can be set per door (for outside and inside)
  • Possibility to use the text editor to fill the door
  • 3 different door modes included: Leave old doors open, only the current door can be opened or all doors can be opened


  • interactive calendar for different time periods
  • More than 40 attractive designs included
  • ability to use your own images
  • responsive layout
  • easy and quick filling of the calendar
  • each door can be labeled as desired
  • flexible sorting of the doors
  • activation of a countdown, which shows in how many days the first door can be opened


With this plugin you can create calendars for holidays, festivals, campaigns, discount promotions or other periods for special offers. No matter whether a calendar for Easter, for Valentine's Day, for the spring/summer/autumn/winter sale, for Mardi Gras, for every Advent Sunday, for Halloween, for the anniversary, for the shop opening or for offers within certain time periods - with this plugin you are Well equipped for your next promotion.

You already know our advent calendar plug-in, but filling a complete advent calendar with 24 doors is too extensive for you? Would you like to offer just a few promotions at Christmas time or for a specific campaign period or specific days? Then this plug-in is just right for you.

Choose the right presentation for your shop from more than 40 attractive designs or use your own image as a background image. You also have the option of setting an individual image per door for inside and outside. If own images are used, make sure that the original image size is output in the template. In this case you should make sure to upload the images in the optimal size and compressed.

In addition, the plug-in provides you with the following additional setting options: You can influence the sorting of the doors and choose whether doors that have already passed can still be opened. Furthermore, you can create many calendars for different periods of time

Easy setup

Our plugins are designed so that they can be customized. Although there are a number of design and implementation options, we attach great importance to simplicity. Install the Plugin. Set it up. Done. You can find detailed information on installation and setup in our documentation.

Make up your mind for the design that best suits your online shop. Your own calendar is created in no time. Optional buttons and links are quickly added. An individual text makes your customers curious and invites them to interact with your shop.

Thanks to the plugin, you increase customer interaction in your online shop, increase the length of their stay and you give them the chance to get to know your products better!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I contact if I have problems installing the plugin? Please send us a message to We will then get back to you shortly and support you with the installation of the plugin.
  • Will the plugin also be compatible with future Shopware 6 versions? Our plugin is constantly being developed so that you can also use it with future Shopware 6 versions.
  • I want a specific feature for the plugin. Is it possible to add a specific functionality to the plugin? Please send us your feedback and your feature requests to Depending on the feasibility, the desired functionalities will be implemented in future versions of our plugin.
  • How do I install the plugin? You find the installation instructions in the plugin documentation:
    If you have any questions, please write us a message at any time.
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Installation manual

The complete description as well as setup, settings and FAQ of the plugin can be found following this link:


Version 1.0.1

 Corrections in backend module for deleting the calendar and the doors

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