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FAQ section for more customer satisfaction

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  • Customers quickly find the answers they are looking for and receive an efficient solution to their concerns.
  • Easily manage questions and answers in the admin area.
  • User-friendly, responsive design with a modern look.
  • Use your own images and icons to add a personal touch.


  • easy setup of the app in just a few steps
  • appealing designs included
  • user-friendly design of the FAQ section
  • providing a search function in the FAQ section

About the Extension

Answer your customers' most important questions in a clear FAQ section. Provide your customers with the opportunity to quickly and easily find answers to frequently asked questions about your shop with a perfectly tailored FAQ section. This way, you can avoid common questions about your shop and enhance transparency for your customers.

Our Shopware app allows you to accomplish this task with ease! A user-friendly interface will guide you through just a few steps to create your own FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions). Showcase the questions and answers on your preferred pages by integrating the FAQ section into any Shopping Experiences page of your shop.

Why should you have a FAQ section in your shop?

An FAQ section is an essential tool for any successful online shop. Here are some unbeatable advantages that a well-designed and informative FAQ section offers:

1. Customer friendliness and time savings: By addressing frequently asked questions in one central place, you enable your customers to find answers to their concerns quickly and effortlessly. This saves your customers valuable time and enhances their satisfaction with the shopping experience in your shop.

2. Reduction in customer support: A well-organized FAQ section can significantly reduce the need for customer inquiries and support emails. Customers can clarify their questions independently without having to wait for a response from customer support. This not only relieves your team but also leads to quicker and more efficient handling of other customer issues.

3. Increase in credibility: A comprehensive FAQ section signals professionalism and competence. Potential customers gain trust in your shop when they see that you transparently and comprehensibly address common questions. Trust is a crucial factor for the success of an online business.

4. SEO benefits: A well-optimized FAQ section can also improve your search engine presence. By using relevant keywords and questions in your FAQ, you have the opportunity to be better found in organic search results. This can lead to more traffic on your website and attract potential customers to your shop.

5. Customer retention and cross-selling: Utilize your FAQ section to not only answer technical questions but also provide additional information about products or services. For example, link to related products or guides to encourage customers to explore and make more purchases in your shop.

Don't miss the chance to benefit from these advantages! With our FAQ app, you can easily create your own user-friendly FAQ section and increase your customers' satisfaction.

Experience our FAQ app live in our demo!

Check out the demo of our app and see the FAQ app in action!

The advantages at a glance:

  • Custom placement of your questions and answers
  • Modern setup of the app
  • Easy installation of the app and integration via the Shopping Experiences

It has never been so simple to integrate your own FAQ section in Shopware. To make your decision easier, you can initially try out the app in the free demo version. Test the easy implementation of the program and convince yourself of its simplicity.

If you have any questions despite the documentation, we are available anytime at support@code108.de.

Enhance customer satisfaction and save unnecessary support effort – order the FAQ app now and integrate a user-friendly FAQ section into your shop!

Set up the app quickly and effortlessly

In our comprehensive documentation, we guide you step by step through the quick and easy setup of the app. If you need additional assistance, we are available at support@code108.de.

Test the app for free and be convinced

Discover the benefits of our app with no obligation and risk-free! Test the app for free during the trial month and convince yourself of its performance. During the trial month, you have the opportunity to extensively test all features of the app and experience its effectiveness. Start your free trial period today and see how the app supports you. No risk, no obligations – just the opportunity to take your e-commerce business to the next level.


  • Available: English, German
  • Latest update: 2 July 2024
  • Publication date: 13 July 2020
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Category: Special features


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Code 108

Code 108

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