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Professional Manufacturer SW6

Professional Manufacturer SW6

by coolbax


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  • 1.0.1
  • 13 Feb 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from coolbax
  • 6.0.0
    6.1.0 – 6.1.1
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Product information

Professional Manufacturer

Are you looking for a professional representation of your manufacturers and their logos? Since Shopware does not offer its own manufacturer page as standard, this plugin can help you. A clear and easy-to-understand layout provides effective value for your store.

The alphabetical classification allows your customers to gain a good overview and quickly find the desired manufacturer. Letters or numbers which are not needed are automatically dimmed or deactivated. The same applies to the legend, which is shown above the overview. By clicking on an active letter the customer slides to the respective place in the overview. This is especially helpful for a variety of manufacturers. The manufacturer logos are displayed in the standard size of Shopware (204px x 85px). If a manufacturer's logo is missing, the default blind image of Shopware will appear. Another filter option is located in the left column of the page. As with the overview and the legend, unnecessary letters and numbers are hidden. By clicking on a manufacturer logo or a manufacturer name, your customers come to an extra page.

Features & Benefits

  • Professional presentation of the manufacturers and their logos (with / without logo or with / without name as text)
  • Individual banners in two positions. Banners can be displayed globally over the content (as in the demo shop) or as a normal banner
  • Topseller-Slider on the manufacturer side and in the overview individually configurable
  • Individual description on the overview & manufacturer page - Display above or below the articles>
  • 4 different templates to choose from:
    • Two columns (without sidebar three columns)
    • Three columns (without sidebar four columns)
    • Four columns (without sidebar five columns)
    • Slider
  • Manufacturers without articles can be shown or hidden
  • Display of the article number in the listing and top manufacturer slider possible
  • New actions when selecting a letter on the overview page:
    • Click to hide all other letters
    • Scroll to the letters by clicking
  • Individual manufacturers can be hidden
  • An alternative link can be set for the logo on the overview page (for example, to refer to landing pages)
  • Automatic blanking or deactivation of unused letters, numbers and special characters
  • Further filter option according to manufacturers in the left column
  • Marking individual manufacturers as top manufacturers and prominent display of these manufacturers
  • Canonical Tag and Breadcrumb are set automatically
  • Deposit meta keywords and the meta-description
  • Show and hide categories and / or the shop pages in the left column
  • A manufacturer Tap can be shown on the item detail page
  • Smarty blocks integrated to facilitate a lighter change of the template

Many settings for customizing the pages can be found in the plug-in. Here you can define whether the top seller slider is to be displayed, how much articles should be displayed in the top seller slider and at the maximum, or whether the categories on the left side should be displayed and much more.

Perfect presentation of your manufacturers

All manufacturers are sorted by your logos and alphabetically. Your customers have an optimal overview and can filter your favorites conveniently over the letters above the list or in the left column.

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Version 1.0.1

  • This version is compatible with Shopware 6.1.
  • Filters added as mobile offcavanas
  • SEO options built in - Cronjob runs once a day
  • Added function to hide the categories in the sidebar

Version 1.0.0

First release of the plugin

About the manufacturer

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