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Google Shopping Export Professional SW6

Google Shopping Export Professional SW6

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  • cbax665755132440
  • coolbax
  • 2.0.2
  • 12 Oct 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – – – –
Google Shopping Export Professional SW6 One of the best known and most used product search... more

Product information


  • Optimized product feed for Google Shopping
  • Products are considered in Google Shopping filter functions
  • Predefined template available
  • Clear arrangement and convenient enrichment of product data for feed
  • Comfortable search function for the Google categories


  • Optimization for Google of title and description possible
  • Google categories can be assigned at category and / or product level
  • Indicate whether the Artiek is a bundle offer or multipack
  • Say if there is a label
  • Provide information on material, condition, color, pattern and energy efficiency class
  • Mark which size system, which size and which size type your product belongs to
  • Indicate for which age group and for which gender your article is intended
  • Labeling option for adult products
  • Say when your o Remove offer should be removed from Google
  • From when to when the special offer applies
  • Enter an Adwords tracking URL to track campaign metrics
  • Provide an offer ID for your merchant promotions
  • Mark products that should not be used for Google Shopping or Display Ads
  • You have the option to create filters 1-4
  • Detailed manual


Google Shopping Export Professional SW6

One of the best known and most used product search engines is and remains Google Shopping. Here you have the best opportunities to place your products prominently and to advertise them in the best possible way. However, in order to be able to prevail against the competition, it is necessary, among other things, to provide a feed with as much information about the products as possible. Shopware 6's standard feed for Google already offers you the option of transmitting the most necessary information. However, this is only the mandatory information. In order not to go under with the multitude of offers, it is necessary to provide further detailed information. This information is used, among other things, for filtering products. If you do not provide the information, your items will fall out during filtering and the customer will buy from the competition.

With the installation of this plugin, we expand your product information in the backend by another tab called: "Google Shopping". Here you can easily enter all other information that Google needs. Variant articles can be maintained independently of the master article. The information will be output later in the plugin's own feed. With the installation you will automatically receive a new template for the Google Feed. It is used to output the information you have stored in the feed. You no longer have to make any changes in the template.

View the manual (in German)

Funktionsumfang & Vorteile

  • Optimized product feeds for Google Shopping
  • Products are taken into account in the filter functions of Google Shopping
  • Increases the visibility of your products
  • Clear arrangement and convenient enrichment of the Product data for feed
  • Variants can be maintained independently of the master article
  • Allocation of Google categories via the shop categories. Different information on the products possible
  • Setting whether the English or German Google taxonomy should be loaded (for backend assignment)
  • Google categories can be easily read in and kept up to date using the button li >
  • Comfortable search function according to Google categories
  • Various settings for advertising measures possible
  • Predefined template template available


  • Optimization for Google of title and description possible
  • Different Google category assignment possible
  • Information on: "Bundle offer", "Multipack" and "Labeling exists"
  • Information on characteristics:
    •  Material 
    •  State
    •  Farbe
    •  Energy efficiency class
    • & nbsp; samples
  • Details for size information:
    • Size system
    • Size
    •  Size type
  • Information for target group:
    • age group
    • gender
    • not for adults
  • Information on advertising measures:
    • Remove offer on
    • Special offer from / Special offer to
    • Adwords tracking
    • Offer ID
    • Do not activate for (Shopping, Display Ads)
    • Filters 1-4

In the product information, you have the option of storing an optimized version of the product title or product description. If you leave the fields empty, the standard title and the standard description will be taken from the master article.

Quick assignment of Google categories

In our Google Shopping we have integrated our popular Google taxonomy. With it you can quickly and easily assign the Google categories via the categories of your shop. A search function is integrated to quickly find the right category from the wide variety. Just enter a term and the search will check if that term exists in the Google categories.

Do you have questions about the plugin or the setup? Then take a look at our manual (in German)  or write us directly at:

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 1 reviews:


Funktioniert einwandfrei und gut zu konfigurieren.

10 Feb 2021

Die Artikel werden automatisch für Goolge exportiert - ist nach unseren Erkenntnissen nicht notwendig, jeden Artikel diesbezüglich explizit anzufassen.


Installation manual

The installation is done via the Plugin Manager. To successfully upload the feed and later present the products in Google Shopping, you also need an account in Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. 

View the manual (in German)


Version 2.0.2

  • Adjustments of the plugin to Shopware 6.4.5
  • Price in template changed
  • Iterator in the subscriber for the product search

Version 2.0.1

- Product Google settings tab removed

- Product Google settings now in the Specifications tab

Version 2.0.0

Adjustments for Shopware 6.4 Update

Version 1.1.2

- New Google fields added: <g: unit_pricing_measure> and <g: unit_pricing_base_measure> from the product card "Measures & Packaging" from the fields "Selling unit", "Scale unit" and "Basic unit"

Version 1.1.1

Change of the handed over price back to the list price, for article-wise overwriting option incorporated

Version 1.1.0

Change of the transferred price in the template from the list price to the standard price.

Users with an older version will have to change the change manually. Please refer to our manual for this

Version 1.0.9

Adaptation of the Google Category selection field to SW 6.3.2

Version 1.0.8

Removal of CustomFields adapted to SW 6.3

Version 1.0.7

Adjustments for Shopware 6.3

Version 1.0.6

Improvements in the Bing feed template body

Version 1.0.5

Possible errors in product feeds templates without a footer caught

Version 1.0.4

Fixed error when using subdirectories for routing

Version 1.0.3

Changes in twig template to avoid missing manufacturer error

Version 1.0.2

Google custom fields hidden because Shopware deactivation does not work yet

Version 1.0.1

- Snippets errors corrected

- Changes to the category selection in subscriber

Version 1.0.0

First release of the plugin

About the manufacturer

coolbax coolbax Shopware Business Partner Shopware Business Partner 68 Extensions 4.5 Ø Rating
Current version:


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